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The story of Manisha Kulkarni

This is a story about Manisha Kulkarni, a 28 year old Maharashtrian housewife.Manisha was a fair comlexioned,beautiful woman,with a nice,voluptuos and curvaceous body(not fat but not thin either,with a good amount of flesh),and she was 5 feet 5 inches tall. She had nice,big,expressive eyes,long,dense black hair upto her waist,and she had a lovely smile that won her appreciation from many people,especially men.Life was going good for her,with her husband,Milind working in a big corporate company as a Sales Marketing officer.Everything was going on well, untill one day,when Milind returned from office in the evening, and he looked dejected and hopeless.Manisha asked him,”Whats the matter dear…you look upset?” Milind told her,”Nothing…”, and tried to avoid talking to her,but on Manisha’s insistence,finally told her,” I have got a warning…actually for the last two months,me and my team have failed to achieve the sales targets given to us, and now the company has issued an ultimatum that if we fail to achieve our target this month,that means,three months in succession,then me and my team would be fired,me and the other 4 guys in my team.” Manisha consoled him saying,”Don’t worry milind everything’s going to be fine,you will achieve the target this month….” Milind told her,Do you understand what my losing the job means …our home loan gets in trouble,our car loan gets into trouble…the EMI’s…we will be broke…our future’s finished.” Manisha consoled him saying that everything will be fine and it was just the firsts day of this month and there were 30 days left still. Though Manisha consoled him,but she too started worrying in her mind and heart,thinking about what would happen in that scenario.Manisha and Milind met in college,fell in love and got married four years ago,Manisha was 24 at that time,and Milind was 26,and now he was 30.Within a few months of their marriage,they left their hometown in maharastra and came to Mumbai,as Milind applied for a job in this company and got the job.Manisha was educuated and skilled,but decided to be a housewife as Milind earned well,and Milind too prefered her staying at home, and not working.keeping all these thoughts in her mind,she went to sleep with quite a bit of tension that night.
The next few days were going with a lot of tension as Milind started drinking alcohol at home in the evenings,to releive his work tensions and not being able to meet the targets.Now the month was coming to an end,and the atmosphere at home was very tense.Now it was the last day of the month, and Manisha was tense after milind left for office,thinking what would be happening to him at the office. It was late in the evening when Milind returned,he looked drunk and came inside after Manisha opened the door.Milind came inside and sat on the sofa,looking drunk.Manisha was tense. Milind started talking,”Now I am on a holiday…I don’t have to go to work…I am fired…meri naukri chali gayi…ha ha ha….and then started sobbing.Manisha was feeling sad seeing her husband breaking down,sat beside him on the sofa,took him in her arms,and consoled him.After getting Milind to sleep that day,Manisha spent a lot of time awake and thinking what she could do to help her husband in this hour of need.She decided that she would go to his office, and meet the MD(Managing Director),Mr.Naresh Gujral, a nice 55 year old man,who was always warm and affectionate to her and treated her like a daughter, and called her Beti.She thought of meeting him and telling him about their pathetic situation and requesting him to take back Milind back in his job and give him a chance.Finally after making up her mind,Manisha went to sleep.

