Thursday , December 8 2022

The continuing bestiality adventures of Mike and Gabrielle

Mike peered over Gabrielle’s shoulder as they both read
the email. Both were excited beyond words, yet ever
cognizant of the fact that it was still only an email
and that the true test would be in meeting the couple in

Such was usually the case when meeting people through
these internet personals sites. On the screen, this
couple seemed ideal. Both were very attractive and they
seemed to have so much in common. The fact that both
were bisexual was the icing on the cake. Now it was time
to meet them…to take things to the next level.

They’d met other people through these sites
before…some couples, some singles. They were always
cautious, and screened everyone closely before ever
agreeing to meet. In fact, there were more that they
didn’t meet than those they did. For the most part
they’d always been fairly successful. Over the years
they’d had some really good times and shared in some
experiences most others only fantasize about.

For both Mike and Gabrielle, it was merely an extension
of their existing relationship. Both were very
comfortably bi, and open-minded in all things sexual.
They’d tried just about everything, and for the most
part enjoyed it all. Both had been in ‘straight’
monogamous relationships in the past. Both had been
married before. Somehow they seemed to discover each
other and nothing had been the same since.

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