Wednesday , October 5 2022

The Bride and the Taxi-Driver

only been a week since we had been married. It took us the week to settle down in our new apartment that was gifted to us by Ramesh’s father. Ramesh and I were to leave for our honeymoon tomorrow. We had a little bit of shopping left to do before we left. Ramesh went and got the taxi and called me from downstairs. I rushed down as soon as the taxi arrived and we both got in. We told the taxi driver of our destination and we were off.

The taxi-driver was a big guy. He looked huge and took up most of the front seat. I could barely see anything in the front since his huge posture blocked the view. We had been on the road for about ten minutes now and already hit bad traffic. After a while, as me and my husband dear were engrossed in our coochie-coo, the driver turned around and told my husband, “Saahab, aap bahaut naseeb waale ho.”

“Kya matlab?” asked my husband, puzzled at this sudden comment.

“Aapko itni sundar patni mili hai. Bahaut khush naseeb ho saahab.” He replied, grinning.

I could see that my husband had been angered at this, but he didn?t have the guts to say anything, looking at the size of that man sitting in front of us. Finally, I decided to do something.

“Driver! Gaadi roko! Kaise badtameez aadmi ho tum! Sharam nahi aati tumhe?” I said in a voice filled with anger.

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  1. It’s a great story , original by Sunny from London wale
    Great writer

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