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Uma seduced and Uma ki Chudai

The story starts 20 years ago. Uma at the budding age of 18 watched the events after her elder Sister Devi’s marriage with great attention. Devi was 21 and was married to a small businessman Rakesh. Devi had just completed her studies. She was a beauty of the area .She had a visibly thin waist and a broader hip. Though many boys had eyed her, Rakesh was a womanizer and he succeeded in getting her. Uma kept company to her sister by standing behind her throughout the day. Rakesh looked at her and felt she will be more beautiful than Devi at her age. He wanted to test her. He started teasing Uma by touching Devi all over her back whenever Uma was looking at them. When he squeezed Devi’s butts Uma’s face turned red. After a month Devi with Rakesh came back for a week stay.
Uma found that Devi was always very close to Rakesh and was enjoying every touch of him. Rakesh seeing Uma steeling glances at them again decided to tease her. That night Devi was preparing the bed in her room. Rakesh called Uma and asked her to get some water for him. He then hugged Devi. When Uma came back he parted from Devi ensuring that Uma had a glance of what is happening. Now he pulled Devi again. Though she resisted telling Uma may come back, she slowly gave in to him as he convinced her it is sleeping time for Uma. He also closed the door, but didn’t lock and there was a small gap that Devi didn’t notice. Hot Devi yielded to his pull as she believed the door was also closed. Hugging her he slowly pulled out the saree exposing her boobs. Rakesh didn’t give time to Devi to think. He was raining kisses and slowly removed her blouse button leaving one intact. As he heard the footsteps of Uma, he pulled Devi’s face close and locked lips. Uma peeped through the gap .She saw him pulling her sister and suck the lips. The newly wed girl couldn’t resist the experienced fucker husband. She stood feeding her lips to him. He cleverly undid her last button and pulled off the blouse. Uma stood as if in a trance and watched her sister’s blouse go off .Her fleshy round boobs were visible though locked by the tight bra. Now Rakesh licked her bare shoulder. Uma panicked as she felt Rakesh could have seen her while licking Devi’s shoulder. She ran away. But Rakesh didn’t stop. He pulled out Devi’s saree and she was standing with skirt.
As he expected again Uma slowly peeped in. He pulled the skirt knot .Devi was not wearing panty. Uma was amazed at the site of her sister’s round spotless butts and broad hip that tapered to her thin waist. Her breath almost stopped as his hand slowly slipped from her sister’s thin waist to the broad hip. Uma watched as her sister’s bra was pulled out freeing the erect boobs. Rakesh turned Devi and kissed her back. Uma could now see the fully grown boob and dark red swelled nipple of Devi. Though a bit small they were fleshy and round. His hand moved to her both boobs and started squeezing. Her boobs perfectly fitted in his hands. Devi got aroused, couldn’t stand on her legs and fully rested her back over him. Uma got aroused and got one step closer unintentionally pushing the door more open. Rakesh was running the show for Uma. Seeing her trying to get clear view, he smiled to himself and pulled down Devi’s skirt. She was not wearing panty. Her full front was in view for Uma. She looked with surprise the clean shaved pussy of her sister. It was like a hot bun cut at the center. His hands again climbed to her breast. Devi pulled him to the bed. Rakesh obediently followed and pushed her across the bed. Devi’s legs were hanging down. He lifted them and pulled apart. Her pussy lips slightly parted and showed out her puffy bud. Rakesh bent down, ran his finger along the slit .His finger entered into the flower end and his mouth clamped on the bud. Devi without moving her hip bent her back and pulled his dick into her mouth.
The scene was too much for Uma and a `huh’ sound escaped her mouth. Devi stiffened at the sound. Rakesh came out telling her that he would check what may be the sound. Uma realizing her mistake moved away from the door but stood by side in a panic state. Rakesh came near her and put a hand on her shoulder. Uma had no words. His hands moved sideward to her waist and stopped at her hip. He whispered in her ears, “don’t worry Dear, I will do this to you some other day”. He quickly turned back to Devi and told her it was nothing. Uma slowly walked back to her bed still in a shock state. Next day Uma avoided seeing him. But the day after was Sunday. Uma hid herself in the kitchen. Her mother was very happy at her daughter’s cooking interest and let her cook. Devi had gone to a friend’s house. Rakesh was looking for Uma as they were leaving for home in the evening as they were invited to his close friend’s house for Sunday. He went to the kitchen and started talking to Uma. Although this lessened her tension, Uma was happy but teased him with short replies. The pride of her beauty was visible to him. Uma served meals in the noon. Rakesh was showering praise for the good tasty cooking. Devi was sitting opposite to him in the dining table. Uma was standing near Devi. Devi asked Uma not to stand near her only, but to serve uncle also. Uma went near Rakesh and asked him whether he wanted anything. He replied that he wanted everything she had. She instantly laughed at his clever double meaning reply. This emboldens Rakesh and he touched the backside of her legs. The smoothness of her legs could be felt through the pant she was wearing. Uma couldn’t decide what to do. But his hand quickly moved to her sensitive thigh and Uma became paralyzed. His hand reached for her soft butts and squeezed them. Unable to control the sensation Uma stood on her toes. This didn’t last long as she got some excuse to leave.. That evening Rakesh and Devi went to their home some 40 km away.
Back in home Rakesh had a flashback. His friend was Vicky a photographer. They were close friends and roamed together when they were bachelors. Vicky got married just a year before. His wife Moana 21 years old was very beautiful. Her pale wheat complexion and medium built body with excellent curves form neck to hip made him crazy. He tried to flirt with her, and this got the attention of Vicky. Moana’s dressing pattern projected her well-developed boobs very attractively. Her boobs were larger than other girls of her age. Rakesh chatting with her irritated him as he knew Rakesh well. His marriage with Moana was due to his attraction towards Moana, who had good wealth in her name. Vicky also had weakness for women and both had shared same girls in bachelor life. In fact Vicky had more chance to meet yielding girls due to his profession and his desire to earn quick money. To add to his pain Rakesh praised her beauty to Vicky himself and also told him that he was very lucky to get such a sexy figure. He couldn’t hide his lust for her. Vicky even warned Rakesh not to flirt with her. Vicky sent his wife to her parents when she became pregnant and felt a bit relieved. She had just returned with one month baby when Rakesh got married. But Vicki’s mouth widened as he saw Devi in bridal dress during their marriage.
