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That Old Creepy Proffessor

This story starts when I got admission in xxx university in Mumbai, during the admission me and my mom went to college for registration. At that time situation at our home was not good, mom and dad were having fights regularly, it was difficult to live with both of them in same house, so i was happy i was moving out, in hostel. It was 18 hour journey from home via train so I could not do up and down, and going home on weekend was not possible either. I was one happy boy, I would be free to do anything. Enjoy college life.

The day ma and my mom, Shweta , left for college, mom and dad had big fight. Mom always complaining how he never had any time for us. My dad was really busy person. And my mom was one lonely woman. my mom was what you can call MILF. Her sexy figure and grace could win anyone’s heart. Other than that she was soft speaking, and very kind heart. She would never do anything which could hurt anyone in anyway.

So coming directly to story. I was filling the form , when i did finish that, I went where my mother was supposed to be standing, but she was not there so looked for her, and after 10 minutes of searching i found her talking to some man. I approached her, the man was very aged, may be in his sixties. When i arrived, mom introduced us.

“ you are, have you filled the form?”

“….”, before I could finish the old man interrupted.

“so this the young man, huh?”

“Yes, Vicky this is professor Balaswamy”

“Hello Sir,”

“So now you believe me?”, mom asked him almost laughing, I did not understand what they were talking about, so I kept quite.

“Not really, you don’t look like mother to this young man”, he turned to me,”tell me son, is she really your mother, or she is just Joking with this old man?”

“No sir, this is my mother”

“Satisfied?”, mom asked.

“So you are huh? quite surprising, I really thought, you were making fun of this old man”

Mom again laughed,”you are really funny, I hope you are same in class”

“Well you will have to join the College to know that”, and there you go, again more laugh, to me he seemed to be creepy guy. But mom was laughing at his every creepy joke, I really did not get it, I had never seen her so much enjoying herself, may be it was because she was away from Dad. I thought it might be good for both of them, being apart for some time and then they would miss each other and will fight lesser. Little much I knew, what was there in future.

This man was just an average guy, a little on darker side, or may be more than little. Not more handsome than my father certainly. He seemed fit but still old, you can tell by just looking at him. And only thing he was better at that time was making mom laugh, and mom was laughing like some school girl. Anyone could tell that he was hitting on her, except her only. Or maybe she knew it that time, we will never know.

We spend Almost an hour, talking, not exactly talking, but he speaking, mom laughing, and me looking at some creepy old man hitting on my much beautiful mom, so openly, who was clearly out of his league, I had to give him, that, no man could have courage to hit on on a woman, way out of his league, married, and way too younger than him.


Nothing happened at that time, we were pretty busy, in whole process, but Mr. Swamy was helping a lot to us. He was always around us, or should I say around mom. In the evening we forgot to book for guest room, mom had reservation for next day after noon, we had planned for her to stay with me for a day, and then go back home, but we did not consider how difficult it could be to get a room, when other student with their parents will be there too.

“You can come to my house; you can stay in guest room.”

“Oh…Please no, that will be too much…”

“Come one that would not be any problem, I am lonely anyway this week”

“But we have to…”

“I said no problem, I won’t bite, Vicky could come too, and it’s in Campus itself”

“Really, that will be great…Thanks…”

“I said no problem…All professor have house allocated to them at campus itself”

“That very nice facility they are giving to staff here”

So we went to his house, although I had been given room, mom came to my room, helped me in pack my stuff and place it properly in my room, then we went to his house. The old man never stopped talking and trying to impress mom, telling her how powerful he was in campus, and how many book he had authored in his subject. And how famous he was. Mom seemed to believe him; at constantly flattered with all the attention she was getting from him.

We already had dinner at cafeteria in campus, so we just needed a place to crash after long hectic day. He showed us guest room, it was pretty good actually. At that time I thanked god, that we were in better room that other parents. We talked about college, he told us very much about rules and regulations, he told mom, if she ever come again to visit me, she could stay with him.

“So where is Mrs. Balaguruswamy?”

“Oh she is to visit our son; she will come day after tomorrow”

“You have a son?”

“No, actually two sons and a daughter”

“What they doing?”

“One is married living in Pune, and younger is abroad doing his MS, and girl is doing fashion course in NIFT”

“Good, so it’s you and your wife then in this home?”

