Thursday , December 8 2022

The Blackmail Begins

I sat at my desk at work one morning, when my phone starts ringing, its a withheld number. I answer it, slightly cautiously, and I am surprised when I here my ex girlfriend’s voice. She sounds quite authorative as she speaks, not starting with any pleasantries. I am listening and can’t believe what I am hearing as she describes how she will phone my wife and tell her I have been having an affair with her. I start to interupt telling her she’d better not, but she just carries on by telling me to get my ass over to her house after work and hanging up.

I sit and worry, thinking about what she said. My new wife has always been a worrier and has been quite self conscious that she doesn’t do as much sexually with me as my ex. I know this would cause problems even if I deny it so decide to go straight over after work, thinking I will talk her out of it.

I turn up on my ex’s door and ring the bell; she opens the door and invites me in then tells me to stand in the middle of her kitchen. She starts making herself a cup of tea and without turning round tells me to strip. I start to object, but think about my wife and the problems she could cause so I quickly take my clothes off, thinking this may appease her.

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