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The humiliation of a couple – A very erotic tale

“What happened Raj? Are you ok?” Payal asked her husband in her sweet voice.

“I am fine sweetheart,” he said, “Its just that I am stressed because of some work related issues.”

“I have never seen you so worried before” Payal said as she hugged him. He didn’t reply.

Raj looked nervous, rather obviously nervous. He was sweating and trembling. He looked at the innocent face of his beautiful wife while his mind was racing how to protect her from the “situation” they were in. Payal was completely unaware of what was going to happen to them.

Raj had married payal 2 years ago. He had a small business, but recently he was facing a difficult time. He had suffered heavy losses and his entire property was at stake.

Suddenly they heard a violent knock at the door. Raj panicked.

“Payal, I’ll go and see who is there. You don’t come out of this room, ok?” he instructed.

Payal nodded and he went and answered the door. His worst fear had come true. Roy stood there with his gang smiling at Raj and his helplessness.

“Please” Raj begged, “Gimme a few more days, I’ll return your money”

Roy pushed him aside roughly and entered his house and sat down on a sofa holding a gun in his hand. His men followed him into the house. Raj followed him and knelt before him.

“How would you possibly return my money, pretty boy? You don’t have a penny to your name, this house is mortgaged, basically you are totally broke. So is money going to rain down from the sky tomorrow?” Roy asked.

“I’ll manage somehow…but please don’t hurt me” he begged.

“I have a better idea” Roy said, “You may not have money, but perhaps something else of value”

Raj looked confused.

“By the way, where is Payal bhabhi? Won’t she make us a cup of tea? You guys really gotta learn how to treat guests” Roy spoke in an amazingly gentle tone.

“Please leave her out of this. I borrowed your money, I will return it no matter what it takes” Raj begged.

“No matter what it takes?” Roy chuckled as he repeated Raj’s words, “How about I put a bullet though your head right now?”

“No please” Raj said, “Killing me won’t get you your money”

“Maybe not, but I’ll get your lovely wife” Roy winked at Raj, “And you would die in vain”

Roy was smiling confidently at Raj. He placed his foot on the Raj’s shoulder and ordered, “Call her, right now”

Raj called out her name loudly. Payal walked out the room and he legs froze instantly to see a gang of men in thier house one of them holding a gun and her husband kneeling in front of him.

“Ahh there she is” Roy said with excitement, “Come here, lovely lady”

Payal walked towards him with reluctant steps. Roy made her sit down next to him and placed his hand around her slim waist. She was wearing a satin night gown, her voluptuous body looked very sexy in it.

“Ask your good-for-nothing husband, why I am here” Roy said to Payal.

Raj raised his head and his eyes met Payal’s. He had to tell her the truth now.

“I am sorry Payal” he said, “I suffered heavy losses in business and I needed money, I could not get that much money from legitimate sources so I approached the loan sharks”

“I am glad you did” Roy said staring at Payal’s full breasts, making her uncomfortable. Then he put his arms around her and pulled her towards him and said, “Here is the deal bhabhi, either I shoot him in the head and then we brutally gangMolestation you, or you be nice and co-operate with me, I’ll just do a little hanky panky with you and I’ll let this prick live. Make your choice and be quick about it.”

All this was too sudden for the poor girl. She had no clue that her husband that taken money from these guys.

“I’ll do as you say” she said as she began to cry.

“Sweet” Roy said, “Please make yourself comfortable and sit on my lap”

“No” Raj shouted, “Please dont do this to my wife”

“Shut up” Roy growled shoving the barrel of the gun into his mouth, “Speak one more words and your brains will be all over the floor”

Payal got very scared and sat on his lap. She was trembling in fear. Roy sat down comfortably on the couch with Payal on his lap and he used kneeling Raj as a footrest.

“What a shame” he said wiping Payal’s tears, “This lovely woman will have to suffer because of you. You are such a failure Raj, so incompetent.” Then he looked at Payal and asked her, “Does he fuck well, or is he a loser in bed too?”

Payal didn’t answer. She just hung her head in shame. Roy sharply pinched her thigh and said, “When I ask a question, I need an answer. I won’t be nice to both of you for too long if such recalcitrance continues.”

“So, does he fuck you well?”

“Yes” she answered.

“So you like being fucked?”

