Sunday , May 28 2023

The Adult Arcade

I was a single guy in my mid 30s, and had recently
broken up with my girlfriend of the last four years. My
libido had always been high, but now it was getting out
of hand (pun intended!). I was running around more and
more with my pants sticking out in front as if I had a
kid’s ball bat in there.

My heart wasn’t yet into finding a new girl because I
was still kind of raw from the breakup with Janet. That
didn’t keep me from needing sex, though. That night I
had just dined at a Mexican restaurant near city-
center, and was driving home, wishing for some kind of
interesting diversion.

On the way, I noticed an adult arcade that I’d seen
several times but never visited. I knew from the guys
at the office that the place offered sexy books and
videos. Steve had told me that you could even watch a
selection of hard-core videos in the privacy of your
own booth. Tonight, that sounded better than just going
home and wanking off, and I was in no mood for a bar.

Being a devoted pot head, I preferred weed. In fact,
I’d lit another Jay right after leaving the restaurant,
and by now I was feeling the effects of the outstanding
Colombian Gold my connection had scored for me on a
recent trip to Iowa. I quickly lit another and toked
three or four times before putting it out.

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