Thursday , June 1 2023

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My wife finally caught on to my panty fetish and won’t have sex with me unless I wear her well worn panties on my head

I’ve been married about a year now and I just love my wife Amanda. I married her because she wore the sexiest panties I have ever seen a women wear. But I tried not to tell my young bride just why I married her. Sure she has a killer body but her sheer panties just drove me nuts! I just couldn’t keep myself out of her panty drawer or the …

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Long sex story – I Was A Reluctant Shemale

Marilee’s fists tightened in despair as she sat at her secretarial desk and listened to the muffled moans emanating from the office of her boss, JC Wyatt. JC was one of the youngest and most famous casting agents in Hollywood and was the most blatant offender of the “casting couch” which degraded women. The young actress, a stunning blonde who couldn’t have been more than sixteen years old, had looked …

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