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Son’s father looking after his daughter-in-law

It’s funny how life’s little opportunities present themselves, my best sexual opportunity of my life came out of the blue one night with an eleven o’clock telephone call from my son who was working away from home in France for a month. Tim’s mother and I split up when Tim was quite young and divorced several years ago, the last three years have been very dry for me sexually, you …

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Alternative pleasures

Being a widower at the age of 67, Wilhelm Geiger, a wealthy retired stock broker, had only recently wedded a blonde Greek goddess, a trophy wife, Karen, aged 23. Wilhelm (or “Willy,” as Karen affectionately called him) had discovered her as a dancer in a topless and sometimes bottomless bar. Their brief, but whirlwind courtship had seemingly returned a great deal of life to Willy’s aging cock and shriveling balls, …

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My wife is seduced by friends

My name is Peter and I thought I had most things going for me. I have a reasonably good job trouble shooting for big power plants and I have a gorgeous wife. In fact my wife Jenny was better than gorgeous she was a knock out. Her 5ft 8inch figure with log slender legs and 36c bust, coupled with her long auburn her and come to bed eyes had long …

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Married Madison lusts after the contractor and goes on a mission to have him

Madison leaned on her pillow with a mischievous grin. She squeezed her husband’s cock, surprised to find it hard so soon after lovemaking. “So this talk of me with another man really does turn you on,” she said. She rolled over to fish another condom out of the bedside drawer. When she found one, she lay on her back, parted her legs, and smiled at Ryan as he climbed between …

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Hotwife in the bar

It was a Friday evening. I had graduated from High School three weeks previously. I started a summer job the following Monday. It was now my 18th birthday. All of my friends were away for the summer, and my parents had given me a used car for my birthday, and left on vacation. I was bored, so I decided to walk to a bar down the street and treat myself …

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