She was too ashamed to answer this question, but she was afraid. “Yes” she said.

“Really? In which holes have you been fucked before?” Roy asked

“In my pussy”

“Only pussy? Did you never suck him?”

“I don’t like such things…please…don’t ask me such questions…”

“You are in no position to tell me what to do. This ain’t a toy gun I am holding i my hand.” Roy spoke in a stern voice.

“So your ass is still a virgin?”

“yes” she gasped.

Roy smiled and said, “I will fix that. Tell me how he fucks you, describe in detail.”

“F..ffirst he undresses me, then he…I can’t” she cried.

“You have to” he said grabbing her face in one hand, “For the next 2 minutes you talk continuously, and tell me every detail about how you get fucked. If you pause even for more than 2 seconds, I will kill him, and your time starts now”

A chill ran down her spine, and she just convinced herself that she just had to do this if she wanted her husband alive, she began to speak immediately, “He undresses me, he makes me lie down on the bed, then we do some foreplay where he kisses me, squeezes my breasts and sucks my nipples…and licks my pussy” she paused for a second to gather words, and continued hurriedly, “that makes my pussy wet, so he puts his dick in my pussy and begins so fuck me, sometimes he inserts a finger in my ass, he also plays with my breasts to arouse me more, and then when he cums he withdraws…”

Roy started laughing hearing her story and said, “You haven’t even been talking for a minute and he came already? Bhabhi, you need a real man to fuck you would would last at least more than half a minute. His men were laughing too.

“Is your cunt hairy?” he asked.

“No” she answered.

“You know I don’t like these one word replies. Answer in complete sentences please”

“No, my pussy is not hairy. I shave it everyday”

“How big are these tities?” he said as he was gently stroking her breasts.

“36C” she answered in shame.

“How big are your nipples?” he asked looking straight into her eyes.

Payal was feeling extremely humiliated. She suddenly broke down and began to cry uncontrollably.

“Poor girl” Roy said, “Do one thing, slap him, and slap real hard.”

Payal was shocked to hear that. How could she slap her husband?

“Would you slap him or like him dead instead?” Roy spoke in a threatening tone. He put the gun to Raj’s head.

“Payal, please do as he says” Raj said.

She then slapped him lightly.

“Slap harder, he is responsible for whatever is going to happen to you.”

She slapped him again, this time harder.

“Good, now give him a hard kick in the balls” Roy ordered. He forced Raj to spread his knees, and made Payal kick him in the balls a multiple times. Raj groaned in pain.

Both Raj and Payal were crying by now. Roy didn’t care about Raj, but he hugged Payal from behind gently squeezing her breasts as he spoke, “Save your tears for worse things honey, this is only the beginning”

“Tie him and collar him” Roy commanded one of his men.

He tied Raj’s hands behind his back and put a Rocky collar around his neck and gave the leash to Roy. Roy smiles to see a defeated kneeling Raj.

“You are going to be my Rocky, get it? Now show me how you can bark” Roy teased Raj.

When Raj did respond, Roy once again put the gun to his head.

“Bow, bow” Raj said in fear, while the other men laughed. Payal was shattered by this humiliation.

“Good Rockygie, now shove your head up your wife’s nighty and take off her panties with your teeth” Roy ordered.

He grabbed Payal from behind and ordered her to raise her nightgown in front of her humiliated husband and 5 other men. She slowly raised it up to her knees, and Raj shoved his head in and began to pull her panty down with his teeth. Roy hit her ankles with his feet from the inner side to make her open her legs slightly while he continued groping her breasts. Raj slowly pulled her panties down till they gathered around her ankles.

“Now bhabhi, pick up your panties and stuff them into this Rockygie’s mouth” he ordered her.

As she bent to pick them up he roughly groped her ass that was now covered only by her nighty. He insinuated his fingers between her ass crack and rubbed her asshole from over the nightgown. Tears were continuously flowing from her eyes and she stuffed her painties into her husband’s mouth.

“Wonderful!” Roy said, “You both are obeying me so well, let me give you a little chance to love each other”

Payal and Raj both looked at him unable to understand what exactly he meant.

“Payal bhabhi, lie down here on the couch, raise your night gown till your waist and spread your legs as you do for your husband” he told Payal.

Payal was too ashamed to open her legs in front of so many strangers.

“If I do it, I am going to be very rough” Roy warned.

