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Young wife taken against her will by gangster boarder

Something about him made Christy uneasy, especially when he looked at her with his deep, dark eyes, as if trying to peer into her soul. Reggie’s eye contact seemed brazen, but he did it when Dave wasn’t looking. Hopefully, this huge black man who towered over her husband wouldn’t make an immediate decision. She needed to discuss this matter further with Dave. They could tell Reggie that someone else rented …

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He becomes a cuckold, but who gets to breed his wife?

Some lucky ladies were blessed with a toned, gold-standard booty fixed atop a pair of mile long, sculpted legs that became pure poetry when set into motion. Brittany, my wife of just under five years, was one of those precious few women, which made me incredibly blessed as well. Her amazing ass sung sweet music as it swayed across the parking lot of our apartment complex headed for our car. …

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Mohini exposed by her husband Final Chapter

About to point to the balcony, he thought better of it. Why mention the opposition. Hearing one of them say Mohini needed to go home, he figured on using that as an excuse. ‘Sudhir asked me to keep an eye out for anyone needing a lift home. Anyone need a lift home?’ he innocently asked. ‘Mohini does,’ one of her friends said. ‘I’d better go with her,’ Reema offered. ‘Good …

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Devika Cheated By Trust Chapter 2

Its been 2 weeks, since that day, which turned out to be the most luckiest day in Vishnu’s life and obviously one of the most embarrassing day for devika. Vishnu seems to be very happy these days. He must be cherishing those precious moments he had spent with devika. And his friends, Rahim and Anand have become increasingly frustrated, as Vishnu achieved little success with Devika.   They were determined …

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Indian housewife Infatuation by nephew – Life of Indian Housewife

There was hardly an hour left before sunrise. The patriarch was by now a tired man and an exhausted lover. The younger bahu, too, could hardly keep her eyelids open and, drawing herself into the arms of Balwant, ready to pass into slumber. Balwant kissed her fully on the lips again. “Meri rani (my queen),” he said lovingly, “get some sleep now for you’ll have a tiring day from the …

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