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THE DARKNESS : With My Colleague

It was 2 am in the morning; the air was nice and cold with the cool breeze blowing through the French windows of my hotel room. The moonlight was ample and it was giving the room a nice appearance. I lit a cigarette and blew against the breeze. Through the moonlight I saw her lying down on the bed, totally nude with her wrists tied behind the back, with a white rope. She was fair with a nice pair of buttocks. I smiled as I smoked thinking about the intense amount of teasing and torture I had given her all throughout the evening, her screams,

Her begging were all coming back to me and I was smiling more. She was my prey for the night. And for me the darkness had just begun. She was a nice and simple girl, her name was Ruhi, and was my co-worker but it was more like I was the boss to begin with. Even though I was the boss (team leader for the sales Group) I was often the shy one. I used to be good to my team but there was heaps missing in me as a leader, until that day. Ruhi walked in for the interview, as a part of the selection process I was interviewing members for my team.

I studied Ruhi, she was confident and had the exact opposite personality than mine. She was a bit tall, was wearing a business shirt and a skirt, wearing glasses. At first I found her unattractive but later I could see her curves, her fair skin, and her ample breasts, which complimented her tall figure perfectly. I gave her the job and warned her that her advancement within the company was solely based on her performance. She started the job the very same week.

And her performance would get better every day. A point came when she was the most outstanding of them all. I used to observe her everyday with great curiosity. She smiled whenever she were in the office her lovely brown eyes would tinkle, she was in love with the job. Couples of months down the line she received a promotion which had her being more closer to me every time of the day. I must admit that I felt a bit overshadowed by her presence,

I had no friends It was just my job and me. I used to come back home cook for myself, sip a drink and go to bed. One fine morning she came to the office and had bought me some coffee. She had dressed like an angel and the air was filled with her perfume. While sipping coffee she just spoke out of turn, “you know Neel, you have a very quiet personality for a guy in Sales” I was Just taken aback by the sudden conversation and replied” excuse me. Yeah” She replied” all this time I never see you talk anything except work

Seen no friends , heard no calls Its just that you are totally shut “ . I was surprised with the depth of her analysis, and just stammered back” I, I, I don’t feel that way, I am totally not the way you think I am” Ruhi replied “ Well It might be, But I do sense a kind of darkness within you, Its just that you are holding something back in your mind, which is not nice” Me” What do you mean by not nice ?” Ruhi “Well I just feel that everyone has desires which are pursued , maybe your desires are different than others “ “ anyways lets not get too serious about this, why don’t we have lunch together”

Ruhi and me we were sitting in the café near the office in the afternoon, having a nice lunch together, she asked me about my life, which in my records was pretty bland, She asked me about girlfriends which I had none, then she boldly asked me about sex, and I was more uncomfortable discussing with her , I just replied with a straight face “ No”. “ What do you do to get excited?” I said nothing . She was being really nice to me that day, and I was automatically getting close to each other, and she then said “ If you have anything

And I mean Anything at all please tell me , you promise ?? , I smiled shyly and just nodded. She was quick to change the topic and just said “ Why don’t we shop tomorrow “ and I just agreed , I don’t know why , but I just did. Next day we met at the mall near our place, she was dressed rather provocatively with clothes that actually showed her beautiful curves, I had started to notice her ample breasts and a nice bubble butt, Although I was more turned on by her visible panty band which was black in color.

We roamed around , I purchased some groceries for my home, she was clothes shopping couple of times she would just hold my arm or her breast would accidently brush against me, I could feel something aggravating inside me something which was making me want her. She finally entered a lingerie shop and was casually looking at some designer underwear, I just signaled that I would wait outside , but she signaled back for me to come in. She was grabbing a pair of thongs that were pink, blue and orange and asked for my opinion.

I was surprised, but just went with the flow. But I pointed at black . She smiled and went in the change room and came back and paid at the counter, she just said “It fits beautifully and also looks Sexy”I was getting all sorts of mixed signals from her which were driving me crazy day by day, I was afraid to ask her out, she was totally my opposite and I guess she felt that way but the way she flirted often, made my blood boil, I soon found myself lusting for her , the next day she came to my cabin and just asked “ How do I look ?”

