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The First Time couples introduction and first experience in swinging.

The cool air washed over my body as I stepped out of the shower When I looked in the bathroom mirror, I noticed that the cooler air had

caused my nipples to harden. I ran my fingers over my nipples and felt a quick jolt of pleasure flow through my body. Was it the cool air, or the excitement

I had felt all day, or for that matter all week! Tonight was to my husband

Bill’s and my first visit to a an off-premise swing club located in a city

close to where we lived.

Bill and I had been talking about investigating the swinging

lifestyle for months. We had picked up several swinging contact

magazines and read what little information other magazines had printed

on the lifestyle and had finally decided to take the leap and find out what

it was all about.

As I stood looking at my body in the mirror, I recalled the one

single event that had finally motivated us to go further than just talking

about it. It came when a couple we had been friends with for years, Tom

and Nancy, admitted over drinks one evening two weeks ago that they had

been in the lifestyle for several years. They went on to say that they did

not discuss it openly with many of their non-swinging friends because few

were open-minded enough to accept such an alternative lifestyle. Bill and

I smiled at each other when we heard that remark, remembering the few

times we had discussed such things with close friends and the shocked

looks we had recieved from them as a result.

When I heard that remark, I tried to keep from being surprised by

their admission myself. Tom and Nancy had been good friends but I

would never have thought they were swingers. While both quite

attractive, they did not look anything like what I thought “swingers”

would look like. Their wholesome good looks reminded me more of the

local PTA organizers than a couple involved in this kind of lifestyle.

When I made a remark to them about that, they smiled and said that the

people in swinging were a cross section of society: rich, poor, young, old,

beautiful, not so beautiful, and everything in between.

Tom and Nancy went on to explain that swinging was not right for

most couples. In general, they said, many couples did not have the

communication skills necessary for such a lifestyle. Besides that, most

couples could not handle such things as jealousy and performance anxiety

common in many beginning couples. They went on to say that it takes a

very special couple to handle the unique emotional and relationship

issues of the lifestyle. They explained that many couples try to get started

in the lifestyle for all the wrong reasons. Those couples that were usually

the happiest, and most successful, did not get started in swinging to fix

something wrong in their relationship, rather to make it better by adding to


Tom and Nancy further explained the positive effect swinging had

had in their relationship. How they felt closer than they had before, the

increase level of excitement that it brought to their “private”, as they

called it, sex life, and the close friends that it had brought into their lives.

As the evening wore on, they said that it was clear that we had some

interest in swinging and that if, after discussing what we had heard, we

wished to explore it further, to let them know and they would help us meet

some other couples in the lifestyle.

Discuss it we did! It seemed that was all we talked about for the

next week or so. Finally, one night I came out and asked Bill if he wanted

to go ahead and find out more, to take Tom and Nancy up on their offer to

help us. The answer was the an enthusiastic yes, as if there was any

doubt, and I have to admit my level of enthusiasm was at least as great as


A phone call to our mentors, Tom and Nancy, quickly followed, and they suggested we accompany them to an off-premise social club, The

Chariot, that swingers attended on weekends. Nancy explained to me that

it was a low pressure atmosphere that we would enjoy. It would give us

an opportunity to meet some other couples without any pressure to

participate in any way. She assured us that if we decided that the lifestyle

was not right for us that we would have a good time and they would enjoy

our company. We agreed on the following Saturday and made plans to

meet them for dinner before going to the club.

The phone lines burned between our house and Tom and Nancy’s

during the following week. It seemed as if we had a hundred questions to

ask. All of them were answered with the paitence of a couple of old pros

at the swinging game. Nancy explained to me one evening, after I had

apologized for all the questions, that our questions and concerns were

typical, and expected, and that there was no reason to apologize for


One question in particular had me concerned, as silly as I admit it

was, what to wear? Nancy suggested a shopping trip and we hit the malls.

Her suggestions were quite valuable and I finally began to feel like I was

ready for this expedition into the world of swinging.

Meanwhile the phone lines were not the only thing burning. The

sheets of our marital bed were a little toasty as well. Our lovemaking had

not been this intense, or frequent, since our honeymoon. We wondered if

this was what Tom and Nancy were talking about. When I mentioned it to

Nancy during our shopping trip, she simply smiled and said that we hadn’t

seen anything yet, wait until we experienced the “after”, it would be even

better than the “before” that we were now going through.

I smiled to my reflection in the mirror, recalling that comment as I

continued my preparations for our night out. I applied my make-up, using

a little more than is usual for me, fixed my hair and began to get dressed.

I couldn’t help but occasionally rub my still hard nipples or slide my hand

across my ass and slightly excited pussy. The combination of excitement

and nervousness was running rampant through my body as I got ready.

When I was finally done I checked myself in the full length mirror

in our bedroom. Not bad for a 34 year old mother of two, I said to myself.

The outfit that Nancy and I had so carefully planned was a total success, I

thought. I was wearing a a black silk teddy with sphagetti straps and a T-

back which prominently displayed my firm, medium sized tits. I had

topped off my outfit with a miniskirt, garter belt and hose, and 4 inch

heels. I had wanted to have a sophisticated yet naughty look and I think

the outfit had achieved those expectations to the fullest. I especially liked

the way the silk rubbed against my breasts and kept my nipples hard,

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