“No it’s often me only, she visit her son a lot, you know spending lot time with her grandkids, she loves them too much”

“You don’t like to play with them?”

“I do, but I can’t be as freer as she is, you know all the classes and stuff her”

“Yeah that very responsible job of teaching”

“It could be pretty hard sometime”

They just kept on going on all boring stuff, he always implying how important man he was. Then I excused myself, and said that I wanted to sleep, mom was not ready to go, you could just tell by looking at her, but thinking it inappropriate to sit with man, alone for talking, in the night so she also decided to leave with me, to go to bed. In bed she told me how good Mr. Swamy was. And I should be always in contact with him. I said I would. And we drifted to sleep.

Next morning when I woke up, I found mom was already up and was sitting on the bed, and I heard them talking, well again. I got up and say on the other side of mom, Mr. Swamy was sitting on a chair having tea, he was in robe only, mom was in her night gown which she slept in. with shirt which comes with it, and was opened to reveal enough to good imagination. I don’t think she thought about that much, she was also having cup of tea. I found Prof. Swamy staring at her boobs, whenever he gets chance.

“Morning Sweetie…”

“Morning mom”

“Good Morning Sir”

“Moring, so everything is done”

“Yes pretty much”, I replied.

“Good”, then turned to mom, “when do you have your train?”

“at 11:00”

“I can drop you at station”

“Thanks but that won’t be necessary”

“Oh… come on, no need to be formal”


And while I was at campus, he went on dropping her at station. After then, whenever I would talk to mom, she would ask about Mr. Swamy, and he would ask about her. He was always polite to me, oh and he was teaching one course I had taken, that semester. Life was pretty good, except when he would discuss mom with me. I was enjoying college life. Then after three weeks, we had holidays for five days and I just made it go home. I was good to be home for few days.

When I arrived at home, we had a call from Prof. Swamy, asking if I had reached safe. Then he talked to mom, same again laughing and now little bit of flirting. After mom hung up the phone, maybe that was after almost 45 minutes, mom told me how good person he was, I should always go to him, if I have any problem, in campus. That evening mom asked me about my college, and then she just asked how to create email, account, I said I will create one for her. I created Gmail account for her and gave my own Gmail id as for security purpose. She did not use account right away but I explained it her, how to use and do chats etc. She said it would be easier to chat with me, now.

Other day, we got another call from Swamy asking if I was coming back, on time and I should not miss classes, again mom talking, this time mom also gave him her Gmail id, to him, to keep her up to date about me. Next day I left for university. When I got mom I will often chat with mom, I was already beginning to miss mom and dad. College life was fun, except the Creepy old man, Prf. Swami.

Getting personnel.

So life is fun, right? Yeah, unless some old Professor is trying his luck on your mother. And you can’t do a thing about it. I was sure mom was not attracted to this old man, come one, who wants to be with old and not handsome man, who happened to be married on the top of that. Soon I will find out.

It had been a month, since came back from home, I was going through my emails, deleting unnecessary junks, I came across the email confirmation, of email id which I created for my mom, a month ago, while I was home. It just crossed my mind why mom wanted email account, so I just went on to try to login to her account. She had not changed the password. So it was easy. When I opened her email, my doubt was confirmed. Prof. Swamy was chatting her up.

I started reading from starting, it was very innocent, he sends email to mom, asking to confirm of it was her email id which she told him. She confirmed it by saying yes. In the beginning emails were very formal. One or may be two a day. All starting with about me, and then about other things not very important, just family and others. Emails were getting more and more frequent, to daily at least one. Then he asked her when is she always free, so that that can chat, she said there was no specific time, she checks her email, whenever she is free, but after many emails, she told him, her timings.

It was not very hard so to know what they were talking because in Gmail your all conversations are saved in chat archive. So I just checked. They were talking casually. His screen name was ‘CreepyOldMan’ and mom had her own name used ‘Shweta4u’.

Mom: So you are Creepy Old Man huh?

Swami: No, I am not believe me, but this what woman think of me, so I found it cool and accepted it.

Who said, you are creepy?

My wife said

Why would she make such a horrible remark on her husband?

Don’t knew may be this is what she think of me too, he?

You are funny you know, not creepy, but why did she just said that?

I once tried to threaten her, so she just told me, what I really am, nothing bad.

No it is bad, this is wrong to threaten your wife, I really don’t believe that you could have threaten to any woman, yet alone your own wife?