I am wearing the Underwear I bought yesterday”, she pulled down her skirt a little to reveal her black thong , I just spurted “ good .. you Look good” “ Cmon Neel, I think I look great” That was the night when I masturbated for the first time thinking about her, I was getting obsessed with her , My life was at a standstill , I just wanted her more than anything , her angel like body and unraveling sex appeal was very well making me a person that I was not. Everyday in the office I used to stare at her unintentionally , just admiring her, she seemed to notice my uncanny advances but did not complain.

My mind was filled with images that I had created imagining her naked. I just wanted her , no matter what. I was sitting one day in the office, she walked past. I just asked her to sit before me and said” Ummm .. Ruhi, I just wanted to say something to you” “ Yes” she replied “ Ruhi, Its been almost a year that We know each other professionally, but I also do wish to know you more, Is it alright if I can ask you out sometime? Ruhi smiled and her smile turned to laughter “you can’t be serious Neel,

I am not your type and anyways I have a long time boyfriend with whom I am Committed But, but “ I said We used to gel good together, You took me out for lunch, Showed me your Lingerie, I just thought..” She Interrupted “Well it was just flirting, Honey , you don’t need to be all serious about it, You will be just fine Keep it simple we are friends and that’s all we can be “. She left the cabin and was out with some of my colleagues,

I could see her pointing towards my cabin and giggling and others also joined in the fun, for the next couple of hours all I was listening to laughter and petty jokes that were passed on, the entire office came to know of what I had asked for and how was Ruhi’s reaction to the entire episode. I was embarrassed and heartbroken. I couldn’t believe myself, I took the day off and just went to my shell. I realized that I was toyed with ,

She looked so pretty and nice on the outside but she was just a flirt , and considered me as a toyfriend. I came home sulked on the sofa and just got my drink . I was feeling a mixed reaction of being angry, embarrassed and ashamed. I trusted her since she was nice to me, If she would have flirted normally it would have been acceptable, but the way she flirted as a slut, Was Unacceptable to me , and I decided that she will pay , She will pay for it . I kept my glass down and lit the cigarette.

I stayed away from the office for the next one week, wasn’t picking up calls, Mostly stayed in my house shopping on the internet for stuff. I received so many calls. I searched for a new job and applied and received a confirmation for the same. I was planning a nice send off party for me and my friends Especially Ruhi, I was getting crazy day by day, thinking of a plan a strategy to exploit the bitch. I sent my resignation to my office. I received a call from Ruhi asking me about my resignation “Neel, Why are you resigning your job, Is it because of what I said the other Day”

I replied “Maybe, But I never loved anyone like you before, So its not easy for me to take the Rejection” Neel, Please.. Don’t do that” “ Just come back” I replied “ Well can you meet me this weekend, at my place, Just a few drinks , and I will leave the next day” Ruhi just said “ ok, I’ll be there “The plan was set for the night, revenge was the pick of the day. I had ordered heaps of stuff from the internet, ropes , equipment for torture, bought a nice suite at a posh hotel which could easily accommodate atleast 10 people. Placed it on a fake name and address.

I received a call from Ruhi in the evening, on the place to meet . I told her the name of the restaurant and the hotel in which we would meet, She replied” but we were supposed to meet at your place right” I just said “Change of Plans” . She came over with couple of her friends . I bought them drinks and we all had a nice dinner, she enquired about my new job , but I replied that it wasn’t decided as yet where the location would be.

I could see her wearing a nice skirt and a black top , and was cheerfully having her drink. The way she smiled almost made me forgive her for everything, but the humiliation came over again and I decided against it It was 9 pm and some of her friends were starting to get anxious about their early work , some left early as well, Ruhi just turned over to me and we were all alone “see Neel, No hard feelings buddy, You just are not my type, You never were, Its just that you were senior to me and this job has been really important , I admit that I flirted and flirted inappropriately

But hey, I have to get promoted as well “ I was Astonished to how frankly she was speaking about it, I guess it was the booze . I just nodded in agreement and changed the topic now that we were alone “ Should I get You a last drink” She thought for a while “ Screwdriver, With 45 ml vodka” I nodded and went to the bartender I got the drink and spiked her drinks with a drop of ecstasy, A drug which I had bought from a guy I knew. She had the drink and halfway through, she started acting funny,

I asked for the bill and in the meantime she finished her glass, and was way out of control. I Just took her upstairs with me, which she didn’t realize. I opened the room with my key and she just sunk on the couch and passed out 11 pm … I just got some water in a glass and threw it on her face she gasped and opened her eyes, “ Where am I ? “ She said, I replied “ Well, Ruhi. You had been passed out since the last 2 hours, so I took the privilege of taking your clothes off and tying you to the bed “What ??” She gasped in horror