The next morning,when Manisha and Milind sat to have their breakfast,Manisha told Milind about she had decided.Manisha said,”I am going to your office and meet Naresh Ji, and will request him to take you back and give you another chance.” Milind said,”It won’t be of any use…I tried to meet him,but he was busy in meetings and most of the time,not in office…even he won’t help..they are all professionals.”Manisha said,”Whats the harm in trying Milind…he has always been good with me at your office parties, and calls me beti,treats me like a daughter…so let me try na…” Milind reluctantly agreed.After finishing breakfast,Manisha took a bath,and started to get ready.Manisha wore a nice Pink sari and Pink Blouse.Manisha saw herself in the mirror and liked what she saw,she looked beautiful in pink sari and pink blouse and with sindoor and a mangalsutra on her neck,looked a beautiful,traditional young Indian married woman.She took her purse,her mobile, some money and left. Manisha went to the railway station and boarded a train for Mumbai city..The train arrived at Churchgate station and Manisha came out from the ladies compartment and came out of the station.She changed two autos, and reached the office where Milind worked. After entering the office,Manisha went to the reception and told the female receptionist that she wanted to meet the MD,Mr Naresh Gujral. As it was not a prior appointment,the receptionist told manisha to wait.manisha sat on the sofa at the reception and started to wait.Manisha asked the recpetionist how long will it take and was told that Mr.Gujral was in a meeting and she had to wait.Manisha was getting restless but had no other option but to wait.Finally after aboout 2 hours,the receptionist told her,”Madam you can now meeet sir..” and showed the way to mr.Gujral’s room.Manisha walked towards the room and reached the door,on the door,it was written-Mr.Naresh Gujral,MD. Manisha opened the door and asked,”May I come in Sir!” Naresh Gujral saw her, and said,”Oh yes please come in…” Manisha entered his office.Mr.Gujral said,”Please take your seat Beti…manisha took her seat and Mr.Gujral was sitting on his chair across the table.Mr.Gujral asked her,”So Manisha how come you here…coming to meet me…I think its the first time you have come to the office na…and see I made a beautiful girl wait for so long what to do I was busy with important meetings…you must be hungry…did yiu have tea or coffee…”Manisha said,”No sir I don’t need anything.”But Mr.Ahuja did not listen to her and called his peon and told him to bring a sandwich and a mango juice from the office canteen.The peon bought it after a few mins.Mr.Gujral said,Manisha first eat the sandwich and drink the juice, and then will talke.Manisha though was shy,but was hungry too.she ate the sandwich quickly and also sipped the mango juice with a straw.Then manisha siad,”Sir I have come to you for a reason….my husband Milind got fired yesterday….as he could not meet the sales targets…sir please do something…please give him another chance,take him back…” Mr.Gujral said,”see Manisha Beti…this is a internal matter of the sales department….and in our company all the departments are given the freedom to work in their own manner…and though I am the MD,it will be bad if I interfere in this matter.”Manisha pleaded,”please sir yo can do something if you want to….please I came to you with a lot of hope…please sir…”Mr.Gujral said,I can understand your situation….but….Milind had failed to meet the sales targets for the last three successive months,and its the company rule…and also its recession time…like all companies,our company too has to cut down on the employees,only keeping the employees who give the best results…” Manisha again pleaded,”Please sir do something…atleast for my sake….otherwise we will be broke….our future will be dark…”Mr.Gural said,”ah let me think…I need some time….by the way,whats your educational qualification…”Manisha said,”well I an ARTS graduate….” Mr.Gujral said,Have you worked before.”Manisha said,No sir…I used to do some tuitions to school children at home,but before marriage in my hometown.after getting married and coming to Mumbai,I am a housewife.”Mr.Gujral said,”Its such a waste…a beautiful young girl like you remaining just a housewife in a happenning city like Mumbai…let me see what I can do…”Manisha said,”No sir i don’t want a job…I request you to take back Milind in his job…” Mr.Gujral said,”Manisha you can leave now…just give me your mobile number,take my card…and store my mobile number in your mobile…and get a CV of yours ready.I ‘ll give you a call soon…wait for my call.let me see what i can do.”Manisha took his card,gave him her mobile no., and left the office.Manisha again went to the station and took a train to reach her home in the suburbs.It was about 4pm in the evening,when Manisha reached home.Milind opened the door, and welcomed her inside….after coming inside,manisha narrated the day’s incidents to him and her meeting with mr.Gujral, and his asking her about her qualifications and wanting to do a job.Milind said,”He won’t do anything..”manisha said,”lets see lets be hopeful.”The next few days went off uneventfully,with milind drinking alcohol in the evenings and manisha thinking about their future and if Mr.Gujral could do something for was now 6 days since she had met Mt.Gujral….and nearly a week…when suddenly at aboout 4:30 in the evening,Manisha’s mobile rang.She picked up the phone and saw that it was Mr.Gujral’s number.She received the call and said ecstatically,”hello sir! ” Mr.Gujral said,”Manisha…can you come to meet me in the office tomorrow in the afternoon at about 12:30…and yes bring your CV and a passport size photograph of yours.”Manisha said,”Yes sir I will surely come….with my CV and passport size photograph…but sir what about Milind’s job…”Mr.Gujral said,”You come tomorrow to my office…and then we will talk about everything…bye now.” Manisha told Milind about it…and he said,”leave my getting my job back..atleast if you get a job it will help us finacially. Manisha and Milind had a quick dinner and went off to sleep.


The next morning,manisha woke up early, cooked food,had breakfast with Milind,then took a bath, and got ready.Manisha wore a nice yellow sari and a yellow blouse. After getting ready,she took her purse, her mobile,her CV,her passport and a passportsize photograph of hers.She then bid goodbye to her husband Milind,who wished her all the best.Then Manisha went to the railway station,took a train for Mumbai City.When the train reached Churchgate station in Mumbai City,she walked out of the station and took two autos and reached the office.It was 12:30 in the afternoon.At the reception,the receptionist made her wait in the reception.About half an hour later,the female receptionist told her to go to Mr.Gujral’s room.Manisha went towards Mr.Gujral’s room and knocked the door and opened it slightly.Mr.Gural said,: Come in.” Manisha entered the room.Mr.Gujral stood up from his chair and came towards Manisha.He said,”Oh Manisha,Come my love,” and hugged Manisha tightly with warmth.Manisha’s breasts covered by her blouse and saree pallu were now crushing on Mr.Gujral’s chest.Manisha was surprised by Mr.Gujral’s action,but thought of ignoring it and taking it as a gesture of love and affection on Mr.Gujral’s part.Manisha took hugged him back and held Mr.Gujral’s back with her hands. After a few minutes,Mr.Gujral released manisha and said,”Manisha its 1:00 PM,I am hungry…lets have lunch together..I’ll take you to my favourite restaurant.”Manisha said,”But Sir…”Mr.Gujral said,”No but my dear,lets have lunch first,then we will be back in my office and talk about work,come.” Manisha then left Mr.Gujral’s office with him.she sat in the backseat of his car with him, and Mr.Gujral’s driver drove the car.They reached the restaurant soon, and Mr.Gujral led Manisha to a corner side of the restaurant, and they took their seats.Mr.Gujral ordered food for them.He then started chatting with Manisha,asking her about her hobbies,etc.he asked her whether she could sing,dance,and whether she could drive and did she know how to swim.Manisha told her that tough she was not trained but could sing a bit, and she learnt dance as a young girl.She also told him that she had learnt driving and had licence, and also she knew how to swim as she l;earnt to swim as a kid.Mr.Gujral then asked her whether she had ever gone abroad, and Manisha told her that she had been to abroad once,she had gone to Bhutan with Milind for their honeymoon.Manisha and Gujral then finished their lunch,left the restaurant and went back to the office in Gujral’s car.

