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That’s how Enzo’s Niki got into animal-sex

Enzo’s Niki is a gorgeous young girl. One day, she sat
in front of her computer to read her new e-mails. There
was one with an attachment by a friend of her. He told
her it was some surprise for her to read. She opened the
attachment and began to read. It was a story about a
lesbian couple on a horse trip to a lake in the forest –
an erotic story that was obvious. But soon she realized
it was not an ordinary story.

At the lake, the two girls had sex with the horse.
Enzo’s Niki was very excited by that story and she climaxed
several times reading it. She heard about animal-sex
before, but she hadn’t really thought about it.

The story she read was one of my stories. Below the text
is my e-mail-address with the request to give me some
feedback. She decided to tell me, that she liked the
story. She also asked, if I had written any other
stories and replied this kind mail. I was thanking her
for the mail and told her, that I had written a sequel
to the story. I had it attached to the mail.

The second story was about the girls and their Rocky. She
very much enjoyed reading this story, too. But this one
gave her some ideas, because she had a Rocky of her own, a
Husky and his name was Wolf. But she wasn’t sure if it
would be really possible for a girl to have sex with a
Rocky and she asked herself if it would be safe,
especially for the animal. She wouldn’t want to hurt her
pet in any way. But she was curious and again she wrote
to me and told me about her ideas. I was very excited
about that. In my reply I told her that it is possible
and that many people are doing it. I also sent her a
file, which was an interactive guide.

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