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A voluptuous swinger Indian wife

You could hear the calming whispers of the air passing by our windows, exhaling into our mouths, my wife’s in particular. The October birds and plants were abound on either sides of the road, and the ominous blue and purple hue of the sunset was painted across the waking starry night sky. The gentle tapping of jeweled earrings against my wife’s ears as she rested her head against the window …

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Bet and a young girl

It’s the usual Friday night poker game between four guys who grew up together. They are all married and family men with children. Firstly there is Tom he is tall and good-looking with a muscular body that appeals to the girls next is Adam who is athletic and funny with a smile to die for. Wayne is third oldest and is of a stocky build and very strong and finally …

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The story of a woman’s busy and adventuresome sex life from mid-teens

She started in her mid-teens with an older brother who satisfied her curiosity about why she got those feelings between her legs. He was quite experienced and quickly taught her the potential her pussy had for pleasure but also the delicious feelings of good foreplay and oral sex as well. After a year or so of fucking at every opportunity and developing her erotic skills, another older brother, and then …

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