Back when they settled in their home, Vicky and Moana invited Rakesh and Devi for a welcome feast to their house. As Sunday was holiday for both, they fixed Sunday for the party.
When they reached home Saturday night, both Moana and Vicky went to their house and asked them to come in the morning itself so that they can spend the whole day together. Next morning Rakesh asked Devi to dress attractively as Vicky’s family always wear attractive dresses. Rakesh had an inner thought that Vicky should also see that he had a more beautiful wife. Devi wore a costly synthetic silk saree below navel. The saree was light and projected clearly her beautiful curves. She wore a low neck blouse with half sleeve. Though it didn’t show off her small boobs, it made the bulge prominent highlighting their straightness. When they entered Vicky’s house Moana had just gone to bath after making their breakfast ready. Moana served them the breakfast and as they were chatting Moana’s child started crying. Moana took her child and started feeding. Devi looked around the hall and found a large scenery pic and exclaimed, ‘beautiful! ’Vicky said, “I am basically an artist and I have pic all around the house’. He also asked Moana to show around the house. ’But Moana as she was feeding the child asked Vicky to show around. Devi called Rakesh also. He said that he knows every corner and asked her to go with Vicky. Vicky also said that it will be boring for Rakesh. While feeding the baby slept .Moana complained he always sleep like that. Rakesh got up and massaging the child’s cheek softly said, “If you massage like this he will not sleep”. The child started sucking again. But Rakesh didn’t take his hand from the child. As Rakesh were massaging his finger moved a bit more and the child’s mouth came out of the nipple. His finger accidentally rubbed along her nipple. Moana‘s nipple had almost extended to an inch length and was open to see. Vicky and Devi noticed this. Devi looked at Vicky with fear. But Vicky told Devi, “let us go around the house. You will enjoy the other rooms also”. While moving Devi told him that she was afraid he would be angry with Rakesh for the incident. Vicky cashed on it saying that he cannot be angry with his friend. Even Rakesh and Moana were scared, but they were surprised and relieved at his reply. But Rakesh guessed that Vicky somehow wants to be close with Devi and for that he may compromise

Vicky was from a rich family, owned a car and many immovable assets that fetched a good return. Vicky was Rakesh’s close friend, but often Vicky had made important decisions for him and his decisions had always benefitted him. Devi was actually Vicky’s selection. Vicky had a great part in their marriage. One day when Devi was returning from college she slipped and fell while trying to board a bus. Vicky stopped his car and took her to a nearby clinic. While returning to drop her back, he asked her friend accompanying her all details about Devi. Her friend asked him, “Are you going to ask for marrying her. Why so many questions; ask her directly if you want”. Devi blushed on hearing this. Vicky replied, “It would be great luck to marry this beauty. But I am married. So I thought I shall tell about her to my friend for marriage. Then she will also be my friend”. Devi thought, `for this man’s sake I shall marry his friend. He will also be a good man’. Next day Rakesh was promptly waiting with Vicky. Vicky introduced Rakesh to her. She was very shy, but told Rakesh she needed sometime and will tell her answer later. Vicky gave his contact No and told her If she is feeling delicate to tell Rakesh she can tell him her answer. Next day Vicky met her and told her all details she wanted about Rakesh. He was frank enough to tell her that they occasionally consumed alcohol and flirt around; but assured she would be happy as his wife. She gave her acceptance to marry him and asked him to ask her parents and their decision will be final. Devi also narrated the incident to her parents. This ended up in their marriage.
This background made Devi feel close with Vicky and without any hesitation she went around the house with him. After seeing the rooms in the ground floor they were climbing for the first floor. Vicky let her go front and followed. He waited till at one step she put toe in upper step with heel hanging and he slightly put his foot on her saree for a short time. Devi tripped and fell back. Vicky was ready for this and held her in half fallen position. Her face was on his and her lips brushed his cheek. His hand rushed for the navel it was longing to feel. His finger entered the navel cavity same time her lips were brushing his cheek. This was too much for the newly opened Devi .To add to her wavering, his hand started exploring her smooth and soft stomach very softly. She was having goosebumps and couldn’t realize when her lips met his. His mouth sucked in her soft lips, as his hand penetrated into her saree to her pubic mound. The way her lips got inside his mouth by sucking in was giving very sensational felling for her. He suddenly withdrew and lifted her through the last few steps and let her down. She was almost panting. Anger showed on her face. Vicky truly felt guilty and thought that he shouldn’t have done it. He said, “I am sorry. I just touched your stomach to hold you. It is so silky. I lost control .I couldn’t control when your lips touched my cheeks and lips. They kept silent for some time. By the time Devi got cooled. Suddenly she thought of their first meeting when she fell down. Her hand reached for her chin which got injured at that time. Thinking back the sense of his kiss made her shy and her face turned red. She felt she couldn’t go down now and so looked out through the window there.
She turned towards him and asked, “What shall I tell my husband if he see my lipstick and hair in disorder. Her shy red face again woke up his lust .He replied that he would apologize to him. Devi hastily replied, “No, No don’t tell him anything. It will be an embarrassment for me. Also I don’t want to spoil your friendship. But don’t do like that. I also saw how you reacted when Rakesh’s hand accidentally brushed your wife’s chest”. Vicky replied that Rakesh always play with baby, also makes the baby sleep easily Vicky took a lipstick box from his wife’s wardrobe and gave it to her with a smile. She selected her color and adjusted her long flowing hairs. Vicky followed her as she climbed down the steps.
