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Topical hottie fulfills husband’s hotwife fantasy

My very loving and devoted wife of 20 years is an exotic knock-out with a striking, hypnotizing beauty from her East Indian / Middle Eastern / South American ethnicities and a stunning body and face, both appearing half her 40 years. She has been the head-turning object of lust for countless men (and women) and has been blessed with a healthy libido and ability to have endless multiple orgasms. Her 5’7″ and 120 Lbs. of perfect curves, long legs, impossibly round toned butt and perky firm breasts have finally fulfilled my biggest fantasy. She’s known of my perverted desires for years, but perhaps turning 40 shifted her adventurousness into high gear. Very luckily for me, she has made it her mission, since before we were married, to turn my sexual fantasies and carnal desires into reality.

My gorgeous wife came from a very well educated and religiously strict upbringing in South America. She had no sexual experience before the age of 19. She did not know how to masturbate or what an orgasm felt like before we met, yet she quickly found great fascination in my deviant desires all within a short time of taking her virginity. Breaking her hymen was NOT easy; she has- and still has- a very small and exceptionally tight vagina. She is 10 years younger than me.

By the time she turned 21, and before we married, she made many of my fantasies come true- including the one I had most wanted and not yet experienced; having sex with a girl right after her pussy was filled with cum from another cock. The kink for me is that this needed to be someone with whom I had a close emotional relationship. It went perfectly; I watched from within a very near closet while a young man fucked her and came inside her twice. She knew how very, very much it was turning me on to see her in a variety of positions being fucked to several orgasms from only 6 feet away. She asked to be pinned down and taken roughly with her nails digging into his ass as she was lewdly splayed open for maximum penetration- this worked well for my visual stimulation. And she knew exactly what to do immediately afterwards; reclining to keep his cum from running out of her nubile shaved pussy and encouraging him to leave quickly. Then, for the first time, I confirmed my desire for this perversion by opening her legs and tentatively tasting her well-fucked hole with another mans cum in it. This was followed by enthusiastically licking and sucking her to orgasm then fucking the sloppy seconds in her little used cunt. The smell of her cunt was intoxicating and the smell of his cock on her mouth was an unexpected surprise. The excitement gave me 2 orgasms inside her and a 3rd with her sitting on my mouth while jerking me off. She came dozens of times and we screwed until we were raw. In retrospect, I remember the thrill of watching her shave her pussy earlier that afternoon while showering in preparation of being fucked by another cock. Funny how certain little details stick in your mind and bring back the butterflies . . .

She soon experienced various forms of light bondage, sex with girls and 3-ways with other girls, anal sex, flashing, sex in public and me watching her flirt with other guys. She would make out with, and masturbate, 2 or 3 other guys rather frequently (usually as they finger-fucked her with her white cotton panties pushed aside) to excite me during our love-making as she relayed the experience of making their cocks cum . . . and occasionally, of her being fingered to orgasm as well. At this age she looked barely 15 with small breasts and a lithe little 105 Lb. body but she had become an insatiable nymphomaniac. I could not have been more pleased- or lucky. She relished the stimulation she felt in her newfound power over men and how readily she could bring them to orgasm. But, as much as I pestered her to let them fuck her and bring her little cum-filled cunny home to me, it didn’t happen. She had become quite love-sick over me and increasingly thought such involvement with other men was going too far in the wrong direction.

She did become more daring and confident with her sexual exploits in other ways though and always looked for new things to do that she knew would excite me.

When we were apart she would “accomplish” certain things to tell me about for added excitement during our love-making or over the phone. On one occasion, when I returned to the U.S. and she was in her home country, she telephoned me while having full-on sex with a very cute girl named Molly she knew I was eyeing and whose acquaintance it became her mission to make. She spoke with me while giving and receiving orgasms with this girl in a 69. She said she had already shaved the pussy of her new girl friend (of only 3 days) and looked forward to helping me fuck her upon my return. The night I arrived back she delivered on her promise and provided a sensuous repeat of the phone performance where they were locked to each other in a 69 before we ravaged the girl together.

We married after 3 years into our relationship. Her having sex with another guy really seemed to be off the menu at that point. As badly as I wanted to see her being fucked up close . . . or participate . . . or bring home her fucked and cum-filled pussy to me, the odds of this happening had diminished. I had to make do with sucking her cunt after cumming in her . . . sometimes 10 minutes after . . . sometimes 6 hours after. She was keenly aware of my number-one fantasy and would grind her used pussy down on my mouth obviously smelling and tasting thoroughly fucked while exciting me about how it was another mans cum in her. I could only remember, with great excitement, the one time it actually happened and imagine it happening again- but this time with her as my wife.

Ironically, after marrying, she was very comfortable with our sexual adventures continuing to include other girls. It was with almost too much ease that she brought other girls to bed for our mutual pleasure. And, for whatever reason, she was “hit on” frequently by Caucasian gals but typically befriended petite Asian and mixed girls- knowing they were the greatest turn-on for me. One particularly exciting experience was with an extremely cute, 18 year-old Asian/American girl who was into bondage and 3-way submissive sex. I fondly remember this girl tied spread-eagled on her stomach, ass propped high in the air with my cock buried in her butt as my wife alternated between tonguing my ass and balls and kissing this girl while shoving a dildo in and out of her cunt; I came in the girls ass from the sensation of feeling her pussy being fucked by my wife- and my wife tonguing my ass- plus the visual stimulation of this petite, little Asian girl tied spread-eagle, sodomized and ‘Molestationd’ by both of us. She and my wife sucked each other to several orgasms and we all came A LOT before she wanted to be untied.

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