As she looked down on herself as she was stark naked with her glistening pussy lips completely exposed to me , her firm and round breast with pink areolas were standing proudly “ You bastard “ she screamed” What the hell are you doing to me ? “ I smiled coyly “ Well simply putting it , I am just taking the humiliation that you and your friends imposed on me and projection it back to you, Just 100 times more intense “ She was writhing and twisting herself trying to get free from the ropes that were spreading her eagle style on the bed , but was unsuccessful,

The ropes that I had got were specially designed for bondage and wouldn’t leave marks on her hands or feet , “ What are you going to do to me , you son of a bitch” “ I just said “ The plan is to tease you, torture you, and humiliate you. “ for the first time I could see a sense of fear in her eyes , I moved closer and grabbed her cheeks roughly , so that her mouth would open up and I tied a belt on her mouth which would stop her from screaming .

Now the fear was building up and I could sense it through the drops of perspiration rolling down her head , she tried to scream, she tried to break loose , but she couldn’t do anything . I took out the stuff from my bag in front of her , a big enema pump, a dildo , a butt plug. I could see her starting to cry and her pretty face getting all red due to embarrassment. I took out an injection and said “ well this is a sex serum, it would release so many hormones in your body that you will start dripping from your pussy , and you will

Beg to be fucked” she watched with big eyes and just screamed as soon as the needle pricked her ass, the serum was inside her I went to the bathroom and washed my hands and my face I could still see her twisting and turning on the bed, five minutes past , I could see her nipples harden up and her pussy showing some wetness and the angry eyes were becoming calmer. She was slowly reaching an orgasm without being touched , I Inserted my finger in her pussy and the sticky juices clung to my finger as I removed it out .

She was wriggling and gasping as I increased the pace of my finger ,it was making a funny sound due to the amount of wetness it had in it. She was arching her back making sure that she was taking my entire finger inside her . I whipped out my cock and started rubbing her cunt. Something struck me , and I took the enema pump, hung the big bottle attached to the small pipe, to the headboard , it looked something like a glucose bottle , only difference being that the pipe was a bit thicker. The bottle was filled with a saline soap solution which was non foaming, specially designed for enema.

I hung the bottle loosened the clasp and a small slow stream of the solution came out. I took some KY jelly on my finger and applied some on the tube , using my finger I nicely applied it in her anus, and slowly pushed the tube in her asshole, she screamed , but her voice was muffled by the belt , tears started rolling down her eyes as I pushed the tube almost 10 inches inside her anus, I unclamped the tube and the liquid started flowing from the bottle into her ass.

I could feel her face was blushing due to embarrassment and pain . I kept the cock on her pussy and shoved it all the way. I was fucking the brains out of her. My cock was sliding in and out of her lubricated bald pussy and since there was the tube inside her ass, it was making her pussy even tighter. I could feel her stomach tighten because of the liquids going inside her . my cock was balls deep inside her making her even tough to hold the liquid filling up her ass, she was making her ass tighter so that the liquid does not gush out, and due to that her pussy was becoming even more tight.

I fucked her for almost 15 mins and I could feel the tension in my balls. With one stroke I removed the belt from her mouth, and she screamed a bit , her face was all red with embarrassment and humiliation , I shoved my cock inside her throat , and clamped her nose with my thumb and index finger. I was gushing cum in her throat . I told her to swallow it , she had no choice. I could see the movement on her throat, as she swallowed the thick juice , I left her nose and mouth and she gasped and coughed and started crying “ why, are you doing this to me ?”

She said crying out loudly. “ I said well, I haven’t started yet , I am gonna torture you more , you slut, you inflicted emotional pain on me and I am going to inflict physical pain “ I put the belt back on her mouth . and just started pulling the pipe out of her ass. She stared at me in horror and started moving her head telling me not to do it I pulled it out and I could hear a muffled scream maybe she was telling me her ass is full with the liquid. I untied one of her hand took it behind her back and untied the other and tied both of them behind her back.