Yeah I know, this was my entire fault, I should have accepted by the change with old age.

What are you talking about? What changes?

It is you know…that entire old couple… that thing

What thing? What could be so serious that you needed to threaten your wife?

Oh…Ok drop it, it was my entire fault, and I really feel sorry for that, that’s it

Really, it’s ok if you don’t want to share it, but I am really disappointed in you, I never thought you could be like that.

I know, but sometimes you do things.

“You can tell me if you want to, what could possible make you do it?

Well you know, when you are old, you don’t want to have intimacy like you had when you were young

Wow that is personnel

Sorry told you it was, ok no more talk about it

No please tell me, we are both adults, you can tell me, may be it will help me in my marriage when we are old

Oh…you getting old sounds impossible

What? You imagining me old lady?

No… I am saying it seems hard to imagine you old, but I am sure you will be as beautiful as you are now.

Thank you sir, but you are changing the subject

Am I? Oh sorry.

No problem, so what happened?

Well as you know with age you lost interest in love making, all that problem

So she wanted you to make love to her? And you were not interested?

No it’s contrary,

You mean, she was not interested?

Yeah quite right,

So what did you just do?

I tried to make her little jealous, saying if she can’t help me, then I should have some mistress

Wow bad move

Yeah, and then she told me the bitter truth

Bitter truth?

Yeah, like which girl in her right mind would want to have sex with old man in his early sixties, who looks fat and creepy

But you are not fat

You mean I am creepy?

No not creepy, certainly not

Just kidding, but I used to be fat

Really? But you seemed so fit last time.

Well, that could really be the last time, for this old man

Don’t say that you don’t look that old

Kidding again, I am working out

You are funny, so did that help?

She thinks same too, but still not interested in sex

Poor you, trapped?

Yeah I feel like

I don’t meant to be rude to her, but you deserve happiness, you should talk to her, and may be go for medicines

Tried but she is still not interested

Then you should divorce her, or at least threaten her

Oh yeah and she will make some nasty remark on me, to make me upset again, like who will marry someone like you

Oh come one, you know , there plenty of woman who could have marry you, it does not need to be some young lady, there are a lot, divorcee or widows who still need to live.

Oh so those are what I get, huh?

Oh, you know what I mean.

So how it going on between you and your hubby

Not great

Should I come and beat him?

Oh no … or maybe that is what he need, hehehe.

You naughty girl

And just casual chat. They were becoming good friends, but his motives were clear. He was using everything he could. He was complimenting her whenever he got a chance. Mom was respecting him, too much. With time chatting became more personnel. They were discussing their all problems. Mom would mention the fight she and dad had.

I wish he was as understanding as you are.

Then what are waiting for, leave him and come to me.

Hehehe, you are naughty

Thank you, anything to cheer you up.

They were chatting more frequent now. Whenever I talk to mom, now she already knew everything about college, not mentioning Swami now, as before. They were discussing when mom would come to visit me next time, he promised he would show her around Mumbai. He would say he can’t wait to see her again.

She come back, and something happened, but what?

Chatting between mom and Swami was regular, several time he will hint something, but mom will politely ignore anything inappropriate, without even being harsh, but to me it seems she really needed him as friend, he already had made some place in her heart as close, as friend. She did not want to lose a friend, so she would avoid anything with some laugh.

It went on like that, when being only funny was not enough he was telling her his own sorry tales like how his wife did not understand him, and he revealed that, he and his wife had different, bedrooms.

“Really? Why don’t you say something to her?”

“What can I say? She does not think we should sleep together”

“But, even being older does not mean you don’t need intimacy, with your partner.”

“I know, but …”

“You should talk to her, she can’t be that bad”

“Its complex, you would not understand”

“Whatever it is, I think it could be solved with talk”

“It’s easy to say, but I know nothing going to change”

“But you are not even trying”

“Shweta believe me, it more complex than it looks, and I really don’t want to talk about it, please don’t mind”

“Oh…no…It’s between you two… nothing to mind about…”

“So how is it going between you and your hubby?”

