Saturday , June 3 2023

Tessa and Polly find unexpected Summer heat

My cousin Tessa is one year older than me. Each summer,
we spend time together at our grandparent’s vacation
place on the lake. It was isolated, but beautiful. Lots
of woods and a long, but manageable, bike ride to town.
Our grandparents are friendly, relaxed and easy to live
with. We have to help with some chores, but most of the
time is just having fun.

I’m thin, short and not fully developed. Tessa is the
opposite. She has long legs, the athletic build of the
swimmer she is and good sized breasts. The size
difference seemed to accentuate the difference in our
ages. I wore my brown hair long and in a loose

Although not as bad as many girls, I spent a lot of
time trying to get it right. Tessa never had that
problem. Much to the dismay of her parents, she kept
her red hair cropped short. However, with a simple
shake of her head, it seemed to fall just right and
always looked both slightly tousled and sexy. To be
honest, she had the body I wished to grow into. I also
admired her confident manner and the quick connection
she made with people.

One hot July day, we put on our bathing suits and
walked through the woods from the cottage to the rope

Leading the way, Tessa called back over her shoulder,
“Let’s race, Polly,” and took off.

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