Thursday , December 8 2022

The Black Maid

My name is Inice, I’m a 20 year old woman from
Jamaica. My black ancestry mixed with Asian, and eastern
European has been kind of a gift to me. All the girls in
my family have always been beautiful. It’s been that
mixture of the races, that all came together some how –
in a perfect harmony. At any rate, I think that’s why I
got my current job, and at the price I was asking for.

But I think I should have read the small print of
the employment contract a little better. I thought the
job description read “Upstairs Maid” when, in reality,
from the way things turned out it probably should have
read “Made Upstairs.”

I’m telling you the honest truth when I say that
after the first week I spent more time in beds than
making them up. I suppose I should have expected little
else. It was a big family. Seven boys all living at
home, each with an abnormal sexual appetite and a
healthy curiosity. No wonder the employment agency had
such a problem keeping the position filled. I’m sure
most of the girls loved the work but couldn’t keep the
pace. There was always a pair of hot hands pulling you
off into one corner or another and most of the time be-
fore you could say anything your dress was up and your
pants were down and there was a big white dick pumping
its juice into your pussy. The boys would always slip a
five or a ten dollar bill into my apron pocket after-
wards so the job did have some fringe benefits, so to
speak, but the wear-and-tear on even the horniest gal
did take its toll.

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