Thursday , March 30 2023

The Baysitter’s Fantasy comes true

After my wife died I was left with 2 young children. I spent as much time with them as I could, but my job sometimes required that I have dinner, or spend an evening with a client. On these occasions I rely on the neighbour’s 18 year old daughter Katie to babysit for me. Katie is a beautiful young woman, but she is a good friend of the family and I never thought of her as anything other than that before last night.

It was late and I was just getting back from a very long and boring evening with my current client.

“Katie, I’m back.”. When she didn’t answer I figured she had probably fallen asleep. When I got to the living room, I saw why she didn’t answer. On the TV there was a guy with a rather large cock pounding it into a large breasted woman. Katie had obviously discovered the porn on the cable box. I have to remember to set the parental controls on that thing. When I looked over to the sofa, I saw that Katie had also found one of my wife’s old vibrators. She had her skirt hiked up and her thong pulled aside and was driving the vibrator into her wet pussy while watching the hot action on the TV.

“Ahem” I cleared my throat.

“Oh, my God.” Katie screamed. “I’m sorry Mr. D. I didn’t mean to do this. I was just flipping channels and this movie came on and I could take my eyes off it.” She tried to pull her skirt back down to cover herself up.

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