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The Camera Loves Me

I become a porno star. You should know that I’m neither
a recovering nymphomaniac nor an amateur easy-after-a-
nymphomaniac. Instead, I’m an ardent, unabashed, full-
fledged, let-it-all-hang-out, celebrating, practicing,
sucking, fucking, raging, roaring, whoring

Mrs. Goddard looks very different out of her lacy see-
through chemise and back in her librarian’s glasses, a
simple navy blue dress with Peter Pan collar, fake
pearls and respectably low heels. She’s no longer Paris
Hilton on steroids, just a very respectable town
librarian “Melody says you might be interested in
making some money.”

“Of course. Who isn’t?” I’m suspicious. “What’s the

It’s two days since the swinger’s party. Mrs. Goddard
has asked me to meet in a coffee shop near my house.
She explains that she’s bought Mr. Haddingham’s
photography studio and is looking for models.

“You would be wonderful” she tells me. “You’ve got this
gorgeous face and your body has really filled out
nicely.” I think it’s not surprising that she’s noticed
my filled-out body since it’s only a couple of days
since she runs her tongue all the way from my filled-
out breasts to my clitoris and back again while the
deputy bank manager fucks her Rockygy-style and her
husband watches. “Have you ever done any modeling,

This doesn’t seem quite the right time to tell her
about the times Julie and I take off our clothes and
fuck and suck for Mr. Haddingham, his friends and their
cameras in the same studio Mrs. Goddard has just taken
over. Anyway, we were young then, and foolish.

“Not really…”

“Would you like to?”

I’m still suspicious. “What sort of modeling? Clothing
or… like nude… that sort of thing?”

Mrs. Goddard opens her hands wide and smiles. She has a
nice smile. Exactly like a librarian in a movie.
“Whatever you’d like, my dear.” She leans over the
table confidentially. “There’s some nice money to be
made modeling clothes for the local stores, of course.”
She pauses significantly. “But the real money’s in


Mr. Haddingham’s studio � now Mrs. Goddard’s studio �
has hardly changed since Julie and I do our modeling

The same lighting grid still covers the ceiling and
lights are still scattered around the floor on black,
metal stands. The same black leather chairs sit in
corners and the same long, black leather couch (now
occupied by two battered teddy bears) covers part of
the thick white carpet. The faux-Chinese screen still
cuts off one corner of the studio. Only the teddy
bears, a copy of Playgirl, a TV, a double bed and two
fading bamboo palms have been added.

I sit on the black leather couch next to Mrs. Goddard
and the teddy bears wearing a thin, silk Chinese robe.
We sip tea and wait for the bra and panty marks to fade
so I can get dressed again. So I can undress again,
this time for the camera, without any marks on my skin.

“Men don’t like the marks” explains Mrs. Goddard as if
revealing classified information. “Another couple of
minutes should do it.” She changes the subject. “I
think men are a bit tired of all those gruesome fuck
films and are looking for something… how can I say…
more tantalizing… more innocent. Don’t you?”

I don’t answer. I’ve never been a man. At this age,
just about all I know about men is that they’re so
simple, so focused on sex, it’s almost impossible for
any intelligent woman to understand them.

Mrs. Goddard sips her tea. “That’s what I’m trying to
give them… lusty, busty innocence… and I think
you’re the perfect girl for it.”

I like the flattery, want more. “Why me? There’s lots
of pretty girls who’ll take their clothes off…”

“I’ve tried others. But they all look and act like
hookers in front of the camera. You look like a horny
virgin… you’ve got this great slim body…” one hand
goes inside my robe to cup a breast “and these amazing
big boobs and nipples.” Her fingers play with my
nipple. “And when you want to, you can act like a
whore. Like at the party. But you still look sweet and
innocent. Every man’s wet dream…” I remember the
words. Melody uses them when she’s getting me ready for
the party, all braids and sexy schoolgirl uniform.
Seems Melody and Mrs. Goddard have been talking.

“Thanks.” I move away from Mrs. Goddard’s hand. This is
not the time to mix pleasure with business. Maybe
later. Maybe if I get really horny making the film. But
I don’t think I will. It’s just work. “And you
guarantee it won’t be sold in North America? Promise?”

Mrs. Goddard crosses her heart. “Absolute guarantee.
Only the Far East. Mostly Japan and Thailand, in fact.”
She considers. “Apparently Asian men love watching
beautiful white girls with enormous boobs take their
clothes off and masturbate.” She puts her tea cup down
on the floor. “Then again, who doesn’t?” She sighs,
doesn’t wait for an answer. “Now, let’s see if the
marks are gone.”

“Wait a minute. What’s this about masturbation? You
want me to…”

Mrs. Goddard nods. “Of course, dear. That’s what they
call the money shot. If you don’t know how to… if
you’ve never done it… I can show you.”

I giggle. “I know how to do it.”

“I’m sure you do, dear. I expect you’re very good at
it.” She sounds like my mother.

“Wow… I haven’t expected this,” An interesting
picture of me flat on my back jerking off in front of a
camera flashes into my mind. “How much? What are you

Mrs. Goddard frowns. It’s like I’m using bad language
in church. “I get a thousand dollars for a half hour.
We’ll split it? Five hundred each.”

Five hundred dollars is a helluval lot of money just
for taking my clothes off and doing what I love doing,
almost every day, in fact. The thought starts to excite
me and I certainly need the money. But if I’m as good
as she says I am, I can probably get more.

“Make it six hundred for me… or I get dressed and go
home.” I tighten the Chinese robe belt.

Mrs. Goddard sighs. “Samantha… Samantha… ok, but
it’s got to be real. No faking.”

“I never fake it. Don’t have to,” I smile proudly.

“All right. Now let’s look for marks.”

I slip the robe off. Mrs. Goddard touches my shoulders
with delicate hands. “Yes… almost gone.” Her hands
cup my breasts. “Nothing here…”, move down to my
waist. “No marks.” One hand touches between my legs and
lingers, maybe testing for interest. “No panty marks.
Thank you for shaving, my dear. Men like that.” One
finger caresses the tip of my clitoris. “I do like your
little pussy… and I think it was such a good idea to
bring Melody’s schoolgirl outfit… you look so sweet
in it.”


Mrs. Goddard directs like the great Spielberg. “We’re
going to do three ten-minute sections. Each time you
wear something different… school uniform… street
clothes… negligee… that sort of thing. But it
always ends the same way. You masturbate and orgasm.

“This is the situation for the first one… you’ve just
come in from school and you’re going to change out of
your uniform into something more comfortable. But
you’re not going to undress immediately. Tease a bit.
Men like that.” She adjusts a light. “Would you rather
look at the camera while I’m shooting… or pretend you
don’t know the camera’s here?”

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