After coming back to the office,Mr.Gujral and went towards his room,and after entering his room,he closed the door, and then Manisha took her seat, and Mr.Gujral took his seat of the MD’s chair.He then said,”Now Manisha show me your CV,your passport size photo and your passport.Manisha gave them to him.Mr.Gujral looked at her CV, was satisfied with her educational qualification,looked at her photo and then looked at her passport.He then gave Manisha her job offer letter of a few pages,to sign.he said,”Manisha this is your job offer letter as PRO(Public Relations Officer) in our company.” Manisha said,”But sir whata about Milind…his job.” Mr.Gujral said,”Well see Manisha in the current situation,I can’t take back Milind as its against the company policy…and a rule is a rule…but I’ll see what I can do for him…but I can offer you this job…and believe me its going to help you both…its a great job with a real good salary …so sign the offer letter and take the job.” Manisha then got ready to sign the papers.Mr.Gujral told her to read the papers once,but she said,”Whats there to read sir…I need the job.”manisha signed the papers quickly.Mr.Gujral then took the papers and smiled slyly and winked at manisha.manisha was surprised.Mr.Gujral said,”Silly girl you should have read the document first…and then signed…now you can’t say no to all the things you have commited in the letter.” Manisha said,”Whats there in the letter sir.” Mr.Gujral then told her that the letter stated that she accepts the job of PRO in the company and its a five year contract, and she would live in Mumbai City in a apartment given by the company, and as a single woman.She will have just 4 days of holiday every month and spend those days with her husband in her orignal house, but rest of the month she will serve the company,by giving service to company’c clients,business associates,her company superiors like MD,GM,etc and give services like sexual relations with them,satisfy their needs,desires and give them the best service.Also she cannot have a child in these five years.Mr.Gujral finished reading the contents.Manisha was shocked and was literally in tears, and shouted,”How dare you…how could you…what do you think i am….I will accept this job….”Mr.Gujral smiled and said,”No baby you can’t do that…or I’ll take you to court…and that would not only be humiliating for you but also weaken your pathetic financial condition…” Manisha said,” I always saw you as a father figure…I am like your daughter…and you always called me Beti..don’t you remember.” Mr.Gujral said,”Am I your biological father…no right…I called you Beti as I found it sexy to call you beti and to come close to you…as regards what do I think you are…well I have always thought of you as a WHORE who would be great in bed…and for a beautiful and sexy girl like you this is the best job i could get…leave your middle class thinking and small town sensibilities…a little compromise and you will get paradise.a lot of wealth, and happiness…this middle class thinking would just give you misery and poverty…take this offer and change your destiny….”manisha was still in shock but knew she could not do anything now.Mr.Gujral came up to her,sat beside her,took her face in his palms,lifted her face and started kissing Manisha’s luscious lips.He smooched her passionately and slowly even Manisha reciprocated and kissed him back passionately.After sometime,he released her.Mr.Gujral then said,”though your designation is PRO,you will actually be a Corporate Slut, and also my personal slut…your job starts today…I will take you to your new home, a nice apartment where you will live as single,working woman.I’ll first take you to a beauty parlour as you need a makeover,no more this sati savitri and bharatiya nari look,no more this sindoor and wearing mangalsutra…also you need a new haircut, short hair uptill your shoulder and you need to colour your hair brown, and you need to get waxed and shaved, as I don’t like my woman to have hair in her body. After the beauty parlour, I’ll take you shopping.”Manisha said,”But sir what about Milind…what will I tell him…” Mr.Gujral said,”tell him that ypu have got a job and will need to join immediately, and will be going to Delhi for a two week training,and then return to mumbai and go to him and stay for 4 days with him.” Manisha said,”two week training in Delhi sir…” Mr.Gujral said,”No actually you will be going to Thailand with me for 10 days…I will take a holiday as I have not taken one for a long time and will take yo with me…it will be my honeymoon with you darling.”Manisha smiled shyly.Manisha then called Milind and informed him.Milind was happy that she got a job but was sad that they will have to live separately and that he will miss her.Then Mr.Gujral took Manisha to a high profile beauty parlour, and met the main leady in charge there, a lady called Monica, and told her what he wanted to be done to manisha.The lady then took manisha inside while mr.Gujral waited at the reception.Once inside,Monica took manisha inside a chamber, and told her to take off her sari,strip herself .Manisha did as told to her and got naked .Monica took a look at her, and said,”Manisha you are a beautiful woman…mr.Gujral really has nice taste in women…I will make you more beautiful … Monica then took Manisha inside the small bathroom inside the chamber and made her stand under the shower and gave a warm bath to manisha.After the bath,manisha’s body looked radiant with water on her body.monica cleaned Manisha’s body with towel and also cleared her wet hair with towel and alos blw dried manisha’s hair. Monica then made Manisha lie down on the bed and started the procedure of waxing and shaving her body hair,her armpit hair,her pubic hair…and finally removed all body hair of manisha.She then told her to wear her sari.Manisha dreesed up quickly and then Monica took her in the saloon room and started clouring her hair…her hair was coloured brown and then cut.Now manisha;s hair was uptill her shoulder.Monica then put kajal in Manisha’s eyes and set her eyebrows and finally put red lipstick on manisha’s lips.She then took him to the reception and made mr.Gujral look at Manisha.”Monica said,Mr.Gujral how does she look now….the way you wanted….sexy and sluttish…”Mr.Gujral was overwhelmed seeing manisha in short brown hair,with kajal in her eyes and bright red lipstick.Mr.Gujral said,”Kamaal lag rahi hain…ekdum maal lag rahi hain…bilku sexy cheez ban gayi hain.”Manisha felt awkward and embarassed being talked about in this manner.Mr.Gujral then paid Monica for her services and took Manisha with him and they left the parlour.

