Sunday , May 28 2023

The Belly Riders

After all the waiting, months and months of
preparations and years of training, it was all about to
bare fruit. Aged twenty six, Lorena was about to fulfil
her ambition. Looking though the crowd that seemed to
have materialised from nowhere she watched for the
gates of the compound to open, allowing the contingent
to make its way to the assembly point for the
procession that would start of the first day of Mardi

It was not easy to see from her position, looking
through horse’s legs, people with flamboyant costumes
of flowing material, people with almost nothing on
except a head dress, and at the lead position, the
float, representing the subject that had been chosen by
this school for this year’s procession.

Lorena looked around her at the other participants as
she waited. They were of both sexes and of a variety of
ages. She was not the oldest by a long shot but neither
was she the youngest, there were at least a dozen
girls, aged about ten or twelve, out for their first

Everybody was chatting as they watched for the first
sign that they were on their way. Nobody seemed
nervous, except Lorena, everybody seemed to take it in
their stride, it was to be a lot of fun and if they
should win the coveted first prize for the best float
or costume, well that was a bonus. Primarily this was a
celebration, of life, love and living. They were all
out here to enjoy just that, life love and living.

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