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The story begins when I was twenty years old and my elder brother Kashiram was contemplating taking a fourth wife. Yes, he already had three wives, hale and hearty, living under the same roof. Their only drawback was that none of them had produced a child.

Polygamy, in those days was accepted, both socially as well as legally.

We were big time farmers in a small village in a remote corner of Gujarat, India. We owed about 200 acres of prime land, several houses and shops in the village and a small money landing business. There was no shortage of money.

Kashiram Bhaiya (as an elder brother is referred to) is thirteen years senior to me. I was ten at the time of his first marriage with Savita Bhabhi (wife of brother). At twelve I lost my parents and was brought up, then after by Bhaiya and Bhabhi.

Five years passed and Savita Bhabhi did not conceive. Several doctors, vaidyas (indigenous physicians), hakims, astrologers and likes were consulted, tests were done, potions were given, amulets were tied on the arms of Bhaiya and Bhabhi. (I do not know if one was tied on his cock!) But nothing worked. Bhaiya got tired of waiting and decided to take a second wife. I was fifteen then and did not know why Bhaiya married second time. Unfortunately Champa, the second Bhabhi also failed to conceive.

The condition of both Bhabhis became miserable. Bhaiya was getting anxious by the day. This reflected in his behaviour with Bhabhis whom he treated rudely, though, I am sure, he did not stop fucking them in the futile hope of somehow fathering a child.

Bhaiya wedded Suman Bhabhi three years later. I was eighteen and had fully matured. My balls were the first to enlarge, soon followed by my cock. Hair sprouted in the under arms, on the face and on the genitals. I broke my voice. I started putting on muscles, wet dreams and masturbations followed.

I was a mere child when I saw the elder Bhabhis for the first time. The thought of fucking did not did not enter my brain even when I was vaguely familiar with the process, thanks to some of my more ‘advanced’ school mates. With Suman Bhabhi it was a lot different. For one thing, she was only slightly older than me. Secondly, she was quite beautiful, or let us say, she appeared beautiful to my teenage eyes. Thirdly, she considered me of her own age group and hence was quite free and unrestrained in my presence.

On my part, I could not keep my eyes off her. During the day I would have several glimpses of her rounded breasts and smooth thighs. At night their memory would serve as source of my fantasies of unveiling those treasures. My dick would then harden and I would enjoy slow prolonged session of masturbation before slipping into sweet slumber.

Suman was Bhaiya’s favorite. The other two were openly neglected except when their husband took a fancy to fuck them for a change. Bhaiya strongly believed that a hard fuck with a thick long cock ending in filling the chut (vagina) with thick semen was sufficient for the man to become a father. It was beyond his imagination that he himself could be the cause of their problem. He never had his semen analyzed.

Another couple of years passed and Kashiram Bhaiya became even more anxious to beget a child and thought about a fourth marriage.

Those days a young servant girl of my age used to come to our house for routine work like cleaning, washing dishes, making beds etc. Her name was Basanti, I knew her since early childhood. She was not beautiful by any standards but she had a pair of knockers that would put any of the super models to shame. She used to put on choli (tight skimpy blouse) ghaghari (pleated skirt reaching up to midway between knee and ankle) and odhani (half sari, one end covering the front of chest). The thin cloth of choli could not hide her small nipples, which appeared tobe in a state of perpetual erection. Her body was emanating strong intoxicating fragrance, which would give me an immediate erection.

I could not control myself. One day in a secluded area of the house I confronted her and grabbed one of her breasts. Angrily she slapped off my hand, glared into my face and said in menacing voice, “Aayinda aisi harkat karoge to bade seth se bata dungi.” (If you do this again I will tell Big Master).

Mention of Bhaiya’s name was enough to dampen my ardor. Then after I left her alone. Basanti was married about a year ago. She had now come for a couple of weeks. Her body had rounded up nicely after the marriage and I had a strong desire to fuck her. However she continued glaring at me and I could not collect courage enough to try her once again. And then ….

Something happened during next few days, I did not know what. The atmosphere changed for the better suddenly. Basanti started smiling at me, a sweet shy smile full of invitation. I could not believe my eyes. A couple of times I could feel her gaze on me and caught her staring at me with hungry eyes. I was strongly tempted to crush her in my arms and maul those proud tits of hers. But then I was scared of Bhaiya. I did not respond to her messages.

I had my own study room on the second floor of the house away from the general hustle bustle. One afternoon I was there reading something when Basanti drifted in stealthily.

