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A teacher dreams of spanking by a student

Tanya woke up suddenly. Her whole body was covered in sweat. Her breath was fast and shallow, she felt like she had finished a marathon. She felt disoriented. She tapped her Samsung Galaxy S8+. It was 3:30am in the night. No notifications on Facebook or WhatsApp. A car whooshed by on the street. Who’s out so late she wondered. Her husband, Jimmy was sleeping peacefully. Tanya observed him for sometime. …

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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

When her uncle had fixed her marriage to Suhel without asking her, Richa was peeved that nobody cared to ask her about her own life. She saw how her aunt treated her sisters-in-law and was afraid she too would be blessed with a monster-in-law. But contrary to her expectations, she found a mother- the mother she had lost at birth and the mother her aunt never was. Sujata had always …

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White guy encounters older Ebony lady

My name is Jerry I have a deep down affection for two things ebony women and mature women at least 10 to 15 years my senior. I don’t know what it is I ask myself, is it exotic loving black females or is my need to be near a mother image. I think about this everyday, I have been with many women who have been mature and many women who …

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The whole family has fun after drinks are spiked with Viagra

I’m putting this one up for the Winter Holidays contest just for a bit of fun, so please give it a nice high vote if you like it! — +++ — Okay, suspend belief all who enter here … this is supposed to be a fun, dirty little Christmas romp and not much more than that, so if you just go with it, hopefully it’ll give you a laugh and …

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Dave’s daughter and students take advantage in the dark

The first couple of times it happened, Dave just dismissed it as an accident and not wanting to embarrass anyone, didn’t say anything about it. He certainly thought about it, but as with any similar instance in his teaching career, tried to put it behind him and move on. But the day that he first felt a hand close over his cock and actively grab it, he knew that things …

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Conservative Tamil Wife wanted to became his 1 day Wife Chapter 2


How I Became Cuckold. How I Changed my Wife. Simple Steps to Change any Wife. This should be Introduction of the story but I missed it. Few members asked me so posting the introduction of the story of how I became a cuck and how I changed my wife. Myself and My wife aged 32. Ours is Love marriage. She is *****. We both look fair with good physic. My …

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Mohini exposed by her husband Final Chapter

About to point to the balcony, he thought better of it. Why mention the opposition. Hearing one of them say Mohini needed to go home, he figured on using that as an excuse. ‘Sudhir asked me to keep an eye out for anyone needing a lift home. Anyone need a lift home?’ he innocently asked. ‘Mohini does,’ one of her friends said. ‘I’d better go with her,’ Reema offered. ‘Good …

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