Down there the devil in Rakesh woke up as they were out of site in the steps. He eagerly waited for the child to stop sucking a short time it again tired of sucking closed its eyes and stopped sucking. He took his hands to the child’s cheek. Alarmed Moana looked around and looked at the stairs. Her eyes met his eyes and widened in fear and pre instinct .her hand involuntarily went to her saree folds and pulled to fully cover her baby. Rakesh couldn’t take his eyes from her eyes. But the feeling of her saree over his hand prompted his fingers to move forward. His finger stopped at the sensation of touching her nipple. His eyes were reading into her eyes and face that gave hundred expressions. His fingers locked to her nipple. They were slippery with the Child’s saliva. When he strengthened his hold he realized its hardness but his finger slipped again he locked his finger and moved along her nipple. It was an inch long .a she repeated this Moana caught his hand tightly .This prompted him to catch the heavy boobs and feel its size. Moana let out a weak moan and bent forward enabling him full hold of her boobs that had given him sleepless nights. His hand was feeling all around like the hand of a blind man trying to know the details of an object with the feel of his fingers.
Moana went to her parents in the 5th month her pregnancy as the doctor had advised her not to travel after 5th month of pregnancy due to her health condition. She longed for the male touch and this made her return to her husband one month after delivery. Vicky was advised by elders not to touch her till the child complete the fourth month and he strictly complied as he had other connections to satisfy his sexual urge. Now the baby was on its third month and she had to wait for around 50 days. Moana couldn’t openly ask for sex to her husband. As her health and food intake was improving her milk yield was also increasing. She feared soon she will be having more milk than the baby can drink. Her suppressed desire had come up resulting in her pushing her chest against his hand .Rakesh wanted to kiss her and pulled her further closer. Just when his lips met her cheek the child that was disturbed due to the pull started crying. Moana coming back to her senses released herself from him and sharply ordered him to move away and sit. She stood up and consoled the child. She corrected her dress and wiped the child’s face and mouth and slowly walked to make it sleep. By that time Devi and Vicky returned.
Moana complained to Vicky she has to cook for the noon; but child is not sleeping. Rakesh offered to look after; but Moana hesitated. Vicky teased her by telling Rakesh know more about childcare and so she can give it to him. Moana with a naughty smile asked him whether he knew how to change diaper and gave the child to him .Both the men were well known to Devi and Moana. But they didn’t know each other as much. Devi offering to help her went to the kitchen. Both the men discussed about what to for the rest of the day. They decided to go for a noon show movie. After some shopping they decided to have dinner at Vicky’s house. Vicky suggested they stay for night and both shall have a drinks party late night after letting the ladies sleep. Rakesh said he should ask his wife. Vicky told him, “Hey, wait, you will complicate. I will suitably talk to the ladies. “Then he called Moana and told her that they shall stay for night and the gents shall have a late-night party in the terrace. Moana said, “I know you people; but what will Devi think. They are newly married .It will make night lonely for Devi. ”. Devi hearing the conversation replied that it is ok if ok for Moana.
Devi thought something and went to the hall and called Vicky and told him not to allow Rakesh exceed the limit so that no embarrassment is caused. Vicky replied, “Don’t worry. We drink just to relax and talk freely about everything. But thanks for freeing Rakesh tonight. Devi’s face turned red on hearing the last words and tried to tell something but got struck. Vicky enjoying her state commented, “Wow, It requires thousand eyes to look at this shying face and twisting lips. “Rakesh shot back, if you require thousand eyes to see the face, how many eyes I shall need to see her fully”. Provoked Devi threw the spoon in her hand towards Rakesh and turned back and dashed onto Moana who was coming out. Moana hugged Devi, and consoled her by telling, `these devils will never reform.’ Later the two wives decided to have their revenge by recording their drunken blabbering and playing it next day.
As planned they went for the film. Moana suggested that they shall sit in the last row, so that she can go out if the baby cries or need cleaning. Moana took the aisle side seat, Vicky and Rakesh sat next and Devi sat innermost. Soon after film started baby started crying .Moana conveniently sitting near the walkway, took it out. As Moana took long time Vicky went out to see. Shortly they returned with the baby sleeping. As soon as they sat, it started crying. Rakesh took the baby and went out. In few minutes he came back with the sleeping baby. Moana tried to go to Rakesh’s seat. But Rakesh said it was better for to sit near the aisle and tried to move in. then Rakesh asked Vicky to move to the next seat resulting in Vicky sitting next to Devi. Moana sat next to Vicky and Rakesh took the corner seat. Vicky put his hand on the arm rest and it touched Devi’s hand which was already there. Devi turned and saw Vicky and not knowing what happened around, sharply told him that he would lose respect, if he didn’t get off the seat. Vicky normally a cool man got very angry and stared at her and told her that he even doesn’t want to look at her face and started walking away. Rakesh not knowing what happened asked him whether the seat was not convenient. Vicky didn’t reply but just waved his hands. Rakesh then sat near Devi and told her, “To avoid the trouble crossing in and out I asked him to sit here .why this fellow go out unnecessarily. “Now Devi understood what happened and felt guilty. But again Rakesh took the child out, as it cried at every loud noise in the movie. As Devi’s next seat was vacant for some time due to Rakesh going out and now Vicky going out, the man sitting behind inserted his leg under the seat and touched her legs. Initially she didn’t realize and this encouraged him further. He inserted his hand side wards and touched her. She turned back and moved away to avoid him. After sometime his hand touched the proton between her neck and blouse. And moved along her back .Before she could do something it entered the backside of her blouse. He was pressing her blouse to the seat with one hand and with other hand probing her back. She could feel the pull of blouse in her boobs. She panicked and felt ashamed to shout. She looked for Rakesh and he was sitting next to Moana with the child. She feared her blouse would tear. Then his hand came out of the blouse and tried to enter front. The child also started crying again. She stood up and telling that she will care for the child this time, she took the child and went out. She knew well that Vicky had been hurt by her.
