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The chubby babysitter

Since the first night george stayed at sarahs he decided to crash there for a little while since it was winter break and right across the street from 7-11. He would still hang out with his buddies during the day but at night he was usaully getting fucked by sarah, his little brothers old babysitter. They would usually ask questions afterwards about eachother, and then go to sleep. During the day on time zack came over to sarahs apartment to play xbox with george while sarah was working her day job. Zack walked into apartment 69 and saw george laying on the couch playing xbox. ‘Duude this is a sick step up george, whose apartment is this?’ George exited out of the game to play co-op with zack and said ‘oh, I met my old babysitter at the pool and we fucked like crazy’ zacks jaw dropped and was like ‘boyy hook me up, thats awesome.’ George had an idea then said ‘yeah shes a hoe we could probably tag team her haha’ zack got exitced and said ‘dude we actually should thatd be sick’ george said ‘well when she gets back from work ill ask her’ ‘sweeet’. Zack had longish blonde hair and was probably 4 inches taller then goerges 5’11’. They played video games until sarah arrived and then george turned off the xbox and walked over to help with the groceries ‘hey baby thanks for helping with the groceries’ she said. George then replied with a ‘yeah no problem… hey so, my friend is here and, I was thinking he could join in-‘ ‘oh, fuck yes, look at him, of course, as long as I get it up the ass by one of you, haha’ georges eyes widened and said ‘for sure, ok, we will be on the couch’ george went to go sit to the right of zack telling him the good news, but then sarah walked over and said ‘alright boys, stand up, lemme size up your dicks’ they both stood up, both hard. Sarah was wearing a thong, yoga pants, a flanel, a vest and a short bleached ponytail. She walked over and got on her knees and said to zack ‘youre the guest zack, let me take off your pants first’ she undid his belt and his boxers, exposing his 7 inches. Then she looked over towards her left, undid georges belt with her right hand stroking zacks cock and then began to suck on georges. George wrapped his and around her ponytail and rapidly fucked sarahs mouth. The faster he went the faster she jacked zack off, george shoved his cock down her throat making them all moan as she squeezed zacks ball to death. George let go and sarah gasped and started fingering herself while taking a breather. Zack and george took there pants, socks and shirts off and then took sarahs bra off, exposing her D breasts. Zack looked at george and mouthed the words ‘fucking hot’ to george and smiled and george silently replied with another smile. ‘Alright zack’ she said ‘your turn’ she moved her head to the right and started sucking on zacks tight balls. George knelt down on his knee to the left of sarah and started fingering her shaven pussy and rubbing her clit. She reacted by putting her left hand on georges balls and squeezing them very tightly. George kissed her neck and she deepthroated zack which, was much easier then deep throating george. She moaned loudly in response to george rubbing her so well. Her body spasmed and moaned while her mouth was filled with cum by zack, and then spit back out to lubricate his rod. With george still fingering her on there knees, she stood up and grabbed him by the hair, then forcing his tounge down her soaking vagina. She screamed and took zacks cock like a leash leading him over to the front of her so they could exgange tounge. Eventually sarah couldnt hold it in any longer and then broke zacks kiss and orgasmed for george. They where all exhausted and sat on the couch, george off to the right and leaning over with his head againist the arm. They chatted for awhile, sarah stroking georges balls untill he told sarah to ride him reverse cowgirl in the ass. Sarah agreed because she knew they where all going to be a fuck sandwich soon and she was the penut butter. She turned her back to george and squatted on the couch until her ass was filled with his 8 inches. She moaned ‘mmmm baby fuck yeah george, mmm’ and leaned back so her back was on georges abs and his cock was in her asshole. Zack saw his chance and looked sarah in the eyes as he got on top of both of them, ramming his moist cock into sarahs tight pussy ‘OHH. Mmmm daddy YES’ she yelled as she felt both holes filled and george grab her tits. Zacks and georges balls slapped one another as zack fucked sarah in the pussy and george had his cock in her ass. She moan so loud and grabbed her tits which where being held by george and her eyes rolled backwards. Slam slam slam zack went ramming sarah ‘ mmm mm mm yes yes yesssss’. Zack yelled ‘im gonna cum, where should I do it’ sarah responded with a ‘filllll mmyyyy pusssyyy yessss mm yess’ zack stopped balls deep and then had an orgasm. Sarah then got georges cock out of her ass which was also dripping with cum. ‘THAT was the best sex ive ever had and you 2 are even inexpierienced. ‘ she said. She put away the groceries then stuck her hip out to the right and put her hands on her hips and said ‘so whos ready for more me?’

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