After coming out of the parlour,Mr.Gujral held Manisha by her waist and brought her close to him, and said,”Waah kya lag rahi hai tu…ekdum sexy…meri sexy Rakhail…ab chal tujhe shopping le jaata hoon.”Mr.Gujral and manisha then left in his car.They reached a mall and went to different stores and brought designer sarees,designer blouses,halter neck blouses,sleevless blouses,backless blouses.Then they went to ne store and mr.gujral started buying mini skirts and sexy tops,tank tops etc for Manisha.Manisha was feeling uncomfortable and told Mr.Gujral that she will be uncomfortable wearing these dresses.Mr.Gujral said,”Chup kar Randi..ab se tu wohi dresses pehnegi jo main chaahungaa…sirf sexy dresses pehnegi…sexy banke rahegi hamesha…samjhi.”Manisha kept quiet now.Then Mr.Gujral alos bought sexy lingerie(bra and panty) sets,sleeveless nighties and also two pairs of bikini for Manisha-a pair of blue bikini top and bottom and a pair of pink bikini top and bottom.manisha told him that she had never worn a two piece swimsuit in her life, and always wore a one piece swimsuit.Mr.Gujral told her that from now on she will wear bikini at beaches and swimming pools and these were for her to wear in Thailand.After finishing their shopping,Gujral and Manisha had dinner at a restaurant and then Gujral took her to her new new home, a nice apartment in a big buiding in Bandra in Mumbai.Gujral opened the door of the apartment, and took her inside.Gujral said,”Manisha this is my apartment and from today this is yours for five years…hope you like it.” Manisha looked out and went to all the rooms and was impressed.The sitting room/living room was spacious,had sofa,table,dinning table, a Sony bravia flat screen TV,a refrigerator,then there was a nice kitchen, two baclony-one big and one small,two bathrooms,two bedrooms.Gujral said,”Main aaj raat yehi rahungaa tere saath…chal jaake andar fresh ho jaa…aur kapde badal le.Apna mangalsutra khol lena aur ek acchi si nightie pehenke aa mere saamne.” Manisha went inside and went to the bathroom in a bedroom,freshened up,then took off her saree,blouse,petticoat,bra and panty.Then she took off her mangalsutra from her neck and wiped off her sindoor. Then she wore a nice sexy lingerie(bra and panty)that Gujral had bought for her.Manisha then wore a nice,sexy sleeveless red nightie that Gujral had bought for her.Then she came out of the bedroom and came to the living room, and saw that Gujral was now bare chested, and wearing a bermuda, and sitting on the sofa.Manisha for the first time looked at Gujral with desire and lust.Manisha saw that he had a hairy chest,he looked amazing for a man of his age,with his salt and pepper greyish hair, and moustache.He was fair complexioned, and a tall man.He had a little belly,not flat stomached,but it was allright for a man of his age.Manisha was now feeling attraction for a man whom she considered a father figure till the other day.Manisha just looked and stared at him wanderingly. Just then,Gujral said,”Arrey Manisha meri jaan…kya dekh rahi ho…aao mere paas aake meri godh mein baitho.”Manisha smiled and and came towards him and sat on his left lap.Gujral held her thightly in his arms,and caressed Manisha’s neck,face etc with his nose and mouth,making manisha squirm in pleasure.He was also having a drink in a glass,he told Manisha to take a sip from his glass, and manisha did as told to her,taking a sip from his glass.He then released Manisha and got up from the sofa, and took off his bermuda.Gujral was nude now. Manisha saw his half erect but fleshy cock.He then sat beside her, and said,”Manisha Rani now you sit on your knees facing me, and suck my cock,give me blow job.Manisha though gave her husband blowjob when they had sex,but was not too fascinated by it.But she knew that she had no choice.Manisha got up from the sofa and sat on her knees facing Gujral.Manisha took his cock in her palms,massaged them,massaged his balls,she then kissed his cock head,stroked his cock, and in no time it began strong and fully erect,it was about eight inches long.manisha was impressed seeing the fully erect cock of this 55 year old man.She npw took his cock in her mouth, and started sucking it,she moved her head back and forth, and was sucking Gujral’s cock with passion and love.Gujral was getting excited and moaned,”aah aah nice..really nice..Manisha you whore…randi…kya chusti hain tu…mazaa aarahaa hain…aah aah..” and finally he expolded a whole lot of cum inside Manisha’s mouth and on her tongue,some even dribbling out of her mouth.manisha swallowed the whole load of cum and did not let even a little bit to go waste.Then Gujral was satisfied and said,”Manisha ab jaa so jaa apne bedroom mein…main tujhe nahin chodungaa…I will fuck you in Thailand on our honeymoon.Then Manisha went off to sleep in her bedroom.The next tow days went in packing and getting ready for the Thailand trip.Then on the third day,Manisha and Gujral went to mumbai airport and took their flight to Bangkok,the capital of Thailand.