She consoled the child and looked around for Vicky. After sometime she found him near the snacks shop. Vicky was visibly upset. She went near him and apologized, but he was looking somewhere. Tears swelled in her eyes. She didn’t want others to watch them. She held his hand and slightly pulled .He followed her to a corner. As the baby was with her she was a bit bold. She apologized to him again .he said, “Ok, ok, you go. “But she told him she will not go unless he come with her and sit near her and also told him, if he wants she will accept any punishment given by him .`Any punishment ??’,he asked and she nodded. Then he in his usual tone told her that he will tell the next day. The child exhausted started sleeping .They both went in and sat together. The child in its sleep put its mouth in her left breast over the blouse. She unable to bear the sensation she let out a sound that attracted Vicky’s attention. Vicky looked at the child and grinned at her. She said, “Please, it is tingling, very hard to bear. Do something”. He said, “If I take the child it will cry. I do something else, again you get angry”. She promised him that she will not be angry. Then he took one finger near its mouth and with other hand he took he left boob in his hand and slowly pulled it out of the child’s mouth and at the same time fed his finger to the child. This happened in a split second. She couldn’t find mistake with him ,but realized that she could have done the same.

By this time the back seat man, who couldn’t touch Devi’s boob as she suddenly went away want to make a try once more. But this time Vicky was near. Devi when she felt his hand on her back, pinched Vicky’s hand and signaled him to look back. Vicky smiled at Devi on knowing what is happening and put his hand behind over her seat. The back seat man hastily withdrew his hand. Soon he changed to some other seat as that row was almost vacant. Their row also had the next seats vacant giving a convenient situation for seducing her. Now Vicky’s arm was touching her back and his hand was touching her right shoulder. Now after the back seat man’s touch, Vicky’s hand was a welcome relief for her. The child was sleeping freely. She relaxed her pose. This caused Vicky’s finger touch her right side shoulder part. To increase the distance, Devi moves her butt towards Vicky’s side, and inclined her body in the opposite direction thus pulling her shoulder away from him. Devi adjusted her saree to cover the bare portion to ease her fear that someone may think wrongly .this hid Vicky’s hand. But Vicky observed that her action has exposed her belly which was very near due to her pose.
Rakesh, while telling about his first night experience had told Vicky that Devi broke the ice only when he touched her navel and started exploring her stomach. Vicky thus knew Devi had her sex arousal in her stomach area. He inclined towards her closing the gap and ensured his hand good assess to her navel. Vicky turned to Devi and said his hand position is uncomfortable in the backrest and it would be better if he could fully rest it on her shoulder. Devi murmured that someone may think wrongly. Vicky replied that they are not doing any mistake. Devi replied, “Who will believe if you say, you drank fruit juice in a brandy shop. Even if you keep your hand simply there, it is equal to ……..”She stopped for a while and he could see her face turn red due to shyness. She completed by murmuring, “Do anything .Do I have a have a say? “Vicky rested his hand on her and asked her to complete her sentence in a soft tone .Devi shot back, “you are a baby. Don’t know anything”. Her condition was almost like an elephant caught in a trap pit. He could feel her body shudder as his finger felt her bare skin. He invaded her on both sides, His finger slowly moved along, attracted by the slippery smoothness of her belly and the other hand move along her bare shoulder towards her chest. Devi was visibly disturbed looking around in fear, but she couldn’t say anything to Vicky. His hand’s soft tingling made her move resulting in his finger slightly entering into her blouse touching her left boob .her hand pressed his hand to stop its advancement. His hand slightly entered her saree fold and moved towards the pubic mound. To thwart the action, she moved away her hip involuntarily giving excellent access to her boob. His fingers conquered the small ball and poked the sharp and small nipple. Devi’s hand accepting defeat took the role of hiding his hand. His other hand was restlessly probing her stomach. She surrendered her boobs to his passion. His hand tried to go further in to capture the bottom-line of her boob. She involuntarily lifted her chest to aid his hand and closed her eyes, herself immersed in the sensation. Vicky smiled cunningly, as the Tip given by Rakesh worked well. At the same time Moana wanted the baby for feeding. Rakesh stood up to get the baby. Seeing this, Vicky whispered in Devi’s ears to pretend sleeping and Devi simply obeyed understanding some problem, without knowing what is happening. Rakesh came near them, Seeing Devi’s pose and her eyes closed, Rakesh himself a playboy, in a moment grasped what is happening. He was obsessed with Moana and thought that this will help him get Moana. He went close to him and said, “Vicky, Devi is sleeping. In this position she will slip down from the seat. In this position her neck will get hurt. Can’t you make her sleep with her neck in your shoulder? (With a Wink)Don’t think her as some other person. Put your hand on her waist and Pull her to your side. Ok, give the child .Moana wants to feed the child. She says the feeding bottle is empty.” Vicky smiled understanding his friend’s idea and said, “If she feels it inconvenient take her and child home .If confident take car. Better Hire an Auto. I will take care of Devi and bring her after film. It seems you don’t let her sleep all night”. Devi also wanted to go. Vicky folded the hand rest separating the seats and put his hand around her and pulled her to his side and made her head rest on him. But as she was pretending asleep she had to keep silent. Within minutes she heard the sound of Rakesh and Moana leaving. While leaving Moana was telling Vicky not to frighten Devi and she was newly married. There was silence for some time.
Devi lifted her head and said that they also shall go. Vicky replied that they can’t as they may not go home straight and Moana will need some privacy to feed baby. She asked him what Rakesh will do. `Help her as he did in the morning’, was his reply. Devi asked him what he would do if Rakesh touch Moana. He replied that it was their personal matter. Devi tried to imagine what they would do. With that he bent down and pulled Devi and locked her lip with his. For a minute she was like a deer caught under a lion. The hand rest was already folded Devi was almost in his lap. Devi tried to get up and this resulted in her lips further locking into him. It was theatre and so she couldn’t make much noise and she had to give in to his grip.AS he sucked her lips his hand started feeling her sensitive organs. Slowly her resistance faded. Like a well-tuned string instrument Veena, in the hands if a musician, her organs began to react to the probing hands. Thus a well brought up beauty of 21, started losing her well protected honor. Devi never had worn provocative dress, never had flirted with boys, any her beauty was only one man’s secret till yesterday. She even didn’t allow her husband to touch her at any place other than their home. Even in her parents’ house he could have sex with her only one day after cunning planning. But now as she tried to get up, her lips further went close making his sucking easy and it lost its stiffness softened and entered his mouth and gave him all freedom to feast on its sweet juices and also showed off the tongue, that was hiding into maximize his plunder.