My heart sank. I felt like fainting. I stood up immediately and started pushing her out of the room saying, “Out, out, before somebody comes up. Go away. I don’t need you.”

She turned about. There were tears in her eyes. She said, “I will go away as you wish but please tell me why you are so mad at me, what did I do to displease you?”

“Displeased? Oh, no. I am not displeased with you, now go away.”

She did not budge. She said, “I know why you are so mad at me. The other day I slapped your hand away that is why. But, Mangal, what could I do? My tits were so tender those days; it hurt badly when you grabbed it. Mujhe maaf kar do Mangal. (pardon me, Mangal)

Right then her odhani slithered down from her shoulder revealing fair amount of her fabulous cleavage. I am not sure if it did so of its own or she contrived to slide it down. Whatever be the cause, the result was the same: her chest was uncovered for the benefit of my eyes. Her choli had low cut neck and considerable portions of her delectable breasts were visible. My cock jumped up in anticipation.

My mouth went dry. I could hardly speak. Somehow I managed to say, “Err…err…there is no need to apologize, please don’t. It … I who should apologize, it was my mistake. Now, go away. I am not mad at you.”

A shy sweet smile lit her face. Throwing her arms around my neck she whispered in my ear,” Oh, Mangal, I am so relieved. For a while I thought that I would never be able to make up with you. But you are so kind and forgiving. I am very happy now.”

Unconsciously my hands had gone around her slim waist. She had pushed her pelvis against mine, which was not healthy for my aching lund. I said, “I am happy that you are happy.”

“But you know? I will not sleep easy until you do once again what you were doing the other day.”

Before I could comprehend whatever she was saying she grabbed my hand and pressed it flat on her soft breast.

I was terrified. I pulled my hand away but she held it fast. Down below my cock started dancing anticipating entry into a tight choot.

I said, “Leave me alone, are you crazy? Oh, can you imagine what would happen if somebody comes up and catches us red-handed?”

“You are unnecessarily scared. At this time of the day everybody is sleeping. Go on, feel my boob, grab it and maul it. It does not hurt now. Tumhe meri choochiyan achchhi nahin lagti hain (Don’t you like my boobs?).

I forced my hand away and pushed her out of my room. I said, “I will really be mad at you if you do not go right away. Now, go. Please.”

At last she turned to go. She paused for a moment as if hesitating and said, “Mangal, Can I come back late at night?”

I could not believe my ears. Was she offering herself to me? To make sure I cupped her breast and asked, “Are you sure you can make it?”

She did not protest. She lowered her gaze and said, “I am sure I can make it. You want me to come, don’t you?” She covered my hand, which was holding her breast.

I squeezed gently and said, “Yes, I do.”

“And you would like to … to fuck me?”

“Yes, yes. I would rather now.”

“Not now. Have you fucked anybody before?”

“No, you will be the first, if you allow me.”

“Wait till tonight; we will enjoy then.”

She ran away. At that time I did not know that somebody cleverer than me was working unseen to us.

In anticipation of the night, my lund remained stiff in spite of shagging twice. By about ten o’clock when finally she showed up I was fit to climb a wall. I grabbed her in my arms and started kissing. Forcefully she separated herself and said, “I am going to sleep here, with you. The whole night is at our disposal. What is the hurry?”

She had put on silky choli, ghaghari and odhani. There was a kind of sweet heady fragrance emanating from her body, which made my lund throb. She dMolestationd her arms around my neck and once again I crushed her soft body against mine. I murmured in her ear, “Oh, sweetie, where were you all these days?”

She held my head in both of her hands and started kissing me, pecking on my cheeks. The touch of her soft lips was very exciting. I tried kissing her in return but she would not allow me shaking her head this way and that. In this skirmish her lips came to touch mine. Suddenly all movements stopped. I pressed my lips on hers and stilled myself. She also stopped but continued rubbing her fingers in my hair.

I was a novice in the field of fucking. I only possessed theoretical knowledge gleaned from sleazy books and from tales of exploits of some of my friends. I did not know that a kiss could be this profound. For few minutes I was lost to the world, aware only of two things wet swollen tingling lips and wet slippery jerking lund. So, when she opened her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue on my closed lips I could not take it any more.

I pushed her backward till she touched the bed. I broke the kiss and pushed her flat on the bed and threw myself on her. I remember saying something like, “Pardon me, Basanti, I cannot restrain myself.” What happened next has left only sketchy and faint memories in my brain.

I roughly stuck my mouth on hers and pulled up her ghaghari. Forcefully I parted her thighs and came down between them. A tug on the string of my pajama uncovered my rampant lund.

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