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Nicola is blackmailed by a dyke and her brother

She was absolutely beautiful. She was the most popular girl in our highschool and in th e final grade and was cheerelader since the begining of the school year. She had beautifl ice blue eyes wtih striking blonde hair that made her the most noticed and admired girl in our school. she is seventeen going and had the most curvacious body after me that was. Her hips were nive and …

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Exhibitionist Sister – Chapters 4 – 6

Ashley and Madison bond through pleasure. I went back to my house after breakfast. I had some work to take care of, and I was going to hang out with my parents and then see some other friends after that. I figured I’d head back over to Ashley’s sometime later in the evening. —————————— Later that day at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, Ashley and Madison were watching television …

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Owning a Dominant Bitch

My first three year of high school could have been better. I was a pudgy boy and only five foot nine inches with a pimply face. My confidence was low so it didn’t take much to bring out my shyness and that is what made my first year horrible. Although I was on the football team, I didn’t get to play much. The coach, an ex-NFL lineman, told me I …

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Julie, my new neighbor, was my age and different than any girl I’d ever met. She liked doing boy things. She could climb trees, wrestle, dig for worms and fish as well as any boy. She helped me clean the fish we caught without batting an eye. I loved hanging out with her. She was always happy and bubbly, and we loved pulling elaborate pranks on each other. When school …

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