Her hands initially tried to protect her breast by covering them. But when his hand loosened the hooks, and found the gap, it pressed them to stop its advance. But the breast swelled due to the blood rush and enlarged them to show all their glory. They stood like two straight sharp weapons. Her hands failed and his hands took her breast and pressed squeezed, pulled and mauled them. After all treatment they stood straight like brave soldiers. Not giving up Vicky tried to put his mouth and punish them with his mouth. He could take the tip only due to the position. Devi lifted her chest involuntarily to willfully lose another well protected secret fully. Devi was learning the art of extracting pleasure by giving. Vicky wanted to capture her last protected area and make her fully surrender to him. But there was no sufficient time, and considering the risk involved, he stopped his play and let her relax. When Devi corrected her dress and pose, the film came to an end and they started for home. Devi feeling guilty had her head down, as she couldn’t look at his face. Vicky held her hand as if she was his wife.
Back in home, Moana wanted to bathe so that she could feed her child. The child again started crying for milk. Rakesh put some fresh milk from kitchen in the feeding bottle and started feeding the child. After bath, Moana in her hurry to feed the child just wore her nighty and came out. When Moana came out from bathroom the child was asleep. She thought that she can wear a proper dress after feeding. She took the child and tried to feed it. Her breast was full of milk and the nipple had lengthened and puffed up. She removed the zip and putting a towel over and tried to feed the baby. The baby didn’t suck, slept with nipple in mouth. She murmured, ` what I can do if you don’t drink; already it is full and paining’. Rakesh went near and started massaging the baby’s cheek softly. It sucked slightly but didn’t drink leaving it flow down. With her breast full she already had a slight pain. She let Rakesh try and bent back .In the action her nipple came out. Seeing her eyes closed he took the nipple in his hand and put it to baby’s mouth. She felt his hand but chose not to react. She had a soft corner to Rakesh. She later told him if her husband had come with her she would not have this problem. She thought she would have her husband suck the milk if he were here. Rakesh one finger was supporting her nipple as the baby was not holding to it. She closed her eyes again and Rakesh slowly pulled down her towel. Now her one breast was fully open. Rakesh took it in his hand. Moana opened her eyes in shock. He pressed the boob slightly and milk sprayed out. Moana felt the relief and pleasure of milk extraction a he hastily asked, “Shall I suck “.Moana didn’t expect such a request. She was both amused and tense. Rakesh was not willing to wait for reply. He clamped his mouth to her nipple and started sucking. Moana’s thinking process stopped as she was overcome by the sensation. Her hand held his head as the sensation was much needed for her. He put one hand around her neck and started probing while the other hand made her nighty slip down her shoulder making her seminude. He shifted to her other nipple and Moana felt full relief. She slowly slides down to lying position surrendering herself to Rakesh. Rakesh moved his hand down tracing her curves all the way down to her pubic region. He pulled her nighty down and Moana lifted herself up to aid his action. Rakesh himself became nude, and his hand started exploring her pussy. He moved his hand along the bald silky skin of her pubic region and the slit resting on her bud.
It was just at that time Vicky and Devi entered. Devi stood shocked .Vicky held her mouth closed as they watched the scene. Unaware of four eyes watching Rakesh opened her legs and started sucking the petals of her pussy. Moana started moaning and her hands caught his hardened dick. Then he climbed over her and Devi could see his dick tearing into her pussy. Vicky took Devi to the next room. His hand tried to lift her saree. Devi took his hand and put it on her chest and told him, “Please, not now. I feel sultry. I feel like getting menstrual cycle. I have to bath. Give me time. “Vicky showed her the towel and she entered the bathroom.
As their fucking session ended, Moana realized that it’s time for Vicky and Devi to return. She urged Rakesh to get ready and quickly entered her bathroom. Rakesh wearing his dress, went to the next bedroom to see Vicky sitting there and was terribly shocked. Vicky smiled at him and asked whether his session was over. He continued by telling that he knew Rakesh’s obsession for her and also told him he can have her anytime. Rakesh asked where Devi was and Vicky replied that he couldn’t have Devi as she was still in dilemma and she went to bath. Vicky told him Devi is shy type. In their one month married life he could fuck her only a week after marriage Again she will not let him touch whenever they went to relative’s house and stayed there, during menstrual cycle she didn’t allow for a week. She didn’t allow him for few days complaining pain and totally he had fucked her only six times in the month, but she is wonderful in bed. Vicky had to be patient for her. Rakesh also told that he would not touch her for some days, so that she get some craving for sex just as Vicky did to Moana. They decided that Rakesh will shift to the other portion of Vicky’s house and they shall live together as one family in two houses separated by a door. The door will be closed when there is guest or relatives. Devi came out of bathroom and Rakesh told her that they left the theatre only to give her some time with Vicky and also told her of their decision to live in same home. Devi told him that she feared after some days they will think cheap of both wives. After some discussion, he accepted that they will not force Devi, they shifted to the other portion of Vicky‘s house next week.

Vicky was planning to seduce Devi into a relationship, using her proximity. Rakesh had told him that Devi is having her 21th birthday next week. But his plan was slowed down as Devi’s parents wanted to see their new residence. As Uma was also having her holidays, they visited them .Devi and Rakesh requested them to stay there for few days. As they had other works, they couldn’t, but it was decided Devi’s mother and Uma will stay for two days. Rakesh carefully closed the partition door and both friends had to put off their plans .During night Uma was watching TV .Their mother asked Uma to go to sleep as it was late. Uma took some more time as they went to sleep. Devi was in her menstrual cycle and all the ladies decided to sleep in another room. After another half an hour, Uma switched off the TV and wanted to go to bathroom, before sleeping. In a careless mood she approached the separating door, unaware that is the separating door between the two houses, she opened it .She thought that she had missed this part of the house earlier. She went to the toilet there and started exploring that part of the house unaware, that she is trespassing. She entered the next room and stood fixed, unable to comprehend the scene. There Vicky was undressing Moana, who was passionately kissing him. First, she could not recognize them in that condition. Moana’s sexy body, color, and active sex action thrilled her. Moana was very fair, making the fair, beautiful Uma look dark. Moana’s dress was removed in front of her eyes, and Uma envied at her boobs and seemingly long neck and sexy lips that gave her a great sexy look. They changed position as Vicky started sucking her lips and his hands were down to her round butts, massaging them. Now she could see them clearly and remembered they were friends of Rakesh. Her common sense told her that she had foolishly opened the partition door between the houses. She thought that she should leave immediately. But the devil in her, made her stay. She lost the sense of time, as she watched them unaware of her vulnerability.
