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Two Vietnamese’s extreme sexfight and domination

Kim Thi Tran proudly inspected her breasts as she stood before the mirror. Despite her age of 35 and the pear size and shape of these 34C symbols of her womanhood, they were as firm as any teenager’s 32-inch tits. Gently stroking her nipples she watched in approval as they responded to her touch, stiffened and became firm. As she continued to look and touch she saw them expand to their full erect state of an inch in length and the thickness of a man’s little finger. An uncontrolled moan escaped from her as the engorged nipple sent waves of pleasure through her. As her hands lovingly continued to caress her breasts she observed the next stage in her arousal: the perfect circles around her nipples swelled causing a dark symmetrical mound to form as the skin stretched to contain her sexual awakening.

She put on a skin-tight, cream, lacy camisole, satisfied that both the shape and size and also colour of her stimulated areole and rigid nipples were fully visible through the lace. Parting her cunt lips Kim felt the source of the wetness of the love juice that had run down her inner thighs and in the mirror could see the enlarged throbbing pink clitoris that had burst out from under its hood and now stood upright three-quarters of an inch in length. Like a moth drawn to a light her hand was attracted to this huge responsive sex organ and she was soon writhing from the orgasm that racked her body. Recovering she placed on a thong that matched her camisole and allowed her erect clit and the lightning bolt shape she had shaved in her luxurious silk-like pubic hair to show through the lace.

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