Tuesday , January 31 2023

Tara’s Fetish, Part 1

My wife Beth comes to me while I’m reading one evening and I see she has a smirky expression on her face. I ask her what’s up with her and she tells me it’s nothing. I know it’s not nothing and poke at her to spill the beans.

“Come on honey. Something has you amused. What’s the deal?”

“I was picking up a little in Tara’s room while she was in school today and I found some things.”

Tara is our thirteen year old daughter. She’s a bright and happy young girl, but has recently become a handful since she entered puberty. She’s got a friend named Jess that on more than one occasion smelled of smoke, so I immediately thought the obvious.

“What.. She’s hiding cigarettes in her room?”

“No, nothing like that. Well I don’t know, maybe that too, but I found a couple of your workout photos from your twenties in there.”

I used to work out at the gym every other day back in my twenties. I was dating Beth then. We had met each other at the gym and we hit it off. I’d have Beth photograph my workout progression of me wearing my workout shorts. So I was pretty ripped in the pictures. I waited for Beth to elaborate.

“They were in her drawer by her bed.”


“She also has a vibrator in there.”

“Um, Tara has a vibrator?”

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