Sunday , May 28 2023

Two married couples having sex in the same room

So the couple that we experienced the same room sex experience with we had met on Craigslist. The first time we met was at Buffalo Wild Wings and was just talking about life, families, likes, dislikes, etc. We knew what each of us were there for, but neither couple wanted to bring it up. That night we ended up back at the other couples house had had a make out session with our own spouses, and the women gave each other topless back massages (still being discreet, and the husbands couldn’t see anything.)

The next time we hung out we met at our house, we ate dinner and had a couple drinks. The other guys wife was wearing a short skirt and a sexy tank top. After getting some alcohol into us and we were all tipsy and the inhibitions started to come down. We started talking about sex, and what we liked, didn’t like, etc. While talking we all kept on drinking. After a couple more bottles of Smirnoff Ice, we were all thoroughly blitzed, and were all sitting on the floor in our living room still talking.

The other guys wife complained that her back was hurting so he offered to massage it. She laid down on the floor and I offered my wife a massage too. So next thing both ladies were on the floor face down getting a back massage. The other guys wife asked if she could take her bra/shirt off so he could get skin on skin massaging, to which we all agreed (as she was taking everything off she was too drunk to care about hiding, and I saw her topless for the first time. She had gorgeous DD breasts with pink nipples (different than the light brown nipples that my wife has). I offered the same thing to my wife, and she agreed so she took her top and bra off as well.

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