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Colette In The Men’s Toilet

Colette had no doubt that her husband Jacinto, loved her very dearly. She nevertheless knew that, in spite of his love, he liked to see her being Pervert Exploitd and degraded. This being the case, she was understanding when her husband told her that he had arranged for her to be Pervert Exploitd by two men that he’d met up with – something that they had done on previous occasions, …

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Addicted to grandpa’s cock

It became an addiction for me to play with and suck grandpa’s cock after that first sneaky time. I couldn’t wait for him to drink to the point of letting his guard down and pass out. All I thought about was getting my next fix of grandpa’s cum in my mouth, I day dreamed about the smell of his genitals, the taste of his cum, the fantastic texture of his …

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