Tuesday , June 6 2023

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A surgery nurse

Kath didn’t really have to break much of a sweat when she played her sister, which was just as well today as it was over 90 already and she’d been out pretty late the night before. The courts were deserted because it was Wednesday and not everyone got Wednesdays off like she did. Her sister, Lynn, had graduated from high school last June and was still living at home, trying …

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Mother disciplines daughter in restaurant restroom

Living in a small town had its benefits, of course. No smog, no traffic, a comfortable cost of living, and a sense of community in which neighbors looked after one another. On the other hand, 14-year-old Cynthia, often thought, this small town crap was just boring. Besides, if you got in trouble, everybody knew about it, and you’d keep running into people you just hated. Not that Cynthia was getting …

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Spanked wife

Like getting kissed one moment and being spanked the very next, Michael took me out to a lobster dinner that night, then hurried home to one of his stupid basketball games. Deciding I was too full and aroused to be angry–I really love lobster–I sat in my favorite position, between his legs, with my cheek resting on his thigh. I pretended he knew I was there. Playing with the cuff …

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