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Mother disciplines daughter in restaurant restroom

Living in a small town had its benefits, of course. No smog, no traffic, a comfortable cost of living, and a sense of community in which neighbors looked after one another. On the other hand, 14-year-old Cynthia, often thought, this small town crap was just boring. Besides, if you got in trouble, everybody knew about it, and you’d keep running into people you just hated. Not that Cynthia was getting …

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Clothing fetish slice of life story

I awoke some time before my alarm went off, as usual. I lay there in the cozy, warm darkness enjoying the sensation of moving my toes and fingers in the slick softness of my silken sheets and nightgown, turning very slightly from side to side to feel the unyielding stiffness and scintillating tightness of my long, confining night corset, straining my wrists ever so gently against the implacable steel of …

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