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He lick the semen of her panties

This morning, lying discarded, dishevelled on the unmade bed, lie her panties. A pink lace and satin confection they are made of almost nothing. A handful of scrunched up loveliness, an intimate and tiny covering for her sex. I touched them, my eyes closed and I felt the slimy glaze of his semen. I felt eyes closed what had been left there, a marker of what he had pumped inside …

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How I fucked my sister-in-law

My name is Rajesh (name changed) and I am 33 years old, currently living in Bangalore and have been married for 3 years now to a beautiful wife. This experience happened last month when I visited Mangalore with my wife, while staying at my wife’s place for a week, where my widowed mother-in-law lives with her daughter (my wife’s unmarried sister). Her name is Savitha ( name changed) , 27 …

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Extreme Enema Expulsion

Margaret and Denise had met online, on a site designed for lesbians interested in more “unusual” sorts of sex play, and fetishes. They quickly learned they both had something of a penchant for anal pleasures and were intrigued by the games some like to call “toilet” play, and enjoyed medical play and settings as well. Now they were meeting face to face for the first time, talking frankly about their …

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How I fucked My Roommate’s Girlfriend

First of all, I like to thank you all of my readers, It’s kind of overwhelming for me to get a such a huge response on this Page. And for Lady fans, feel free to write the sex story. * Name used in the Sex Story is Imaginary, to hide the Identity of Reader, Rest all details are true Now moving on to Story. It all started during the summer …

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Fraternity Gangbang

It happened last year, my 1st year of college. I thought I was fairly well experienced sexually. I started petting and performing oral sex in 8th grade. My first intercourse happened during 9th grade. First sexual experience with another girl in 10th grade. First 3-way with two guys also in 10th grade. First 3-way with a guy and a girl in 11th grade. First time with more than 2 guys, …

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Having Sex With My Parents In-law

I could not believe what was happening to me, a couple of minutes earlier I had been crouched at my parents bedroom door, cock in my hand as I watched them having sex. Now as I looked down, my cock was throbbing, erect and waving up and down in front of my mother’s cunt, a cunt that was already full to overflowing with my father’s sperm. I could see it …

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