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The ultimate cum fetish story

My first cum party went better than I ever could have imagined. I got covered and filled with more of that delicious, sticky, sweet jizz than I ever though I could be. It quenched my thirst for a while, but pretty soon the craving was back, and stronger than ever. By now, I was sure I could call it an addiction and not be wrong. Just a couple months after the first party it had gotten to the point that whenever I saw a crowd of guys, my mouth would water at just the thought of falling to my knees, sucking them off, and letting them fill my belly up with cum. After the first party I had planned to hold another one once a year, but that changed quickly. I couldn’t stop thinking about all that sticky cream filling me up and covering my body. My pussy flooded every time the thoughts entered my head, which was far too often.

Every person that signed up on the website had registered with an email, so I had Jenn send out another invitation to everyone. Before she agreed to do it though, she made me promise a few changes for the next party. This time, she wanted in on the fun. Watching me eat and play with all that cum had made her hungry to try. She also wanted to get more creative. One of her porn friends, Jessica, was paying her way through culinary school, and Jenn invited her along to whip us up some “cum treats,” as she described them. Eating the cum-covered pizza really got me off, so the thought of more cum mixed with food made me weak in the knees. We also added a note in the email asking all the guys who were going to come to save up and freeze their loads for the week before the party, and then bring them when they came.

Apparently the word had spread after the first party that it was an event not to be missed. I guess I was a hit! Jenn’s porno friends were inviting more girls to come along and help the guys cum, and about 2,500 guys replied back to the emails we sent instead of the original 2,100. That would be enough to last for an entire weekend of yummy cum eating and jizz-drenched fucking.

The drill was the same. The guys would meet at a location and then be charter bused to my house in smaller groups. If you’re wondering how this is all possible without causing a scene, luckily I live in a big house in the country, so all of this could be done discreetly without any prying neighbors wondering just what the hell we were up too.

A couple days before the party Jenn and I went out to do some shopping. Our list was a little longer this time. We bought another beer funnel, some rubber bed sheets, and a big assortment of toys and various kinky devices, including a strap-on harness with 2 fat plugs on the inside, so we didn’t have to use duct tape this time. We also got a bunch of milk jugs and water bottles to empty and fill up with cum again. The same girl I’d put in charge of collecting cum in the jugs for the first party was coming to do it again.

I went to the liquor store to get some booze, but Jenn had to wait outside. I’d turned 21 since the last party, but she was still only 19, and didn’t carry a fake ID. I bought us enough alcohol to probably last a month though.

The day of the party we cleared out the living room and rolled out the kiddie pool, then put a spare bed next to it with a mattress that we covered with the rubber sheets. I didn’t want cum going to waste or soaking into anything but skin. We put all the toys we got into a big bin next tot he bed, so they’d be in easy reach. The first buses should be arriving in about an hour, so once we were sure everything was all set up we went to get dressed.

Instead of showing random bukkake movies on the bus TV’s this time, we showed movies of me with all of the cum in the week after the last party; bathing in it, playing with it, drinking down the bottles of jizz from the fridge, and generally just being a filthy cum slut for the camera. I can say with confidence it’s some of the hottest, dirtiest film ever recorded, and I was hoping it got all the guys balls nice and full before they got to me.

Jenn and I got dressed in our little skirts and stiletto heels, then started drinking a little to loosen up. A few of the girls arrived before the buses with the guys this time, and we told them their job would be to collect all the saved-up cum the guys were going to be bringing. I had some special plans for it at the end of the party.

Me and Jenn were already a little tipsy, and a lot horny, by the time the first group arrived. We were busy munching away at each others cunts on the bed when the crowd started filling the living room. We left the door open and Jenn had told her girlfriends to make everyone at home, so the crows just streamed inside and started stripping off clothes, gradually finding a place to sit and watch, or gather around us, or just getting right to the fucking

After a couple minutes I reluctantly pulled my tongue out of Jenn’s pussy, wiped my mouth, and stood up to face the crowd.

“Alright guys, most of you know the drill, but for the newbies, here’s the deal: Me and Jenn here want to be filled up and fucking covered with your cum. I’m sure you all saw the video, so you know what I mean when I say covered! If you’re a pussy about getting a little jizz on you, go ahead and get out right now. The other girls are here to help get you off, but me and Jenn are the one’s who get the loads. Don’t you fuckers dare cum in these other girls unless you’re wearing a rubber, and if you are, you better bring it straight to us. If you’re gonna cum and can’t get to us, this pool is here to catch your loads, so no excuses for wasting any of that yummy cum on the floor.”

Once I saw there were no questions, I hopped off the bed.

“Ok, let the cum-covered games begin!!”

The first time I’d started off slowly, but this time I was hungry. I wanted to get covered with jizz as quickly as possible, so I decided to start off right, with a nice long bukkake. I dragged Jenn to the kiddie pool and yanked off her skirt, then pushed her to her knees. The area around us suddenly filled with men, all sporting hard, throbbing pieces of meat, but for some reason no one came right up to us.

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