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Two women are seduced at a nightclub

Laura and Sarah been friends through their childhood and stayed close throughout their formative years, even after each of them had married. Night outs like this had been a regular occurrence when they were single, although nowadays they invariably went out as a foursome with their husbands. But with Jake and Rob away overnight at some poker tournament or another, they were intent on turning the clock back and making the most of the evening.

But so far it had been a frustrating night. As she often did when she’d had too much to drink, Sarah had insisted that the first two nightclubs they’d visited weren’t lively enough. She knew ‘just the place,’ she’d said. Laura had gone along with it, of course. She always had. Sarah had always been the leader and she was the follower.

But as they’d made their way towards to her favoured option, they turned a corner and found a line stretching down the side street.

“I told you,” Laura complained as her friend insistently dragged her towards the club entrance. “We’ve got no chance of getting inside.”

“Of course we have,” Sarah laughed, pushing her blonde hair over her right shoulder. “Have you ever known me fail yet?”

It was true. Once Sarah set her mind to something, she usually got what she wanted. She always had. And with both of them the worse for wear after drinking too much already this evening, she was even more determined than ever. Grabbing Laura’s hand, she walked them straight up to the bouncer at the head of the queue.

Laura felt her body shiver as the bull-necked guy gave them the once over. Okay, Sarah’s skimpy dress showed off as much flesh as it covered—and she had a fabulously curvy body—but it was unlikely to impress this guy. He would have seen hundreds of women like her, like them, every night of the week.

“You on the list, ladies?”

Sarah’s response surprised even Laura. Ignoring the question, she turned sideways towards her and curled her hand around her neck. In an instant, her glossy red lips were locked on her mouth.

Despite the immediate shock, Laura caught on to the plan immediately and even opened her mouth to let her friend’s insistent tongue inside.

“I’m sure we’re on the list,” Sarah eventually said, grinning at Laura’s blushing face as she pulled away before swinging back to face the bouncer. “Whaddaya think?”

He smiled broadly as he reached forward to remove the velvet rope.

“I guess that’ll do it,” he murmured as he nodded towards the entrance “You’re in. Have a great time and don’t forget to come and find me again before you leave. I know of a great party afterwards.”

“Sure will,” Sarah giggled, blowing him a kiss before taking Laura’s hand and heading towards the door.

“What the hell were you doing?” Laura rasped out of the side of her mouth as they headed towards the club.

“You wanted to get in, didn’t you?” Sarah responded, with a hearty laugh. “Besides, I always thought you’d be a great kisser.”

“Yeah, right—” the brunette started to answer, but then cut off as they entered the club and the heavy beat of the music began to thump around their ears.

It was dark inside and despite the flickering strobe lights it took their eyes a few moments to adjust. But Sarah’s self-satisfied smile told Laura that the choice of location had been a good one.

The speakers beside the dance floor vibrated with full on bass as smoke billowed from the machines above them.

She led the way as usual, pulling Laura’s with her as they headed toward the main room and the bar. They’d had so much to drink tonight that a few more couldn’t do much more damage.

Laura tugged her to a halt as she nodded in the direction of the dimly lit small side rooms. That was interesting. Each secluded dark outlet had a few couches and chairs, and it was just about possible to tell that most were occupied as couples engaged in feverish make-out sessions.

“Looks like fun,” Sarah shouted at her, a broad grin splitting her face. “How about we find a guy each and try them out later?”

They both laughed as they made the rest of their way to the bar. The last thing either of them would be doing was getting off tonight. Tease a few guys maybe, but Laura would never contemplate being unfaithful to their husband and neither would her friend.


They stayed at the bar for a while. Why not? It was fun to tease all these guys. They had almost queued up to buy the two women one drink after another, but when they moved in for the kill Sarah discouraged any further advances by nuzzling into Laura’s neck.

“She’s my date tonight, big boy,” she told them.

The action left Laura red-faced, but the guys soon got the idea.

Actually, it was fun to tease Laura, too. Her brunette friend seemed worried she might take it too far and kiss her again. That wasn’t a bad idea. She hadn’t expected Laura to let her French kiss her infront of the bouncer and who knows what might happen as the night progressed?

“You’ve had too much to drink,” Laura suddenly told her, after they’d fended off another approach.

“Listen to Miss Goody Two Shoes,” Sarah responded, laughing out loud. “You’re slurring your words. I might be a lil intoxicated but at least I’m not drunk.”

“I’m not drunk,” Laura protested, and then held a hand to her head. “Am I?”

Both women laughed out loud this time.

“Who cares?” Sarah told her, taking her arm. “How often do we get the chance to let our hair down like this? C’mon, let’s dance.”

She took the lead as soon as they were on the main floor, putting on the same sort of provocative show she enjoyed even when they were dancing with their husbands. As usual, Laura held back a little, but Sarah knew that she would quickly get in the mood.

Her inebriated state would see to that.

They were gradually encircled by other dancers, mainly women, all losing themselves in the music and atmosphere. Two in particular caught Sarah’s eye. At first they were moving together, shamelessly bumping and grinding their bodies against each other, but then they separated so that they could dance with the two friends.

The Nordic-looking young woman subtly matched Laura’s moves while the Latin American beauty began to gyrate infront of Sarah.

The girl was a real looker and her thick, wavy black hair provided quite a contrast to her friend’s long blonde hair. It also seemed to define her personality—wild and uninhibited?—with those burgundy pouty lips and heavy eye makeup giving her the appearance of a sexual predator.

Sarah’s gaze flickered across her body. She didn’t try to disguise her interest, why not let her know she was looking? The flowery top barely contained her full breasts—from the way they bounced, she was clearly braless—and ended just above her navel. Some kind of tattoo encircled the gold loops in her belly button and her short black leather skirt displayed the most fabulously toned shapely legs.

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