Rakesh accidentally seeing the partition door open closed and locked it, cursing Devi for her carelessness, switched off all the lights, and went to sleep in his room. Devi and her mother were chatting in their bed for some time and fell asleep. As Uma was seeing, Moana sat on her knees and took his dick in her hands. Uma watched with great surprise, that how a woman can be so active and her surprise peaked when Moana started licking his tool with her tongue and slowly his penis vanished into her mouth. Uma thought of leaving when Vicky pulled Moana to the bed and climbed over her. Uma could see a glimpse of Moana’s clean shaven pussy .she was mesmerized by the shining color without any spot of darkness. Uma had seen in mirror that her pussy gradually darkened to a light brown at the slit and her bud a bit more dark. She wanted to see how he inserts in. Vicky lifted Moana’ legs and started kissing her love bud. Moana was making musical sound’s, which aroused the sex desire of Uma. Uma wanted to turn back, when Vicky put his penis in Moana’s slit and pushed in. But her lust won and she waited to see his piston in action. Uma with wide eyes and lust watched the scene; Uma had an uncontrollable sneeze and overcome by fear of getting caught tried to go back. When she came in, she had the support of light from the next room and she could see, as she was seeing from the darker side into the bright side. But now, seeing from bright to dark, she couldn’t see well in that unaccustomed house. In her haste she thought that they wouldn’t notice and tracing the switch, switched on the light in the dark part. But that`husk’ sound of her sneezing, clearly entered the ears of Vicky. He didn’t stop as they in the verge of their orgasm. Fully exhausted, Moana didn’t care to dress up and started sleeping in the same position. Vicky lying beside her, observed that other lights were on .Remembering the sneezing sound,he thought that Devi had stealthily entered through the partition; but he strongly felt Devi is not that type of person. He moved out of bed to find out.
Meanwhile Uma went to the partition door and trying to open it, realized it was locked from other side. She panicked and couldn’t decide what to do. Uma, hearing movement, as that room light was not on, hid behind the open door. Her nighty bottom showed out. Vicky, seeing some cloth through the partial darkness pulled it. Uma tried to run away, fell down. Her nighty buttons got cut and the nighty came off her shoulder .As she quickly got up, it fully separated from her body. She ran away half nude, reached another door and opened it. In front of her, she saw the open road and now looking at herself , realized that she cannot go out. She turned back and Vicky was standing there with a camera in hand. Before she could think of anything the camera flashed. Her both hands went up to hide her boobs. Vicky smiled as her wet panty could not hide her aroused pussy. His camera became active and Uma stood frozen. She knew the photos can spell doom for her. Then his hand reached her panty and moved along the visible fold. Uma’s hand left the boob to catch hold of his hand, in which she failed. Vicky pulled her panty down and took it in his hands and walked into another room, asking her to follow. She stood still for some time and went in as there was no other choice. He was ready with camera and she had to face the snaps. He then said, “Uma, bring my cellphone in the next room table. Then only I can help you go back. I also want to see the beauty of your walk .I will arrange a dress for you”. Uma obeyed as she thought that her problem will be over. Now she was partly relieved of her fear; but the camera clicked as she walked. Before she returned, he set up the video camera in that room and waited. Uma returned with the phone .he took it from her and asked her to stand with her hands on her waist. She pleaded him to let her go. He told that he was a photographer and cannot go without capturing such beauty and I is enough if she pose for few snaps. He also told her that the photos were his personal collection and no one else could see. That is the price she should pay for watching their bedroom. If she doesn’t cooperate he will call her family and tell about her act. She will not have her dress also. She would have to explain her nudity also. Getting a promise that he will not give the photo to anyone, she stood with her hand in her waist and he took few snaps in different angles. Then he asked her to bend forward so as to project her boobs. Uma telling him he should end it with that pose, bent slightly. Not satisfied, he came near her and moved her hands behind her butts feeling her waist and butts. Uma had a tingling sensation and she controlled herself with great difficulty. Then he put his hand between her legs and pulled one leg apart ensuring his hand rub with her pussy. This resulted in her pussy pressed and one lip getting pulled, showing off her bud and vagina. She didn’t expect this and the sensation was too much for the virgin. She lost balance and hugged Vicky for support. Vicky held her close and ensuring they are within the camera range, planted a kiss on her lips without taking his hand from her upper thigh. Uma recovering from the sensation stood up, no more feeling shy. Vicky repeated the same action and made her stoop with her boobs hanging. This time Uma straightly looked at the camera. Again he took several snaps in different angles. Finally sitting before her he looked up and said,“Hei, your pussy hairs diminish your beauty. The petals of your flower like pussy are hidden by the hair. I have to remove them. “He took an electric razor and pulled her legs wide .With mild protest she opened up to his convenience. Again the buzzing razor opened up her lust for sex. Her sticky secretions ran down her thigh. To tease her Vicky showed it to her asked her whether she needed a good fuck. She had no answer. he again took some snaps making her womanhood predominantly visible. Keeping the camera aside he pulled her to his lap he asked her, how was his fucking Moana. Uma was sitting on his thigh with her ass crack pressing over was raising her desire. Uma couldn’t answer but looked at him blankly.
Making up her mind she told him, if he gives up all the photos she will become nude whenever he wants and he can do anything except fucking. Vicky smiled and asked her whether there is any thrill without fucking. Then she with some hesitation told him that she would do like Moana did. He asked her to be clear. Uma told him in a low tone that he would suck his dick .Vicky replied that he would give a try .If she doesn’t do it to his satisfaction, he would fuck her. Uma thought for a second and accepted. He asked her to remove his shorts and start working. Uma stood on her knees as Moana did and tried to imitate her. Vicky’s dick was not fully erect and Uma had to hold it. This made her a bit shy. Vicky urged her to take it in her hand and shake for some time and then lick it before sucking. Uma felt it difficult and Vicky put his hand on her back and moved down to her ass. And his finger rested on her ass hole. Uma thinking he may do something quickly took his dick in her mouth and started sucking.

