Saturday , June 3 2023

Thanksgiving At The Eagletowns

I could feel my prick spasm and my balls tense as my
jism began to rise. I sat there at the table looking
around at the faces surrounding me like a deer in the
headlights of a truck.

I knew that I was about to cum any second but there was
nothing I could do to stop myself. I was beginning to
pant and I knew that everyone in the room must know
what I was about to do.

When I’d first accepted Cheryl’s invitation to
Thanksgiving dinner at her folk’s house during school
break I’d never even thought about something like this.
When we first arrived I was fascinated by Cheryl’s
large family gathering. Being an only child of older
parents I’d never attended an event like this before.

‘Event’ was all you could call it. There were at least
30 people ranging from toddlers to grand parents,
siblings and nephews, cousins, the works. At first I
didn’t notice Cheryl’s younger sister. She must have
been introduced to me when we first arrived, but with
so many people to remember I guess I forgot I’d met

That was soon to change.

Cheryl’s little sister was 18 and in between high
school and college. Apparently she was planning on
attending her freshman year in the new year. For some
reason she seemed attracted to me from the first. Maybe
it was the fact that I ignored her in the beginning and
she wanted to get my attention, whatever the reason she
soon reintroduced herself in no uncertain terms.

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