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The First Sex Timer

Brianna shut her locker door with a slight slam, and shouldered her bag which contained all of her books. It was that stupid Brendan again! He was always getting in her way, and teasing her. What did he know? She thought angrily, and headed off towards her next class as the bell rang. Brendan passed her by on the way, and slapped her in the butt. She ignored him.

It was the end of the school day. Brianna got in her car, and turned on the ignition. Right before she switched to drive, the passenger’s door opened. It was Brendan. “What the hell do you want?” Brianna flared. “Just shut up and drive,” commanded Brendan. There was something in his voice that demanded that she listen to him. She opened her moue to retaliate, but then closed it, thinking better. “where do you want to go?” she snapped. Her patience was getting shorter and shorter by the second. “the nearest hotel.” Brianna had a slight idea as to what he was planning, but shoved e idea that Brendan wanted to fuck her out of her mind.

Maybe he just wanted to pick somebody up there. They drove five blocks to a crappy hotel on the roadside, and Brendan checked in. “Come on,” he said. “Come with me.” Brianna tossed her long, auburn hair and followed with a mumph. Her large breasts bounced slightly as she walked. For a millisecond, she thought she saw the good-looking Brendan glance at them, but it was too quick to really be sure. He shoved card key to unlock the door. There was a master bed, and it was an overall large room. Brianna gaped. “How the he’ll did you afford this?!” Brendan just smirked his good toothed smile, and indicated for her to come over to him.

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