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Forced Sex Between Devar & Bhabhi

This story is an account of my sexual encounter with my elder brother’s wife (In India referred to as “Bhabhi”). This is part fiction and part real. “….oh my god….am cumming….ahhh…am….so…bad…” She almost screamed into my ears. I collapsed on top of her and we both lay there panting, without uttering a word. As we lay in each others arms, I looked at her beautiful face in the afterglow. ” …

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Doctor toys with patients and nurses

6:00 AM, Memorial Hospital. Physicians work long days, and my days are generally no exception. Sometimes mine started earlier than most, in the hospital wards. One reason I like to come in early is because it is quieter. Another reason is that the third shift nurses are still on duty. They are often newer and more vulnerable. Mr. Blodger, one of my patients, was eighty-two and looked it, but yesterday …

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I Fucked My Mom Up the Ass

Alright, I guess with a title like that, I’m killing the suspense a little bit. But, it’s accurate, so what’re you gonna do, right? It all started on the day I faked being sick so as to not go to school. Well, really, it started way before that. Probably with my porn collection. Like a lot of horny teen guys, I watch a lot of porn. And I jerk off …

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Decent & Loyal Housewife Swati Became a Keep of Local Gunda Chapter 3

The next day was a Saturday……….Swati woke up at 6 in morning……..she opened her eyes,pandiculated and then her eyes fell on Jayraj…………..suddenly she realised what happened the last night and smiled………..she looked at him lovingly for a minute and then she looked at his dick which was pointing up due to morning wood…….it was rock hard……….she looked at it,smiled again and bit her lower lips shyly……………she then turned her attention …

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