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Priyanka Chopara in trouble

This is the time when Priyanka Chopra was on her Vacation. She was travelling in South America. She was not that famous there…At least she thought that. She planned for trecking trip with few of local people. Bout all people cancelled somehow and she was alone now. A man named Baker had set trek for her. She only knew the chap slightly. Nice enough fellow. Bit erratic, but a little …

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A lethal game of facesitting

Sophie’s has a soothing bath. The huge heated public baths were free and open to both sexes. Sophie noticed attendants positioned around the springs to hand out towels to bathers. No one glared at her body when Sophie removed her clothes. If anyone looked at her, it could result in a punishment for one of the men, even if it was a woman that did the looking. If anyone DID …

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Fucked by flash

It had been a long day and after a defeat professionally as Kid Flash as well as his breakup with Jesse, Wally paced the floor of the lab in his yellow Kid Flash costume while Barry was the only person in the deserted lab that was trying to help. “I don’t know Barry, I guess I just don’t feel needed any more”, Wally said sulkily his soon-to-be brother-in-law. “You saw …

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