After their flight reached Bangkok airport,Manisha and Gujral took their luggages and came out of the airport, and a person was standing with a placard that read Naresh Gujral from India.Gujral and Manisha went to that person and Gujral shook hands with him and the person took them to his car. Gujral told manisha that this guy was a private car driver, and had served Gujral before on his trips to Thailand. They finally reached the Hotel,a five star hotel.It was afternoon.Manisha and Gujral were booked together in a suite and were registered as husband and wife in the reception. Gujral and manisha slept for sometime in the room. Then in the evening,they went to the hotel’s swimming pool.Manisha wore the pink bikini set given to her by Gujral, and looked mesmerising.Manisha swam a lot,Gujral also swam with her,both had lots of fun in the swimming pool, and then as gujral had brought his camera too,he clicked photos of manisha on his camera,taking snaps of manisha in bikni in the swimming pool,coming out of the pool and standing by the pool side.They then had their dinner in their room.Gujral told her that I’ll not fuck you tonight,I’ll fuck in koh samui,a island,they were supposed to go on day after tomorrow.The next day Gujral took manisha for shopping to various markets in bangkok, and they ravelled in Tuk Tuk(Thailand’ Auto rickshaws).Then they had lunch and went sight seeing.Gujral showed various places to manisha like the red light areas and the prostitutes, and told her about prostitution being legal and a full fledged business in Thailand acknowledged by the Govt of Thailand.He then took Manisha to a Thai massage parlour, and here Manisha got the Thai massage,famous all over the world, for the first time,and it was really rejuvenating for her. Gujral too enjoyed a nice Thai massage himself.They then returned to their hotel. They had a late night flight to Koh samui.They reached Koh samui in a few hours in the early morning.

After reaching Koh Samui,Manisha and Gujral went to the resort they were to stay.It was a nice resort facing the sea and with a beach. Manisha and Gujral checked into their room,slept for an hour, and then went to the beach.manisha wore a t-shirt and shorts, and had her bikini inside.Gujral was also in a T-shirt and a swimming shorts.They went to a shack and took their seats,kept their bags,towel etc.Manisha took off her t-shirt and shorts, and now was wearing her blue bikini top and blue bikini bottom.Gujral too took off his t-shirt and was now bare chested and only wearing swimming shorts.They then went towards the sea.Manisha started playing with beach water,and Gujral took her snaps on camera.Manisha played in the sea water,smiling and looking flirtatiously towards Gujral,giving flying kisses towards him.Gujral too played with her in the sea water.They hugged each other,caressed each other’s wet bodies,kissed each other.Manisha and Gujral had great fun,,enjoyed a nice time and behaved as if they were newly married love birds.After sometime,they went back to their resort and had lunch.They took rest in their room for a few hours.In the evening they also swam together in the swimming pool at the resort.They then had a quick dinner and returned to their room.They had a drink and then they were now set to make love to each other.Manisha was wearing a nightie, and Gujral was just in bermudas.Gujral said,”Chal manisha ab hum apna suhaagraat manaayenge…I’ll fuck you. Apna nightie utaar.” Manisha took off her nightie, and was now just wearing her bra and panty.She then came towards Gujral,who was itting on the sofa.Manisha sat on his left lap.Gujral careesed and kissed her bare back, and also tickled her belly and navel,making Manisha feeling sensations.He then unhooked Manisha’s bra and let it fall down.Now Manisha was topless,and Gujral made her face him.He hugged her,Manisha was now topless and her big breasts were crushed on Gujral’s hairy chest.Gujral kissed Manisha’s forehead,her nose,her cheeks,her earlobes, and then her lips.He then kissed her neck,her shoulder,her collar bone, and then looked and stared at Manisha’s big breasts, and said,”WOW! They are Amazing..they are fleshy and milky.”He held Manisha’s breasts in his palms,lifted them,squeezed them,and Manisha moaned,”aah ouch.” Gujral then sucked Manisha’s nipples and then kissed and licked her breasts.he then made her lie on the floor carpet, and came over her, and licked manisha’s belly and navel.After sometime, he spread her legs, and licked her thighs,kissed her feet. Then he spread her legs wider, and put his finger inside Manisha’s pussy.Gradually he increased his fingers,first one finger,then two,then three.Manisha was getting wild and crazy with pleasure, and moaned and screamed,”aah aah no no ui maa…oh maa.” Gujral then took out his fingers and licked manisha’s pussy juices on his fingers.Gujral then put his tongue inside Manisha’s pussy, and started licking and sucking manisha’s pussy.gujral was now tongue fucking manisha’s pussy.manisha was now getting really horny,really wild, and screamed and even cried out,”aah aah nahin nahin oh maa oh maa….”Manisha now experienced an orgasm, and knew that she was going to come.Finally she exploded a load of her pussy juices on Gujral’s tongue and mouth.Gujral swalloed her pussy juices. They both lied next to each other and rested for a while.