Not satisfied with her sucking, Vicky took her hand and sucked her finger. He then told her to do similarly. While Uma was sucking, he pushed her to lying position and ensuring that her pussy is within camera eye, opened her legs, then he split the pussy lips with his finger. Taking her bud between his fingers twisted them and started stretching it again and again .within a minute Uma had her orgasm. Making her stand up, he said that she can leave, and dialed Rakesh in his cell. He told her that he would call Rakesh for some discussion and she shall slip back after he comes in. Uma looked confused and asked him whether it is over. He replied to her that she was his friend’s relative and he would know what he thinks before next stage of sex. Fear was clearly visible in Uma’s face, and she pleaded him not to tell what happened. He asked her, what she would do if her uncle wants to see her like this. Uma blushed and said she would obey him. He said, “I will take care. Now go to the bathroom and have a clean shower and I will tell you what to do. He is coming, go quickly.” Having no choice, Uma went to bath. When Rakesh came Vicky told him the first half of the incident first. Later Vicky told him that she is willing to get fucked by Rakesh. Rakesh just smiled and said that he didn’t think Uma will be so fast and asked where she was now. Now Vicky told him the second part of the incident. Rakesh was amused. He went to the bathroom. Uma had completed her bath and was waiting with a towel just covering her chest and butt. Seeing Rakesh she panicked; but Rakesh pulled her to him and hugged her. He pulled the towel off her body and putting his hand over her shoulder, caught her boob and led her to the room. She was made to sit between the two men then Rakesh told her that it was already 12 midnight .She can be with him for another hour and return sharply by 1, and he would keep the door open for her. Uma without any hesitation whispered to Rakesh that she wanted to lose her virginity to him. Rakesh laughed and said, “It is up to you. You will not be forced for anything. But be back in one hour. Tomorrow morning when they go for shopping, you take bath and come to me just as you are now, and left the room. Uma stood up, not knowing what to do next. Vicky pulled and hugged her, his hands softly moved around feeling her back. Uma was stiff for a minute and her body loosened as he kissed her neck and cheek. His hand moved to her butts and massaged them and he took her lips in his mouth. He made her sit on the bed and took both her boobs in his hand and started crushing and his finger started pulling the small nipple. Seeing it swell ,he put his mouth and started sucking. Uma overcome by the sensation fell flat in the bed, prompting Vicky to come over her.
Vicky came over her, his weight was further heightening the passion for Uma. He after sucking her boobs for some more time moved his head down to the lower stomach. Kissing along his mouth reached her pubic region he planted his kiss on her bud and started sucking it. Uma squirmed in the bed like a snake and didn’t take much time for another climax. He opened her legs wide and came between the legs for the main action. Uma covered her pussy with her hands and said that he can fuck there next time. Vicky asked her that what else he could do. She answered, “I promise next time when I come, you can do anything as you like. My friends have told me that their boyfriends would do it backside if girls hesitate due to fear of pregnancy”. Vicky laughed and asked, “Can you bear ass fucking. If you want there, you have to prepare for it. I will bring Enema can filled with ghee and pump the ghee in. After 5 minutes you have to go to toilet clean yourself and comeback.” Uma kept silent. He took the can, made her lie down showing her back. He inserted the nozzle into her ass and pressed the can emptying the content into her ass. He was fondling and kissing her for next 5 minutes. Then asked her to go to toilet and come fresh. Uma returned very shy faced. He pulled her to the bed and kissed her lips, neck and his hands were actively exploring her pussy. Then he moved his hand beyond her pussy and perineum and felt the pussy hole. Wetting his finger with ghee, he slowly inserted one finger inside. Uma felt guilty and promised him once again that she would give him full freedom when she comes next time. Vicky took her hand, dipped it in ghee and guided it to his dick. She felt the hardness and slowly ran her finger as to measure it, and made the ghee spread over. He put two pillows under her butts, lifted her legs and positioned himself for the ass fucking. Uma closed her eyes in the fear of unknown. Vicky pulled her ass cheek apart and put the tip of his dick in position and pushed. She couldn’t control her squeal and muffled the sound with her hand. Vicky with his tip inside waited for some time and again pushed in. Vicky was fully inside her .Now he started pumping. Uma’s tight ass made him cum quickly. He gave her some pain killer tablet and she returned back.
But next morning she felt severe pain in her ass and stomach. She complained to her mother that she is having stomach pain and fever. Rakesh went out and brought some tablets and asked Uma to eat them after breakfast and take full rest. Uma’s mother had to go home. She asked Devi to take care and send back Uma by week end and returned to her home. Uma slept all the day and woke up in the evening. In the evening, they all started for shopping as next day was Devi’s birthday. That night Vicky brought two packets and gave one each to Devi and Uma with a request that they wear it the next day. Rakesh gave them an appointment card for a famous beauty parlor. Next day morning they got up earlier and Devi wore the new saree gifted by Rakesh. Devi was wished happy birthday by everyone. Later they went to the parlor and it took 3hours for them to come out. After cake cutting Vicky and Moana invited Devi to their home. Vicky told them, they shall wear the saree given by Rakesh in the first half and wear the saree gifted by him, for the second half of the day. Rakesh also told Devi that she can wear the saree given by Vicky while going to their house. Moana came there at that time and told them that she will be their make-up woman and help them wear the new dress .First she took Uma to the dressing table, opened the package and told her the inner dress were special imported. Dressed her up and when she came out, Devi stood mesmerized at her sister’s beauty and the way the saree was worn making her look very attractive and told Moana that she is a genius. Moana replied that she would make Devi also look very curvy with her method of wearing. Next she took Devi to the dressing room and started removing her dress. Devi protested when she tried to remove her bra and panty. Moana opened the package and showed her that there was a set of inner wear .It was an imported item that had some cushioning action and have the perfume smell for long time on the soft skin and will improve the look of her assets. Devi after some convincing yielded to her. Moana first took the bra and applied some cream on the inner side, telling her that the bra will release the cream to her skin gradually making her boobs look tender and good skin tone. Then she took off her panty. Taking the new panty, she told her, the panty will feel moist; it will also absorb the fragrant cream and slowly release it making the skin glowing and fragrant. She also told her it is spongy and if anybody touch from outside they cannot feel her pubic mound and also impossible to seduce her. The fabric was a special material that fits exactly to any contour and wouldn’t dislocate or slip and also will not allow anything inside like napkin dislocate .It will also hold any moisture within. But Moana had already taken a cake and bowl with large amount of cream, stealthily, into the dressing room. She put the panty and pulling it up, stopped just below her pussy. Telling that she forgot to apply a thin line of moisture cream, she crushed the cake into the cream and dumped it to the front of her panty and pulled it up tight. Devi was standing straight as per her instruction and could not see down. She felt the softness and told her that it really feels very soft. Then Moana dressed up her beauty fully and after a light touch up, both came out. Rakesh was stunned seeing her. Treatment at beauty parlor and the saree dMolestationd tightly at the tapering curve to highlight her curves made her very sexy.
