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Transformed from a straight jock to a bottom via thug

I had just graduated from high school and set off to go to a top university and I couldn’t wait. The only down side was that my girlfriend Sasha wasn’t coming to the same college because she had other plans. We had been together for 3 years and looked set to be together for another 3, at least. Things were going great. That’s when I get a phone call from her, a day before our anniversary and an hour later, she’s dumped me. I was devastated and completely blind sided. Did not see that one coming at all. I spent a few days at home hiding, wallowing in self-pity and confusion, not sure how this had happened. I tried calling her a few times but it was to no avail, she wouldn’t talk to me. A couple of my friends I had told, Jamal and Randy, comforted me a little butt I was surprised to find out that they weren’t too surprised.

“Look dude, it’s a good thing. Sasha was cheating on you,” my friend Randy said.

“What the fuck is you talking about nigger?” I demanded to know, accusing him of talking nonsense. “How the hell is Sasha going to cheat on me, look at me nigger? Every bitch in school wants to fuck me.” Randy didn’t say anything because he knew I had a point. I was hot: good looking, with dark ember skin, a set of full of African lips and bodied like a Greek god, with a muscled, broad back which I had perfected playing running back in football. I was the complete package, being also from a well-to-do family. A lot of people said I looked like Tristan Wilds from 90210.

Nevertheless, what Randy had said made me concerned and I decided to investigate. I began to ask around and people told me she had been seen driving around a lot in strange places, as far South Central, LA. We were from the upside of town so we didn’t have a reason to be going there and I couldn’t figure what the hell she would be doing in the hood. So I parked outside her house one day and without being seen, I followed her. I had been tipped off that she would be most likely going on one of her strange trips and as soon I was driving behind her, I found out she was. Soon, we were in South Central and driving through the rough streets, I was reminded that if you ain’t got a reason to be in the hood, don’t go there. My parents were from there but they worked hard to make sure I didn’t have to live in the ghetto.

Sasha parked on an unremarkable street and got out of her car. I noticed she was wearing some sexy attire, tight white top and a black tennis skirt. She walked up to one of the houses and knocked on the door. Pretty soon, somebody opened it and she stepped in to the darkness of the indoors. “She is cheating on me. The fucking bitch” I said to myself as I came to understand what was happening.

After everything that we had been through, after all that love and she would throw it away so casually? Not if I had my say, I thought. I sat in my car and began to think about what to do, my rage replacing my previous emotions of love, fuelled by this horrible twist in my young life. An old Ford drove slowly past me, with two mean looking black thugs giving me the dirtiest looks as I clearly looked out of place in this area with my Mini Cooper and pink Polo top.

After about an hour, Sasha finally left the house and drove away. I didn’t follow her this time but got out of the car, my emotions a mixture of confusion and hatred and maybe a little a fear about what I was going to find out. I walked up the garden and onto the porch of the house Sasha had just been inside. Once I had summoned my courage and knocked on the door, I waited for a long time before someone opened the door but when I saw who it was I thought maybe it was better if I hadn’t tried to get it open. A black guy, built like a small tank and wearing a nothing on but a towel opened the door.

“Yes? What you want nigger?” he asked, growing impatient with my silence. I wasn’t sure of what to say, I was captivated by this guy. He was obviously a thug or some thing close to that. But my plan was to confront him about Sasha and I could see that it wouldn’t be easy, he was that huge. His arms were like tree trunks, muscles roped thick and covered in dark tattoos. I wasn’t an expert on such things but I thought maybe his tattoos indicated he was a member of some gang. “Nigger are you deaf?” he shouted at me. He leaned in a little towards me and I stared at his perfect, muscular body. I was a keen gym rat myself so it was always nice to see a good male body, like a purist admiring a piece of art. He reminded me a lot of this one porn star, Mr. Marcus. My eyes slipped and without realizing it I looked at his crotch to see if there were any similarities. From where I was standing, I could see a lot because there was the unmistakably imprint of a big dick.

I snapped out of my daze and replied, informing him who I was and that Sasha was my girlfriend and that he should stay away from her. He looked at me like he was confused for a few seconds, then he smiled, amused in an arrogant sort of way, and told me to come in. I did, not realizing what I had achieved since I wasn’t sure I had come across as too threatening. The door shut and we were along in his house, which was dark, smoky and had a strong, pungent smell of weed and sex. Something in my mind should have told me what this place was and what he was but I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly.

“So yeah, like I said before, Sasha is my girl and you best stop seeing her,” I said, trying to sound as tough and imposing as I could. He looked at me without saying anything. He seemed more pensive this time, like I had touched a cord so I assumed my request was met on his senses. He kept quiet for a few seconds more and then spoke.

“You know what nigger, you could be right. But you forgot one thing?” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked. But that’s when it hit me. His fist came flying out of nowhere and it smashed me on the cheekbone. I was surprised and knocked down, falling to the ground in a flash of colors and pain. For a big guy, he was lightning fast. In football, I was used to physical contact but that punch was the hardest I’ve ever been hit. It took me a few seconds to realize what the hell had happened, my ears tearing up and my body and mind filling with adrenaline and mixed emotions. I would have jumped and fought back but very quickly he turned around and from a bureau he fetched something and turned around and pointed it at me. It was a gun.

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