“No better, still busy in his own world, I think I am going to die alone…”

“Hey don’t say that…you got me…”

“Yes I have, Vanky, with friends like you, and my son, I don’t know what would have I done without…”

“Hey don’t feel bad, it not your fault… you talked to him, so you did whatever you could”

“We don’t talk Vanky, we fight, scream at each other, I don’t know, why but whenever we try to resolve one issue we start another one”

“It happens, I can understand it, and believe me, what I know about you, I don’t think you cud do anything wrong, it must be him”

“Thank god, someone believes, I could be right, but Vanky, I really don’t have any Idea, why we can’t just live like we used to, sure he has job, he is doing this for his family, me and his son, but why can I just understand him?”

“You have nothing to understand, you are woman, you have needs, and it’s also his duty”

“But he doing his duty, working for his family”

“Are not you his duty? Shouldn’t he be taking care of you?”

“What can I say, it sounds selfish but yes, sometimes I think he should put me first sometimes”

“It’s not selfish, it’s your right, and he should fulfill its”

“I don’t know, really…I have no idea… What’s right, I have, anymore…it’s like I don’t even exist…”

See how it was going? It went on for two months, and then mom was coming to visit me again. She already told Prof. Swami that she was coming Mumbai. I booked guest room for mom to stay; she was staying for three days.

When she Prof, Swami said he could go to pick her up. I reluctantly agreed. I had meeting with my professor; I was working on project under him. So Prof. Swami went to pick mom from station. When I finished I called mom, they were already in college cafeteria, so I went to cafeteria. While we were having lunch, mom told me, that we are going to see places on Mumbai, as she had never seen and I never got time since I have been here.

“So, Swami Ji, you said, you can show us places in Mumbai?”

“Well yeah, I am free today, nothing important to do, what about you Vicky”

“Oh no Sir, Prof. Loomba has given me assignment today, and he wants it, morning, tomorrow, and it will take time”

“Oh…Vicky, can’t you do it after we come back?”

“He’s right; he would be tired and won’t be able to do it”

“Yes mom and I don’t know how long it will take to finish either, sorry mom, we can go tomorrow”

“Ok beta…Studies are important, we can go tomorrow, but what I would when you will be working on assignment”

“Umm mom…”, but before I could say anything Prof. Interrupted me.

“I think we could some place today, Mumbai is pretty big, and tomorrow Vicky can be with us, we won’t see many places, and besides, he will be here for next four years, he can see anytime, isn’t it Vicky?”

What could I say, I just nodded. And mom agreed to go with mom. So in the evening after having some rest, in guest room, mom left with Prof. Swami.

Evening when they returned, they were talking about this and that place, mom seemed to had good time, she thanked Swami, many times, and said could not wait for next day.

Next morning I submitted my assignment, and told mom I will be ready to go with them, mom seemed excited. But just after noon, Prof. Loomba called me, and told me that I did not do assignment properly; I need to go through with again. When I told this to mom, she was disappointed, but understood, but was ready to go again, with Prof. Swami. Next day they went but this time they got back very late, after dinner, mom said that they already had dinner.

Mom really seemed happy, smile never left her face. Professor left after dropping her, at guest room, where I was waiting for her. I stayed there to spend time with mom, and it was very late, so I did not go to my room, and decide to sleep there with her. Mom was in bathroom, changing clothes, when her cell rang, I picked it up, and it was Prof Swami.

“Hello, Vicky, umm you still there?”

“Oh. I was getting late, so mom asked me to sleep her tonight”

“So you finished your work?”

“Yeah almost, a little I will be doing tomorrow”

“You should finish it young man, never leave your work for tomorrow”

“Yes Sir, I was getting tired, so…”

“Ok ok…But you should go to sleep, now, this is very late”

“Yes sir”

“Isn’t your mom, telling you to go to bed, by the way where is she?”

“She is in bathroom, changing…”

“Ok then, I just wanted to confirm if everything was fine, good night…”

And he hung up. I laid on bed, but his calling on mom’s cell, was disturbing me, why would he call at this time, and why was mom so happy and different tonight. While I was laying on the, thinking I did not notice when mom came out of the bathroom. She called my name, but I did not respond, pretending to be in deep sleep. She called many time s to confirm, then she picked her cell phone and checked and she then she called my name again. Still I did not respond. Then she dialed number. While she was heading to balcony.


“You called at my cell?”

“He did?”

“What did you say?”

“Oh really?”, then giggle.

“Well yes he was getting late, so I just asked him sleep here”

“Why not? I came here to meet him”

She giggled, “He is my son, dummy”

“I really enjoyed the evening.”

