Saturday , June 3 2023

The big plumper ass

I was surprised to get a reply from the ad I placed on the net looking for a women who wanted to fuck in front of her husband. I had requested a woman aged from 35 to 50, over weight and not uncomfortable with it.

The reply was short requesting a meet in a hotel in London, I had said when I would be visiting London etc. and the meet was arranged.

When I walked into the hotel bar I saw her straight away sitting at the bar, she was dressed as she said she would be in a knee length skirt, white blouse with her hair down and lots of make up. She was as requested over weight and about 50-ish, with what looked like an enormous pair of tits and a ass that hung over the bar stool on both sides.

The man beside her, her husband I found out later was about 5’10, 50 years or so and skinny. He looked nervous as hell drinking his pint of beer. I walked up and introduced myself to them both, she gave me a big smile but he just shook my hand and said nothing.

After two drinks me and Amelia where getting on fine, she had moved closer to me brushing her knees against me and flirting like mad. We were ignoring the husband completely and he didn’t seem to want to join in the conversation anyway. The talk turned to sex and we became more and more intimate, telling funny sex stories, Amelia was very relaxed now and I couldn’t keep my eyes of her cleavage. When I moved my hand onto her leg she said nothing but moved closer still.

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