After resting for a while,Gujral got up and told Manisha,”Chal ab uth jaa aur apni taangon par baith,hold the bed, now I will fuck you from behind,Rocky(D)gy style.Manisha said,”Nahin bahut dard hogaa naresh ji…aap ka lund bahut badaa hain…i have never taken from behind.”Gujral shouted,”Chup Randi…bilkul nakhre nahi karegi tu…jaisa keh raha hoon waisa kar samjhi…” Manisha then got up came upto the bed and held the bed and sat on all fours.Gujral’s dick was erect,he put some spit on his dick and some ky jelly on her ass and ass hole, and came behind her, and said,”Waah kya Gaand hain tera…meri Maharashtrian Raand…mast…what an ass…mazaa aayegaa teri gaand maarne mein….he then inserted his cock slowly inside her asshole, and started fucking Manisha’s ass….first slowly and then gradually increasing the pace….making powerful thrusts,and making manisha wild and she screamed,”aaah aah nahin…mar gayi…mar jaaungi…aah aah meri gaand phat gayi…aaaah…nahin…uuh..aah….”She was again having an orgasm…and Gujral made several thrusts inside her ass and finally ejaculated his semen inside her ass…and manisha let out a scream,and just satwith her head on the bed.After a few minutes, Gujral lifted her by her hand, and made her lie on the bed.He came and lied down beside her.He then made her stroke his dick.manisha held his cock in her palms, and stroked it, and within a few minutes it was fully erect again, and now gujral said,”Now I will fuck your pussy…teri choot ko chodungaa main.tujhe apni aurat banaalungaa main…” He then spread her legs wide,lifted her legs on his shoulders and kept a pillow beneath her hips.Gujral now enetered Manisha’s pussy with his cock.His cock was now inside her vagina,he made several thrusts inside her and manking her go crazy with pain and pleasure, and she screamed and cried,”aah aah…nahin…chod mujhe…aaah….chod mujhe .” Gujral was making thrusts inside her pussy, and asked her jokingly,”kaisa lag raha hain Manisha Beti…bahut tight choot hain tumhaari…:Manisha screamed,’achcha lag raha hain mere buddhe aashik…tera lund bahut tagdaa hain is umar mein bhi..saale betichod…apni beti ki ukmar ki ladki ko chodne mein bahut mazaa aarahaa hain naa…”Gujral smiled and said,”Haan meri Randi bahut mazaa aarahaa hain tujhe chodkar…teri choot ko phaad dungaa…”Manisha again experienced an orgasm, one of her several orgasms of this evening, and finally Gujral after making several thrusts inside her pussy, said,”Le Randi…chod diya tujhe,” and ejeculated a good quality of semen inside her pussy.He then cama down on the bed,took manisha in his arms, and both of them fell asleep.


The next morning,Manisha and Gujral woke up in each other’s arms.Both were nude and looked in each other’s eyes with lust and desire.They kissed each other,caressed each other’s bodies and had some fun on the bed.They again made love.Gujral fucked Manisha in the missionary style. Then both Manisha and Gujral went together to the bathroom and had a shower together, and enjoyed each other’s wet bodies.

Gujral and Manisha spent the next two days at Koh Samui by walking at the beach,enhjoying the sea water, and doing some sightseeing.After these two days,they went to Pattaya, and stayed there for two days,enjoying the beach there,the sun,the sand and the sea water.Then they went to Phuket for a couple of days.All these days,Manisha and Mr.Gujral had several sessions of love making,having sex every night.They returned to Bangkok, and then took their flight back to Mumbai.