“Why not you seemed to have everything planned”

“But how did you know, it will be…wait a menu…you are the one who is doing?”

“No…No I am not mad…but you know I came here to be with him…”


“Yes I enjoyed it…but…”

“You know, if you had told me before, I would have never agreed to go with you”

“But after this wonderful evening…I really enjoyed it…”

“Specially that dinner, and that also candle night…but dinner was really delicious”

“Well you were so romantic…”

“Yes its bee long time…”

“It’s been long time since someone…I really missed that, he used to take me out, but then…”

“It like he does not care about me anymore…”

“I know…”

“Yes you are right”

“Then your wife must be idiot”

“What can you do…?”


“I don’t know if it’s good idea”

“I have not been with him, yet”

“I know, but… “

“Yes I really enjoyed…”

“Okay I loved it, but that does not mean…”

“Really I don’t think…”

“Ok baba, I will go…”

“I would like to have him with us…but…then we couldn’t have something like we had today”

“Yes…Very much…”

“So then it’s again we both only huh?”

“Yes, but don’t make my baby work too hard for nothing”

“Ya I know, how much you care…”

“Okay then, I must go to sleep”

“Ya ya why not…”

Then she giggled and, “you are naughty old man, okay then good night”

She came to bed, lying on my side with my back towards her; she caressed my hair, with her one hand, and then she drifted to sleep.

Reading their emails

Next day was repeat of previous two days, but i knew in advance, and so they left. I imagining all the things, mom going willingly with him, he was succeeding in getting into her pants. It was raining in the evening, i was worried about mom. They had not returned. When it stopped raining, mom came in almost wet clothes. She did not speak much, and just went to sleep. Next morning I heard her phone ringing, but she didn’t pick it up. When i was out , i heard her picking it up and answering the call.

“I don’t want to…”

“”No that was mistak..”

“No don’t call me again…”

“I said no…”


and she hung up. We spent whole day together, She was acting weirdly, guilt, confusion i don’t what. When we got through our day, She went back to home. I cud not know what happened between mom and prof that night, she was angry with him, that was for sure. Weeks went by, Prof was also different towards me, may be he thought mom told me something. After two weeks I went home. Mom was not talking about Swami Sir. That was odd, she would check her email daily, and then i knew something was going on email, she made sure she was alone when checked the emails. So when i got chance i tried to see her emails, she did not know but Mozilla can save your password, so i checked it and found her password. I will check her emails later.

I checked her emails and was really surprised to see recent emails were from Swami sir only, there were tens of emails. When o got back to college, i started reading her emails, i felt very guilty and pathetic reading mom’s private emails.

From Swami to Shweta :
Dear Shweta
Please sweta answere my emails, I dont kow what to do, kuch bhi samjha nahi aa raha, its killing me, I dont know , kis ke saath baat karoon, you said i cud not call you, as it was disturbing your home life, so i am just sending you emails. Please atleast reply me

From Shweta to Swami:
what we did was wrong and i am having guilt inside so I dont feel like replying to u, please let it die.

From Swami to Shweta :
I am feeling giuilt too. it is killling me, I cheated on my wife. I cant look into her eyes. I want to die. End this all, tell me wat can i do

From Shweta to Swami:
Same with me ,I cheated, u know since that day i haven’t been able to look straight into my husband’s eyes and not in my boy’s eye’s.Just forget all what hapeened and live life as we used to do earlier.

From Swami to Shweta :
Dear Shweta
Please don’t say that, you are not guilty, wt happened was my mistake only.I am the one to blame. You did nothing wrong. I forced you. Its all my fault. That’s why i want to die. I want to tell everything to somebody. You are as pure as you were before, i tried to defile you.

From Shweta to Swami:
No its was me who first touched u ,i should have stopped u but was not able to,and please get rid of this feeling of dieing it wont solve anything.

From Swami to Shweta :
Believe me, you wanted to leave , i forced you, you were just helping, as a friend, good friend. women do that. You just got pity on me. Becasue i told you i have not had sex in years with my wife. You were just helping me , when i poured coffee on my crotch. May be you thought giving old man some little blow job. Who want to fuck old man like me. You were just being good friend and i am not that big. And cant attract beautiful woman like you.

From Shweta to Swami:
You r not that old ,my frnd ,its just that i dnt want to talk about that day anymore i m just forgetting it and u should also

From Swami to Shweta :
I really care for you , and i am sorry i made you do that. It is all my fault. I want you to be happy.

