Saturday , June 3 2023

The Big Bang Theory Sex Parody

Now that I had the money, I was able to afford to buy a
new sofa and bed, refrigerator and stove were included.
It was a two bedroom apartment, I might decide to take
in a roommate later.

The lease was reasonable priced and it was a short drive
to the University I worked out. I had a chance to chat
with the previous tenant over coffee. He told me the
elevator had been broken forever, the building had very
good security and the neighbors were nice. Especially
Penny across the hall.

He told me Penny was a sweet girl who worked as a
waitress and was a struggling actress. Sweet, beautiful,
and a little ditzy he said. I was looking forward to
meeting Penny.

It was a new experience living on my own. My friends
thought it was cool that I had my own pad now, the first
out of all of us. They thought I was cool in general. I
guess I am, kind of. At least people think I am. It
helps that they think I’m some stud who’s bagged lots of

The truth is, I’m still a virgin. The only action I’ve
had is my hand.

I’d put a chair under my bedroom door when I jerked off
or my mother would’ve walked in on me. Which she’d had a
habit of doing.

I’d been masturbating since I was eleven years old, I
figured early I loved big-breasted women. If I ever
figure out why I’ll call it “The Big Bust Theory”.

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