On reaching Mumbai,Manisha and Gujral went to the apartment given to Manisha.They relaxed there and after sometime,Mr.Gujral said,”Manisha I give you this envelope which contains your advance money,your first month’s salary,take it.”Manisha took the envelope and thanked him.Mr.Gujral then said,”From tomorrow,you have 4 days holiday,go and meet Milnd and stay with him for 4 days, and on the fifth day,come to the office at sharp 9 pm.You will join as PRO on that day. Then Mr.Gujral left the apartment.The next morning,Manisha woke up early,had her breakfast,got ready and went to the raliway station and took a train to go to her house in the suburbs where Milind was staying.She reached her house, and was welcomed by Milind.Milind embraced her and greeted her warmly. Milind was surprised seeing her sporting short hair and having her hair coloured brown.He was also surprised seeing her confident and sensuous body language.Manisha gave her envelope carrying her salary to Milind,who was happy to see her first salary.But he kept half of the money with him, and the rest he gave back to manisha.The next four days Manisha and milind spent talking to each other and expressing to each other,how much they miss each other.Milind told her that he was searching for a new job,in the suburb itself and was also on the look out for a job in Mumbai City as well.manisha told him not to worry as she had a good job, and he should look for a job in the suburb so that he can stay in this house and take care of the house.Manisha and Milind had sex on the second night of her stay.The four days were over.Manisha left for Mumbai city on the fifth day,in early morning.First she went to her Bandra apartment, and got dressed up.Her brief by Mr.Gujral was that she can wear corporate suit and short skirt , a little above the knee, and she could also wear sarees with sleeveless blouse,halter neck blouse, backless blouse.As it was the first day,Manisha decided to wear a corporate suite and a short skirt.She got ready,did her make up,put on lipstick, and left her house.Manisha took a taxi and reached the office.

On reaching the office,manisha went to the reception and told the female receptionist that she is scheduled to join the office today as the new PRO, and that she had to meet Mr.Gujral.The receptionist told her to go inside.Manisha walked towards Mr.Gujral’s room.Mr.Gujral welcomed her inside, and embraced her and said,”WOW! You are looking amazing manisha…really sexy…a real Corporate Slut…I mean PRO. Come let me take you to your cabin, and introduce you to your colleagues in the office.He took her out of his room, and took her to her cabin,which had a nice chair, atable, a computer,and was nice and cushy.Mr.gujral then introduced Manisha to her colleagues. Manisha now started to work in the office.Her work included working on the company’s projects,knowing its products,its client base, and talking to clients over phone and even going to meet them at times. Manisha had nearly worked for a week, and it was saturday afternoon. manisha was informed by a peon that the General Manager(GM),Sunil Chauhan wanted her to come to his room and meet him urgently.Manisha went to the GM’s room,knocked at his room door.The GM welcomed her saying,”Come in.”Manisha came inside the room.The GM told her to take a seat.Manisha had interacted a few times with the GM at the office parties she attended with Milind, and also saw his wife at the parties, and knew the GM to be a family man.The GM had a nice,charming personality,was handsome,cleanshaven,tall about 6 feet, and was in about 45 years of age.manisha said,”Sir you had asked me to meet you.” The GM said,”Oh don’t call me sir…don’t be so formal…we are colleagues, call me Sunil…”Manisha nodded her head, and said,”Ok Sunil Sir…I mean Sunil.” The GM said,”Thats the way I like it…Manisha so its been a week since you have joined…I have seen that you are a very sincere and hardworking girl…”Manisha said,”Thank You Sunil.”The GM said,” I have heard a lot about you and your capablities from our MD,Mr.Gujral.He praises you a lot.I have earlier seen you at our office parties as Milind’s wife, a traditional housewife,but now you have undergone a huge makeover, and look so glamorous,sexy…like a city babe…'” Manisha smiled shyly and looked down.The GM said,”I want to know you personally,the person you are…I want to spend sometime with you…as it will help me to figure out how true is all the praise I have heard about you from Mr.Gujral. see my wife is not in town,she has gone to her native place in north India,with my kids as its their summer hoildays,and I am lonely, and so I want to spend the weekend with you.Its saturday afternoon,you finish your work fast, go home,change your dress,wear a nice tank top, a mini skirt.You go home in my car,my driver will take you.Then come to the office, and wait in my car.I will come out and then we will go to a nice restaurant for dinner,then go to a happening discotheque,party hard and then I’ll take you to my apartment and spend saturday night and sunday together. ” You can leave now, and do as I told you.”Manisha came out of his room and went back to her cabin.manisha was having thoughts in her mind,she thought that she thought this man was a nice family man,but he too is filled with lust for women, and gave her a direct proposal, and she was not in a position to say no, as it was a part of her job contract to satisfy the MD,the GM etc. Manisha thought that it was not even a month back,when she was a nice,traditional housewife, and now she is a slut, a whore, who would have to sleep with different men. Manisha somehow gathered herself and finished her job.Then she went to the GM’s room.,the GM took her out of the office, and took her to his car, and told his driver to take manisha to her house, and wait for her, and when she would come down after changing her dress,bring her back to the office in the car, and inform him.The driver took Manisha to her apartment in Bandra.Manisha entered her apartment and went to the bathroom,freshened up and then wore a nice red tank top,showing off her bare shoulders,her waist,navel,her arms.Manisha also wore a nice mini skirt,above her knees,displaying her thighs,legs.She applied makeup and out on red lipstick.She took her purse,her mobile, and came down and the driver stared and looked at her in lust, and opened the door of the backseat, and manisha sat inside the car.The driver started to drive the car,but looked at manisha through the small mirror quite frequentley.It bothered manisha initially,but she chose to ignore it.The car finally reached the office.The driver called his boss and informed him.manisha was waiting inside the car for the GM to come.