From Shweta to Swami:
I’m happy ,it was for me to after 7 yrs so i enjoyed it ,so it was not all ur fault i too was equally in it to blame.

From Swami to Shweta :
You know, i really care abt you,since that day i cant forget about you, your perfect body, your hot and tight pussy, so perfest ass, for an old man like me it was dream. I cant get a woman like you and make her like me, or love me i tried to defile your beautiful sacred body. Please forgive me. You know this makes me more guilty, becoz i cant get you out my mind, please tell me i am not evil, not a bad man

From Shweta to Swami:
I am also to blame , and pls stop asking for forgiveness u have not done anything wrong ,it was just that time that we were not able to stop our feelings

From Swami to Shweta :
So you have feeling for me too?
i really care about you, like you very much

From Shweta to Swami:
Yes feeling as a good friend not beyond that

From Swami to Shweta :
I dont know wt my feeling are, but not definilty just frineds. Love? i dont know, but i cant get you out of my mind. tell me i am not crazy. do you think of me too. if you just feel as friend.

From Shweta to Swami:
Pls swami stop all this,dont make me commit sin again

From Swami to Shweta :
I dont want to make you do anything you dont want to, i can never do that i care for you too much for that. you can trust me. Do you think of me as bad man too. You think i am evil

From Shweta to Swami:
No u r good man ,uhad taken good care of me and made me feeel special, i had not felt for years.

From Swami to Shweta :
You know i purposely had your son busy, you know my intentions were not good. I shud die, shudn;t i? i cant get you out of my mind.
am i the only one who cant forget that incident? this is easy for you. as you dont care about me. you can forget about that dirty accidant. i cant. it is not easy for me

From Shweta to Swami:
pls stop all this dieing thought,if u r my frnd then stop this talk. Look to tell u the truth, it was not dirty ,u want to know how it feels after 7 yrs, it fells like i am alive again…..just that i love my husband very much and dont want to cheat on him

From Swami to Shweta :
I dont want to cheat either, and sure dont want to make you cheat. but that was dirty. you can forget it. i know how it feels, after 20 yrs of marriage, with no sex

From Shweta to Swami:
I had already forgotten it,if u want to just talk on this ,then i think u shuld not email me again

From Swami to Shweta :
I dont want to, but i cant forget about it, how can i forget your beautiful skin, your smell and may be your are right, i should not share my problem with you. As I am nothing to you. why do you care wt happens to me what i feel is not your problem i will not contact you again, unless you want to, or maybe i will never

From Shweta to Swami:
Dont say that swami to tell u ,i just masturbuted again this evening tinking about ur cock drilling me, but i know this is wrong. i am still trying to get past this.

From Swami to Shweta :
thank god, you dont know how much relieved i am to hear that, i though i am the only one, who rememberes that, your tight pussy, pinching my cock

From Shweta to Swami:
But u know it was great till it lasted …..had tough night sleeping after that

From Swami to Shweta :
really ? was it that good, i cant sleep any night, it had been two weeks. i had not slept well

From Shweta to Swami:
Was very good ,ur cock was amazig never seen cock like of urs in my life.

From Swami to Shweta :
I still remember, as your pussy was not letting my cock out after i came. i wanted to keep it there forever. i still can feel your pussy on my cock. milking every last drop of my cock

From Shweta to Swami:
Swami u know y i ran that day coz i had to take i-pill as i was not in safe side those days and cud get pregnant

From Swami to Shweta :
oh my god, i never thought of that day, you would be devastated, if you were pregant by some old creepy man like me, no one wants to have my baby, not even my wife, wanted to have after our son

From Shweta to Swami:
Dear Swami u r neither creepy ,and nor i think ur old after you fucked me. If i was married to u i would like to have ur babies.

From Swami to Shweta :
you dont know how gud it feels to hear that. I know we will never do that again. but it still feels good. i masturburate thinking about you, i know you are saying all this becasue you want me to feel good

From Shweta to Swami:
No Swami u r good ,I wish i can have u again ,but that would be cheating so dont want to do it

From Swami to Shweta :
My only wish is that i was with you, I cud have you again, but i care for you too, so my wish is not above you , i will give you what ever you want. i cant touch my wife again. i feel like cheating on you. i am not sleeping in same room either. you know we stopped having sex, 20 yrs ago . But i still thought she was beautiful, but now, she seems ugly woman, now i know what you are, and how good you are, she does not even compare I thought sex with her was great, when we had, and i always missed that but not anymore

From Shweta to Swami:
Same with me swami i not sleeping with my hubby i think I am crazy to do that.

