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Trans Secretary

“Monica Barnes smoothed her skirt before entering the office of her boss, Cord Drake, the CEO of the company his father had founded thirty eight years ago! Like every other morning for the past two years, she brought along his coffee, her memo pad, and of course his copy of the morning paper! “Good morning, Mr. Drake,” she said in an upbeat voice, “anything special on the agenda for today!?!” …

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A Transvestite’s Tale

As I laid back against the wall of the toilet with my nylon-clad thighs spread wide and my erect cock jutting up lewdly from between them, the wooden door in front of me slowly opened to admit the guy from the stall next to mine. “Oh yessss!” the guy hissed quietly, slowly wanking his rigid cock and bolting the door behind him as he took in the erotic sight of …

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An married executive likes to cross-dress in the privacy of his office after work

It was Thursday evening, the evening I always have to “work late”. That’s the story I tell my wife anyway. At lunch time, I had gone shopping and the new clothes I bought were neatly hung in the closet of my private office. I took a tour of the general office area, using the water cooler as a reason for my walk thru, although I was really checking out if …

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Wife indulges her husband’s cross-dressing fetish

When my wife Jane asked if I would be a volunteer worker at her company’s western night, I said sure, why not? She told me she would fill me in on the details as the time drew nearer. A couple of weeks before the event, Jane started making a satin saloon girl outfit. I teased her and told her to be sure to make it extra frilly and sexy, and …

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