She reluctantly lied down, exposed her pussy and ass and opened her legs slightly. He skin was burning in shame.

“You can do better” Roy said, “Open wider please, and rest assured, the more easily you offer yourself to us, the less pain we will cause you”

She was too ashamed to obey him.

Roy sighed, “You gotta do everything yourself these days” he grabbed her legs and opened them roughly, and he opened the much wider than she herself had. Not just that, he sharply flexed her legs onto her stomach that exposed her most private holes to the everyone present in the room. Payal was so ashamed, she wished she had died before this.

“Keep them this way or I shoot your husband. And hold your pussy lips apart.” Roy shouted. He was beginning to get annoyed because of the number of times he was forced to repeat this sentence. He made a mental note to make this bitch suffer for her resistance. As a punishment, he called his men to have a closer look at her exposed holes, humiliating her even more.

“Wow, look how she is holding her pussy lips apart to give us a good view, she my really love showing off her holes” one of them commented.

Payal cried aloud in helplessness, but didn’t take close her legs coz he was afraid of losing her husband.

“Now lover Rockygie boy” he said grabbing Raj’s hair, “Lick her cunt and make it wet for real men to fuck her, and don’t remove that panty from your mouth”

Raj was extremely humiliated being forced to prepare his wife to be fucked by other men, but he had no choice. It was going to be hard for him to lick her with her panty stuffed in his mouth.

Raj grabbed his head and forcibly put his mouth on Payal’s trimmed pussy. The panty that was forced in his mouth was wet with his saliva already, his tongue rubbed against that panty every time he flicked it across her pussy, with every little movement of his lips and jaw, the panty got squeezed in his mouth pushing his saliva mixed with her juices into his throat.

Despite the humiliation, her husband’s tongue on her pussy was making her wet. She moaned involuntarily several times. Roy had forced her to hold her pussy lips apart, opening up more sensitive tissue to her humiliated husband’s tongue.

Within minutes, her love juices began oozing out of her pussy. Roy pulled Raj away by the leash and stared at Payal enjoying her condition. The poor woman was lying there completely naked below her waist with her legs wide open, pussy lips held apart and displaying an oozing hole. The trail of her wetness went right upto her asshole.

“Great bhabhi, you look delicious and desperate” Roy said, “Now you may please yourself”

Payal looked at him in horror as he was asking her to masturbate in front of so many strangers. But she was helpless and also desperate. She started rubbing her clit.

“Wait a minute bhabhi” one of Roy’s men said, “Let me get you in a more comfortable position”

Roy simply smiled has he knew what Rohit was about to do. Rohit made her lie down on the couch with spread open legs, raise her nighty till her waist and took her boobs out of it. Her huge 36 C boobs popping out of her nighty, with exposed ass and wet dripping pussy, she looked like a desperate slut.

“Perfect” Roy said, “Now please put up a good show for us bhabhi”

Payal started rubbing her clit with one finger. A lot of invoulntariy moans escaped her mouth. Roy whispered something in Zeeshan’s ears, and they both smiles.

Payal was sweating, moaning and shivering as she experienced carnal pleasure. She involuntarily started rubbing her nipple to get mroe pleasure. Roy pulled her hand away and said, “Let me help you”

He started rubbing her boobs while Rohit was stroking her thighs. Soon her body convulsed in orgasm, as she squeezed her legs tightly. When she opened her eyes, she cried in shame.

“Done?” Roy asked.

“yes” she said.

“Shameless slut, we just saw how you came like a bitch in heat. I was talking to Zeeshan. Done?”

“Yes” he grinned and showed him the video he had been recording, or Payal masturbating and two men other than her husband were squeezing her boobs and ass. Payal was shocked to realize that he had recorded it using her phone.

“Great now send to video to all her contacts and write a message with it – My husband is a wimp who doesn’t satisfy me, so I keep fucking other men. I am a cock hungry slut. You are invited for a free fuck”

“NOOO” Payal screamed, “please don’t ruin my life like this, please…I’ll do anything you say, please don’t send the video.”

Roy ignored her and said to Manish, “Go and buy a lot of condoms, I am sure a lot of her contacts might wan to take up the offer”

Payal fell on her knees before Roy. She was so afraid that she didn’t even care to put her boobs back in the nighty. A woman with boobs popping out of her clothes and who just had a shameless orgasm in front of all of them was begging for her dignity on her knees before them.

