Thursday , December 8 2022

The truck drivers wife

I was woken up by the rumbling of a big semi-truck, it was 6:15 am. I took a peek out my bedroom window and saw my new neighbors, Mr. G and Mrs. G were hugging and kissing in front of Mr. G’s big red semi-truck. Mrs. G was wearing a really short pink silk robe, showing her curvy tone legs that seem to go on forever. When Mr. G picked her up for one final kiss, the robe rose above her ass. I could see she was wearing sexy white lace panties, I had a perfect view of that amazing devine ass. Mrs. G’s white lace panties didn’t even cover half of her plump ass checks. I instantly got a raging boner, I was lost in the moment. Mr. G put Mrs. G down and climbed into the semi-truck and waved to his wife goodbye, he shut the door and started driving off into the long road. Mrs. G turned around to walk back into her apartment, a cold morning breeze was blowing that morning, I noticed Mrs. G’s nipples were hard. Her nipples seemed to want to cut through her silk robe, they looked long and thick. With every step her C cup perky tits would gently bounce, they seem to dance to a song that only they could hear. As she got closer to her apartment, I was getting a better view of her body. Her silk robe clung to every dangerous curve of her body.

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