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The Indian Maidens

t was in the year 1892 that a small group of indans were still doing their usual daily chores and becoming unaware that they were about to have some unexpected and unwelcome company,for without any warning,a band of rough-riding cowboys had strongly rode their horses into the indian village and started shooting their guns all over the place.
But then,while each and every male in the trbe had gotten themselves caught up in the confussion,a few of those cowboys had gotten off of their horses,charged their way into the wigwams and started dragging each and every young female indian out of those teepees against their will.
And then,after they were able to get all of the young female indians on to a horse-drawn cart,one of the cowboys had spotted a young male brave heading right towards the rough-riding invaders with a tomahawk in his hand ready to use it on their skulls.
But then,just as he was about to give himself the chance to do so,the young brave’s father had spotted one of the cowboys taking a stick of dynamite out of his saddle bag,lighting the fuse and throwing it towards his unsuspectng son,causing him to rush over to the scene and push his son out of harm’s way just before the stick of dynamite exploded.
And after the dust from the explosion has finally settled,the young brave had slowly walked over to his father’s dead body,placed his saddened head on his dead father’s chest and began to cry,only to have him hear one of the invading cowboys say,”Well,Fellas!It looks like we’ve got one less stinkin’ injin to worry about!”
And then,after they’ve let out a hearty doze of laughter,gotten back on their horses and rode themsleves away from the scene of the massacure that they’ve caused,the young brave had looked at the fleeing cowboys with an expression of hate and angruish on his face and a hunger for vengence that has just errupted within the very core of his own being.
Meanwhile,just about a few thousand miles or so away from the indian village,the cart that was filled with the abducted young indian females has pulled up into The Silver Rock Ranch,where one of the cowboys had gotten off of the cart,walked over to the front door and knocked on it.
“Who is it?What do you want?”,asked a female voice,after a small door has been slid open and a pair of the most beautiful eyes ever within the great state of Montana had looked at the cowboy standingin front of the big door.
“It’s me,Ma’am!Bufford Parker!”,answered a smiling Bufford,just before he had turned around and pointed at the cart with its latest human cargo still inside it.”We’ve got another shipment of lovely darlin’s for you!”
And after the small door had slid itself closed and the big door had opened up,a raven-haired beauty had looked at the cart filled with young indian beauties,let out a smile and said,”As usual,Mister Parker.You’ve outdone yourself.Please do bring them in.”
And then,after they’ve taken the helpless indian maidens out of the cart and dragged them into the house,the raven-haired mistress had removed all of her clothes,placd herself on a sofa and started carresng her hot,wet pussy and firm breasts,while she was looking at each and every one of her newfound ‘possessions’.
“So far,they all look as beautiful as ever.”,said the mistress of the house,while she was slowly licking her lips.”Now,let’s see them without a stitch of clothing on.”
And after the cowboys had ripped every bit of clothing off of the indian maidens’ bodies,the mistress had looked at one of the indian maidens,pointed at her and said,”That one.Place her on the table.Tie her down.”
Then,after three of the cowboys had placed the helpless indian maiden on a large dining room table and tied her wrists and ankles to its legs,a door had opened and two nude males and a young nude female with a sad look on her face had walked into the room and towards the helpless maiden.
“Now remember,Rebecca.You must give a truly perfect performance this time.”,said the mistress,while she was looking at poor little Rebecca with hungry eyes.”Because if you fail to do so,it’ll be the whips for you tonight.Do you understand?”
“Yes,Mistress Joanna.I understand.I won’t fail you again.”,answered Rebecca,just before she had looked at the helpless maiden,whispered,”I’m so sorry,but I must do this.”,and started licking all over the helpless maiden’s nude body–all the way to her exposed snatch.
And while she was licking on the indian maiden’s pussy and rubbing her hands all over the maiden’s nude body,one of the nude males had placed his stiff cock inside Rebecca’s asshole and started carressing her stiff mounds,while the other nude male has forced the maiden to start sucking on his stone hard dick.
