Thursday , March 23 2023

Teaching his Teen Daughter About Sex

Jeff Wright watched through the barely-opened door of his daughter’s room as a teenage guy fucked his sixteen-year-old daughter.

Jeff’s cock was stiff and throbbing as he watched the guy screw his cock into his daughter’s pussy.

His daughter, Shellie, had her arms and legs wrapped around the guy as he pumped his cock into her cunt.

Jeff rubbed his crotch as he watched his sexy teen daughter being fucked.

This wasn’t the first time Jeff had watched. He had known that when his teen daughter and various guys had gone up to her room, that they would end up fucking, and he had a point of going upstairs after a few minutes to watch as his daughter was screwed.

He had learned from watching that his luscious sixteen-year-old daughter loved to fuck.

Jeff was in his late thirties, and his wife was the same age. But she had really let herself go in the last few years, and she had grown plump and bloated, and she didn’t seem to care about her appearance. Jeff and his wife fucked about once a week, but she had allowed herself to become so unattractive, that Jeff was turned off by her, and he had begun thinking about his daughter. When he fucked his wife, he thought about his sexy daughter, Shellie, and imagined that he was fucking her. She was so damned luscious-looking. She had recently turned sixteen and was a high school junior and a cheerleader. She had honey-blonde hair falling in shimmering waves almost down to her waist, and green eyes, and full pink lips. She was built so well. Her figure was curvy and shapely. Jeff had seen her on numerous occasions in her cheerleader outfit. Her legs were full and sleek; her hips curvy; she had nice-sized breasts that poked the sweaters she wore, and her short skirt was tight enough that it showed off her superb ass—so rounded and firm and up thrust.

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