Thursday , March 23 2023

The White Slave

Not long ago it was a straight and stuffy white male. it was arrogant and self-satisfied with its white male social and economic leverage and advantages. In the rat-race of white society it suppressed its submissive white side.

But from time to time it would slip into daydreams of having a Black mistress and becoming a white slave for the Black Race.

it had been briefly married to a white trophy wife, but the demands of the rat-race of white society had brought that to an end. Like most white males it was a guilt-ridden closet white racist and it believed in white superiority.

But in its more secret fantasies it grew more and more into supporting white submission to Blacks.

it did not admit these fantasies to anyone in the white community, and it did not fully admit these fantasies to itself. it only cautiously allowed in secret desires of being a slave of Blacks and being kept naked by Blacks like an animal so as to be available for Black sexual gratifications, sexual perversions, sexual sport, and sexual amusement.

From watching interracial porn and from dealing with Blacks in real life it began to realize the reality of Black Superiority. And its guilt-ridden white mind slowly began to submit to Black Power, Black Supremacy, Black Superiority, Black Ownership of whites,

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