And while the other indan maidens were still watching the pure erotic display that was going on in front of them,Bufford had removed all of his clothes,grabbed one of the maidens by the hair and dragged her over to one end of the room,where he had placed a small table,placed his stiff cock inside the helpless maiden’s pussy and said,”Now,you little savage bitch!How about you give you some real prairie lovin’?”
And then,while Bufford was pumping his stiff rod in and out of the helpless maiden’s snatch,Joanna had looked at what Bufford was doing,let out a hearty laugh and said,”Why,Bufford.You just couldn’t wait until tonight,could you?”
And after she had noticed the last young indian maiden looking at what was happening to her native sisters with wide-eyes,Joanna had slowly walked over to the last maiden,placed her hands on the maiden’s bare sholuders and her lips close to the maiden’s ear and whispered,”It excites you,doesn’t it?You want to turn away,but you’re unable to do so.What you’re really wishing for is for your body to be violated as well.Well,my little princess.Your wish is about to come true.”
And then,after she had placed the maiden on the sofa and started licking all over her body–all the way down to her suddenly hot,wet pussy and carressing her suddeny firm breasts,the sensation of wonderous erotic pleasure had overcame the maiden and it had caused her to place her gentle hands on Joanna’s bare back.
Just then,over at the dining room table,one of the males had taken his stiff cock out of Rebecca’s backside and placed it inside the bound indian maiden’s pussy,just after Rebecca had placed herself on top of the maiden’s body.
While over at the other end of the room,Bufford had grabbed his helpless sex toy’s hair with one hand and her hands with the other hand and started pumping his stone hard dick in and out of her asshole.
And then,back over on the sofa,after she had placed herself in front of the last indian maiden and they’ve started rubbing their pussies against each other,a sexually-energized Joanna had placed her gentle hands on te maiden’s bare legs and yelled,”AAAAHHHH,YES!THAT’S IT!DO IT,YOU LITTLE SAVAGE SLUT!FUCK ME!I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!MAKE ME WANNA CUM!AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!”
And at that very moment,after they all had started moving harder and faster and their lovemaking has reached its final path to the legendary town of Tombstone,they all had cum and collapsed due to exhaustion.
After they were all finally able to catch their breath,Joanna had placed her head on the last maiden’s chest,took a deep breath and said,”You were ssssoooo magnificent.Just like Rebecca.So magnificent that I’ve decided to keep you and your sisters here forever.”
But then,at that exact moment,someone had smashed his way into the house and started smashing the cowboys in the head with a tomahawk.
And after he had looked and realized that it was the young brave whose father was killed by his stick of dynamite,Bufford had ran over to his gun-belt,reached for his gun and aimed it at the enraged brave.
“I DO RECCON THAT IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO BE REUNITED WITH YOUR PAPPY,YOU SAVAGE SON-OF-A-BITCH!”,yelled an angry Bufford,just before he was about to fire his gun at the young brave.
But just as he was about to do so,a shocked Joanna had raced over to the scene,placed herself in the line of fire and yelled,”NO!DON’T SHOOT,BUFFORD!I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE HARMED!”
But her warning had came to Bufford’s ears just a tad too late,for he had fired his gun hankering to kill the young brave and killed his lady employer instead,causing him to drop his gun on the floor,look at the one person who he had shot by accident and say,”Oh sweet Lordy,Ma’am!I really didn’t mean to shoot you!I’m so terribly sorry!”
Then suddeny,after he had covered his eyes and began to cry,Rebecca had picked up Bufford’s gun,aimed it at the back of his head and pulled the trigger,killing him instantly.
“THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR KILLING MY MA AND PA,YOU PIECE OF SHIT!”,growled a teary-eyed Rebecca,just before she had thrown the gun on top of Bufford’s dead corpse,looked at the young brave and the maidens and said,”Please let me come with you.I’m all alone without my ma and pa.”
And then,after he had looked at poor Rebecca’s eyes and saw that she was a woman who has been alone for far too long,he had placed her hand into his and gave her a great big hug,just before the both of them and the maidens had traveled back to the indian village,where the abducted maidens had been welcomed home–and a no-longer-lonely Rebecca has been welcomed into the tribe with open arms.

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