“OK, I’ll give you a chance” Roy smirked. “You will have to roleplay with me. Who is the first contact in her phone?”

“Amardeep Gupta” Zeeshan said.

“Who is he?” he asked payal.

“He is a collegue, a teacher in the school where I teach”

“Great, imagine we sent him the clip, and he is here. I will be Amardeep Gupta for a while. I want you to put up your sluttiest act for me, and fuck me good, like a real cock hungry slut. If you cry or say no at any point of time, I will seriously send the video” Roy warned.

Payal thought it was OK to act slutty in front of them. They had seen almost all of her. Her poor husband was still kneeling with the Rocky collar around his neck and the panty gag in his mouth. He was helplessly watching the degradation of his wife.

“Ok so bhabhi ji,” Roy said stroking her thigh, “I saw your video, you were looking so hot”

“Thank you, Amardeep ji” she said.

“please lift your nighty and allow me to see what you have shown in the video”

She lifted her nighty and spread ler legs.

“Wow! It is great to see that you are so co-operative bhabhi. You must be wanting a cock so badly”

“Yes I do, see my cunt is so wet,” she said spreading her pussy lips apart, “my husband doesn’t satisfy me, you see my pussy is so tight, I am as good as a virgin”

Payal couldn’t believe she was doing this but he had ordered her to act slutty. She was afraid he would really send the video to all her contacts.

Roy smiled to see how well she was doing.

She then got up and brought her exposed boobs near Roy’s face. “Please suck”

“Aah two lovely boobs, but I just have one mouth. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I invite a frind of mine to suck the other one.”

“Of course not, I would enjoy more” Payal wanted to cry, but she just couldn’t risk disobeying him.

She looked super slutty offering her boobs to 2 strangers and begging them to suck. Manish, was one of the guys Roy had brought along. He came forward to suck.

Payal was standing in front of them as they were sitting on the sofa and bending slightly to bring her nipples to the mouths of those 2 men.

Before taking her nipple in his mouth Roy said, “bhabji please lift your gown and show us your pussy”

Payal did as she was told. Zeeshan dragged Raj by the leash and brought hum very close to Payal. “Look at the dripping wet pussy of your slut wife” he said, “I am sure you would have never given her this much pleasure, you should be thankful to us.

While the 2 men were sucking her nipples, Roy ordered Raj to lick Payal’s asshole. She went mad with pleasure. He pussy was nearly aching for a fuck now.

She reached for Roy’s crotch and said, “Please show me your cock, I need it very badly in my pussy”

Roy was grinning at her sluttiness. He unbuckled his pants and took out his cock. It was much bigger than her husbands. Which her other nipples was being sucks and her asshole licked by the wimp husband, she was shuddering with sexual excitement.

Unable to take anymore, she pushed the two men aside and impaled herself on Roy’s cock. Her expression of pleasure was divine. She forgot all shame and started jumping on his cock, to please him, but more for the pleasure of her own aching pussy. She had a massive orgasm on his cock and she moaned very loudly.

“This is what she needed, and see how much she is enjoying” the other men said as they jeered at her defeated husband. “I am sure, she would love to become a whore where she would get to fuck all day”

Roy then made her lie down and was fucking her will all his strength. Sexual excitement took over her to such an extent that she lost touch of reality and everything around her faded into he background.

“I am going to cum inside your pussy” He whispered in her ear. “But you don’t have to worry about your pregnancy, by the time you come to know you are pregnant, you would have mounted and rode so many cocks that you wouldn’t know whose baby that it. Trust me bhabhi, in the next few days, you are going to experience real pleasures of flesh without any limits or boundaries.”

Roy came inside her pussy and withdrew his cock, and sat down on the sofa and made her kneel in front of him. “Now lick it clean” he said as he grabbed her hair and pushed the cock into her mouth.

Payal licked obediently. Her won pussy juices along with Roy’s cum were oozing out of her cunt.

“Come here Rockygie” Roy called Raj, “Lick her cunt clean for others to fuck”

Manish forced Raj’s head over Payal’s dripping pussy. He was forced to taste his wife’s lust for another man, and also his cum. Raj’s spirit was ont he verge of breaking, but Roy was only getting started with them.

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