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Decent & Loyal Housewife Swati Became a Keep of Local Gunda

Swati & Anshul were a happily married couple. Anshul was working in a small IT Firm. Swati was 27 yrs old and Anshul was 30 years old. They were leading a pretty ordinary middle class life. Living in Mumbai. They had an arranged marriage. They had 2 kids, both daughters. The elder one was 4 yrs old. The younger was just born 2 months old. Here’s where the story starts. …

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Secret room

Ann Pham-Monet was a beautiful Eurasian girl with just the right proportions of Asian and European ancestry to produce the classic beauty of love poets. Married in Asia to an American gentleman 35 years her senior at age 16, she had come with him to Washington State where she had divorced him when she was 20. Now, at age 28, she had been married to Bill Martin – age 21 …

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