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The Doctor’s Exam

Rex waited in the examining room nervously waiting for Dr. Jenkins to arrive. He hated doctors and felt uncomfortable even though this was just a routine sports physical for school. The appointment was for 2:00pm and here it was almost 3:00, making him wait seemed like cruel and unusual punishment! Just then the door flew open and Doctor Jenkins’ nurse, Miss Boyd came flying through the door and told Rex …

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An older man has a chance encounter with a young castaway

How strange it felt to be lying next to such a young temptress, after years of lonely dejection. The waif had entered my life unexpectedly, with loud attire and greased hair that was strangely out of place for the delicate features it crowned. Lost and lonely too, she fronted an indifferent attitude and a vehement distaste for authority. One third my age, her speech was filled with colloquialisms I’d never …

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A stressed-out young athlete meets hippy chick who mellows him the old fashioned way

People expected things from Jason. His parents expected him to get good grades, not just good, but over the top, anything less was unacceptable. His teachers had come to expect quality work from him, his coaches expected him to perform to his fullest. He had been pushed from every direction to excel and perform at a level that kept the pressure on Jason all the time. He was intelligent enough …

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A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch

I’m a married lady who likes a little pussy on the side now and then, something my husband knows nothing about and I’ve had a few subs through the years. I like the subservient cunts, they are easy to manipulate and always take good care of my pussy. A new family moved in down the street from us, Helen, she’s a blue eyed blond with great legs and a lousy …

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A frustrated wealthy 39 year old widowed business woman seduces a young student who is on a work experience placement

Vicky had inherited the business from her late husband and had grown it tenfold. What started out as a small firm of engineering consultants had now grown to include architects, civil and hydraulic engineers, quantity surveyors and a construction division. With her business acumen, talent at networking, people skills and background as an architect, although she had never really practiced, Vicky had proved that all round knowledge, common sense and …

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