Thursday , June 1 2023

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Making love with my Own sister

I am back again to narrate my true story with my younger married sister Tony .she is a 26 years old lady ,too hot ,lovely face,white complexion,height of 5’5 feet with figure of 34-26-36 ,her tits are of medium size as her round dome shaped ass is attractive,her strong thighs have made me hot as her vaginal parts are too nice as well as clean shaved . I am a …

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Dirty Fantasies Interracial Sexual Game

I hated that Tom loved this game. OK, the lovemaking was usually great afterward. That part I liked a lot. And getting dressed up is always fun. And yes, I like the attention. (Everyone does, so long as it is respectful.) It was just the deception part that I hated. I know what it is like to be led on and I didn’t like doing it to others. Still, you …

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A young submissive female meets her new Master

The little one stands before Him for the first time. As instructed she stands in the middle of the hotel room and keeps the eye contact her Master demands. She waits, lost in her thoughts with the tension of the moment making her entire being scream inside. Master’s instructions for dress were specific and the girl made sure she did as ordered. She is wearing a white button down blouse, …

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