From Swami to Shweta :
I know you dont want to cheat on your husband again, but i want to be your friend, atleast i want you to came here on my very special day as my guest, please dont say no, my wife will not be with me on that day, she does not even care,

From Shweta to Swami:
You know this is not good idea swami.

From Swami to Shweta :
i will be honed for my work in college, they threw me a party. in my honor, and my wife does not think it is big day, so please come.

From Shweta to Swami:
ok i be thr……..but dt let my son know i ‘m thr

From Swami to Shweta :
i will handle that, one more thing, i want my colleague to feel that i can also attract woman, can i send you a dress, will you wear it for me

From Shweta to Swami:
Dont send me i will take dress fromu when i reach thr and dnt wrry on that day i be your partner.

From Swami to Shweta :
thank you for that, but i want you to see the dress before you wear it, it may not suite your style, you may not want to wear it, i want you to see it before, so that if you dont like i can change it, and get another one

From Shweta to Swami:
You are right, Ok send it I will look if i like it.

From Swami to Shweta :
You will be here for me, thnak you very much, I will send you ticket for plane, and dress
its for me , so i shud take care of everything

From Shweta to Swami:
Dear swami
i got ur dress, very good dress ,but it is too revealing especially upper part,so can u change it ….i dont wear such low neck dresses, It will show off my bra.

From Swami to Shweta :
I know this will show off your bra, but this saree is not made to be with bra, you dont need one, blouse is thick enough, it will take care of your delightful nipples, dont worry, i had it aaltered, by my special friend for you only

From Shweta to Swami:
Oh swami, you are so naughty, you talk dirty sometimes. I will try , hope i can make your big day, memorable for you
Take care bye

From Swami to Shweta :

I am very glad you accpeted my invitation to function in honor of this old man, I have arranged everything, My wife will not be there, so you need not to worry, about anything, YOu can stay at my house or at my farmhouse at outskirt of mumbai.
I am waiting to meet you again, I promist i will not do anything inappropriate.
Your caring friend

From Shweta to Swami:
Hi ,
its better we stay at ur house so i wont feel lonely, and u wont have guilt to …looking forward for the day
ur friend

From Swami to Shweta :
Dear Shweta
Thanx for trusting me, you will be safe in my house, i cant wait to see you in thats black saree i sent you for day, i want to see how can you look more beautiful in that saree, if that is possible. Last time you said i am not that bad, can you tell me, you were honest or you were saying that just console me, do you really think i am good, i mean in bed, i know we are supposed to frget about that night but it just seems good for my ego to be appreciated by a yung woman, specially when i am much older than you. you said you will love to have my babies if circumstances were different,i mean i always wanted to have more kids, but after our son was born she said she does not want to go through that pain again, what i want does not matter, if i loved her, i shud not ask her for more. It really feels good as you already have been mother and you said you would love to have my babies even though i mean nothing to you other than just some friend, if you can do this, or just say it, as friend, then my wife who says she loves me, cant do this, sometimes i really doubt that my wife really loves me, i never cheated on her, i really loved her, but with you i dont know what happend, i could not control myself, it seemd that i knew you for long time, you seemd so much like you belong to be with me. enough already I am going at it again, i am really starting to miss you, cant wait to see you.

Your old friend

From Shweta to Swami:
well for ur first queston u were fantastic….with ur long black cock u were amazing.i never experienced this much fun beforei enjoyed every second of it…..and for ur second question it will feel lucky to have a babies from such a fantastic that u will love me more……..
See u soon now in black saree
Your Frined

From Swami to Shweta :
It is good to know that someone thinks that way about me, isn’t it strange that i found so much love and affection from just a friend, than i had from my wife in whole life. YOu are so good friend, i want to keep it that way, I wish situation was different, like we were not married, and i could test if you really mean what you said. But that will be just dream fro me, which may never come true.
Your Loving friend

From Shweta to Swami:
Dear Swami
ya if i was unmarried i would have married to u and been mother of your child……..but that could not happen now……so it will be just what it is…and how it is.
Your Friend

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