Tuesday , January 31 2023

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The BJ Affair

I had been dating Victor for a few months. Honestly, I would not normally do the exclusive dating thing but Victor was a pretty good guy. He was kind, caring and knows how to show a girl a good time, in the bedroom and out. He was also great at eating pussy. That might not be top of the list for most girls, but for me, it is very important. …

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Sex in the workplace

It was with mixed emotions that Adeolu entered the very familiar elevator that cold June morning. He had been with the company for fifteen years, slowly working his way up through the ranks into the upper management levels until, finally, the break he had been waiting for, his boss died. He knew it sounded callous to put it so bluntly but it was a fact of life, everyone knew that …

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My Wife had been meeting with lots of different men on her nights out

My wife was a virgin when we married but once she had tasted the fruit it was apparent she couldn’t get enough. I began to suspect she was getting it elsewhere and one night she came home after a night out with the girls looking particularly disheveled. When I tackled her about it, she admitted she had been with another man. Eventually she told me the whole story – she …

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