I went to the bathroom and got an empty bucket. Then I turned to her and untied her feet I grabbed her roughly and made her walk to the bucket, She was walking in a funny way clamping her butt very tightly, small drops of the liquid trickling down her thighs she was red with embarrassment . I made her sit on the bucket and came in front of her and told her to let go. She looked at me and moved her head sideways Implying that she wont, I just said

If you don’t I will make sure you do” She started crying and all I could hear was a muffled please don’t . I went behind her and spread her ass cheeks to reveal her pink butthole. She started crying more loudly but was tightening her anal muscles even more. I started massaging her asshole to make it even weaker, but she didn’t . Then I took my middle finger and rubbed some KY jelly on it and slowly pushed it all the way in till I could feel the liquid, she screamed and I could hear her saying not to take the finger out. I pulled out the finger in one go.

The liquid started gushing out of her ass, as if she was suffering from diahorrea , the liquid had now turned brown, and was foamy. I could hear her screaming as she passed out all the liquid in her ass , it could have been easily around 2 litres of liquid and once it was all out, I was still staring at her face and she had closed her eyes crying uncontrollably, she let out couple of wet farts , which made her embarrassed even more. I smiled at her and said “ do you know what this means, Your ass is ready to be fucked.”

I took her to the bed and my cock had got an erection in the meantime , I made her come in Rockygy style and kept the tip of my cock on her ass and pushed with all might, her ass was very clean and my cock was going real deep inside her , she was crying and I was pumping her ass very deep indeed , my cock was balls deep and her ass was gaping a little. I could sense that she wanted it deeper , Since as soon as I stopped my rhythm she would arch her ass in to and fro motion fucking herself with my well lubricated cock ,

I lifted her and made her sit on top and pushed the cock inside her and before I knew it she was moving up and down fucking every inch of my cock, as I was playing with her clit, she increased her speed after some 10 mins and I pinched her clit and she started cumming uncontrollably, I removed the belt from her mouth and I could hear , “ Give it to me, Give me your cum” I again clamped her nose and shoved the cock deep and came again I could see her swallow. She gasped for breath

I took the big dildo which was lying next to us and signaled her to squat in front of me the dildo was 14 inches long and 4 inches wide I made her sit on the dildo and she slowly sat, I applied some force and the tip was Inside her ass, Now she was high on sex and her ass started gulping the monster dildo up till almost 8 inches she was moaning and making erotic sounds , I also took the vibrator and placed it on full speed on her pussy , now she was enjoying the vibrator In her bald cunt and the monster in her anus .

I pushed her shoulder and she sat on the dildo completely engulfing the entire 14 inches her mouth was wide open as the 14 inches went in. she started flowing like a river from her pussy as she orgasmed for the 4th time or so. Ruhi Passed out on the bed and in no time she was asleep. It was 2 am in the morning; the air was nice and cold with the cool breeze blowing through the French windows of my hotel room. The moonlight was ample and it was giving the room a nice appearance. I lit a cigarette and blew against the breeze.

Through the moonlight I saw her lying down on the bed, totally nude with her wrists tied behind the back, with a white rope. She was fair with a nice pair of buttocks. I smiled as I smoked , thinking about the intense amount of teasing and torture I had given her all throughout the evening, her screams, her begging were all coming back to me and I was smiling more. My plan was only half done so far , I started cleaning up the room removing any traces of my existence , I rubbed everything with a cloth that I had touched the entire evening.

I called the reception to get me a cab , in exactly an hour and a half. I took all the sex toys , and took everything that belonged to me. The room was booked on none other than Ruhi’s name and so was the address. I wore a sweater and dark glasses and a false beard so no one would recognize me. The staff at the reception would feel that I was a guest. I had all my luggage from my rented apartment in the closet. I took some LSD, that I had got illegally from a supplier and injected it in Ruhi,

Making sure I don’t overdose her. I kept all the illegal drugs that I had and kept them in her purse . I looked around and everything was in Place, I untied her hands and checked her body for any bruise or signs of Molestation , there were none. The only sex she had the entire night was willingly , but I did not take any chances , her pussy was well lubed so that it does not bleed. The phone rang, My taxi had arrived, I kissed her forehead and looked at her, and said Goodbye.

I got into the cab, the reception was very sleepy to have even noticed, and my luggage was in the trunk. And I reached the station, where my train was supposed to arrive in about 20 mins . Before boarding I called the police and reported a possible drug Pervert Exploit, gave the address and the room number of the hotel, my train arrived and I boarded and left for my destination. Never heard from Ruhi again, ever. I just read it in the papers that she was arrested , with charges of drug Pervert Exploit and suspected prostitution. But was released since police did not find suitable evidence, and they are still searching for the guy .. called Neel.

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