After a few minutes,the GM,Sunil Chauhan came out of the office, and came towards the car.He came inside and sat in the backseat with Manisha.He looked at Manisha, and said,”WOW! You are looking awesome Baby.”Manisha felt shy and smiled coyly.They now went to have dinner in a restaurant.On entering the restaurant,all eyes were fixed at Manisha.Seeing her in such skimpy attire,all the people,men and women in the restaurant stared at her.Sunil took Manisha to a corner and they took their seats.Sunil ordered food for them.Then started chatting with her.Sunil said,”You know Manisha,ever since I saw you first at a office party,I fantasised about you….I thought milind is so lucky to have a wife like you…so beautiful….but you were very traditional and conservative…I just wanted that side of yours to change…and now thanks to the MD,Gujral saab…you have become the woman I wanted you to be, a bombshell,a sexy slut….you know I have always liked beautiful Maharashtrian women…I have always been a huge fan of Madhuri Dixt, I also adored Urmila Matondkar and Mamta Kulkarni at one time….the maharashtrian women are sexy,sweet,alos spicy…really horny.Sunil saw that Manisha was sitting quiet, and it was only he who was talking,he then asked her whats the matter,what was she thinking.Manisha hesitated initially,but then said,”I always thought you to be a nice,family man…and you .”Sunil interrupted her and said,”I am a family man,I love my wife,my son and daughter. but now my wife and my sex life has been affected after having kids and due to daily life pleasures…she is tired most of the time, and we don’t have sex that much.So I need a ooutlet,I need to satisfy my sexual urges and sexual desires…so I decided to have a fling with you, a one night stand you can say.” Manisha did not have anything more to ask now.Manisha and Sunil now ate the food,finished having dinner and then left the restaurant.They now came to a happening discotheque, and Manisha did not feel awkward anymore as there were many women in skimpy clothes there.Sunil and Manisha now came to the dance floor and started dancing.They were dancing very close to each other,making lot of body contact,Sunil grabbed manisha by her waist and brought her close to him.Her breasts were now crushing on Sunil’s chest.Sunil was caressing her back and shoulder.Then Sunil kissed Manisha on her lips.Manisha took reciprocated by kissing Sunil on his lips.They were now very intimate with each other.They danced for quite sometime.After spending a few hours in the discotheque,they came out and left for Sunil’s house in his car.After a while,they reached his house.

After reaching Sunil’s house, and entering his house,Sunil told manisha to take off her clothes.Manisha took off her mini skirt,her tank top,her panty.Now she was nude infront of Sunil.Sunil was sitting on the sofa, and asked her to come to him.He had taken off his pant and underwar.He now asked manisha to sit on her knees facing him, and suck his cock,give him a blow job..Manisha did as told to her.Manisha stroked his cock in her palms,made it fully was abig cock.She then took the cok in her mouth and started sucking his cock.Manisha sucked the cock for quite sometime, and Sunil moaned,”Waah kya chus rahi hain…tu kamaal hain…waah…” Finally he ejaculated a whole load of cum inside her mouth.manisha swallowed the cum in her mouth.sunil now took his t-shirt, and was now bare chested.he now made Manisha lie on the floor, and cam on top of her,he kissed her forehead,her cheeks,and then passionately kissed her lips.manisha took reciprocated by kissing him.They shared a passionate French Kiss.After finishing the kiss,Sunil licked Manisha’s breasts and sucked her nipples.He then kissed her navel,licked her navel.he then kissed her thighs,licked her thighs,and then spread her legs wide, and put his finger inside,and gradually increased his fingers,first one,then two and then three.Then he took his fingers out, and licked manisha’s pussy with his tongue,and making her go wild with pleasure, and giving her an orgasm. Finally,manisha exploded her pussy juices on Sunil’s tongue and mouth. Sunil and Manisha then lied down on the floor for a few minutes.After sometime,Sunil got up,picked up Manisha,held her by her waist and took her to the bedroom, and made her lie down on her back on the bed.manisha gave a handjob to sunil,stroking his cock with her palms,and making it fully erect again.Now Sunil put on a concom over his cock and then inserted his condom covered cock inside Manisha’s pussy.Sunil had lifted Manisha’s legs on his shoulders.Now Sunil started making thrusts inside Manisha’s pussy.He made several thrusts,slow and fast, and was making Manisha wild, and she screamed,”aah aaah naaa nahin…aaah phaad diya…chod do mujhe sunil mere raja….mujhe apni aurat banaa lo…aaah aah..” Sunil made several thrusts inside Manisha’s pussy, and finally,his cock became limp, and he took out his cock, and took off the condom,which showed a lot of semen in it.Sunil then came on the bed,lied down beside manisha.He embraced her in his arms, and both fell asleep.


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