Uma went inside the dressing room to check herself. Moana prompted Devi to come with her. Devi took the sweet box and cake and moved on with Moana. Rakesh told it is not noon yet and they can go after sometime. Moana laughed naughtily and told, “No, No, I have dressed the chicken; it is cooking .will be hot and ready soon and we have to feast. “While telling this her hand pointed to Devi. Rakesh didn’t need a dictionary, to know Devi is the chicken, she is talking about. Rakesh said, “Let me also have some chicken. The aroma of your cooking is enchanting”. Moana laughed and said, “No, we will chew all the flesh, drink all the gravy and suck all juice all through the day. You try somewhere else. Today is Devi feast, “she winked .Rakesh laughed. Devi also laughed not knowing she is the subject of their talk. As Devi walked with Moana her panty was clasping to her body making the cream and cake pressed against her smooth pussy. The cream rubbed against her bud and slowly started grinding into her pussy lips. As more and more cream tried to enter the lips, the pussy lips got bloated and turned like the petals of a lotus bud. The small pieces of cake gave her a pleasant sensation in her bud .Her glands stimulated by the sensation, initiated secreting the sex hormones. Moana noticed her walk style change slightly. She smiled and said that all the cream would have melted and absorbed and the chicken is almost ready.
Then she turned to Devi and telling, “Let us check, if he is ready for the chicken”, she entered Vicky’s room. Vicky as soon as he saw them sprang up and said that he is waiting for long.
Devi gave the sweets to Vicky and the remaining with the vessel to Moana. Moana moved to kitchen .Vicky pulled Devi and kissed her, holding her by waist. Devi reluctantly cooperated for a minute and pulled off from him. By the time Moana came back and seeing their pull and push told Vicky that Devi has not yet fully opened even to her husband. He could touch her only few times after being together for more than month. Devi refused hastily and Moana asked her to tell the no of days they had sex. Devi said that she had menstruation just 3days after marriage, and again last week and she is responsible for those ten days only. Rakesh was responsible for four days on business trip, then visiting relatives and staying at relative’s house responsible for few days. Moana smiling said, she can start enjoying from today as she will be free. Then she noticed, Vicky standing near Devi was trying to feel her butts and commented that someone is in hurry to feel the backside beauty. Devi blushed. Laughing she pulled Devi near her and hugged her. Vicky’s hand rose to feel her waist, and further slowly moved up and felt the girth of her breast. Moana hugging Devi kissed her cheeks and moved her hand around her neck and kissed the lips of Devi .Devi suddenly caught like this couldn’t react, but the soft and unescapable lips of Moana drew her sensation before she could prevent her. Devi slowly drowned in the sensation of her lips while Vicky was busy removing her blouse hooks. When Moana broke the kiss Vicky was pulling her blouse off her shoulder. Devi’s attempt to stop him weakened as Moana inserted her hand onto Devi’s bra. Moana exclaimed, “Wow, you have perfect boobs. Your tip has started swelling, and boobs stand straight ready for him? You give it to him and take mine .they are full of milk.”
Devi tried to pull off, but her saree end was with Vicky. She swirled and fell on the bed. A laugh escaped her mouth as Vicky and Moana competing each other quickly got to the bed. Moana’s active participation weakened Devi’s resolve .Moana sitting in the bed pulled Devi to her lap and fed her boob into her mouth. After brief hesitation she took it in her mouth and her lips drew mouthful of milk. Devi had no resistance as Vicky pulled off her skirt and panty. Vicky’s hand roamed around her pussy and finally locked to her buds and one finger was probing her pussy lips and exploring the inner side. Moana sensed Devi’s sucking get violent and guessed, she is nearing her orgasm. Soon Devi’s body squirmed and she almost bit Moana’s nipple and Moana let out a moan. Vicky let her recover for a few minutes and again started kissing her lower abdomen. His mouth reached her pubic mound and Devi tightened her legs so as to stop him. Seeing this Moana told her to open up and think him also as her husband. She told her she would be like a prostitute if she fucks him thinking as a stranger, because, in reality also they both were wife to both men. This was enough to remove the guilty conscience from Devi who was already aroused and she opened her legs. Vicky kissed her pussy and bud pushing her to next orgasm.
Moana got up and went out, telling Devi to enchant this husband also with her beauty. Devi hugged Vicky tightly and shedding all her confusions kissed his lips. Vicky ready for the fuck climbed over her and Devi involuntarily opened her legs ready to feel his invading penis. Vicky positioning his dick found her pussy tight and hard rubbed his tool over the slit till it got soaked in her secretions then he slowly inserted and started pumping.
Rakesh entered the room just as they climaxed, Smiling at Devi told Vicky that he is going out and Devi shall be with him till he come back. Rakesh had made up his mind to fuck Uma and was waiting to see whether Devi would come back quickly or yield to Vicky. Now assured Devi will not return till night, he quickly went back to break Uma’s chastity. Uma was also eager to experience the thrill of unknown, but fear and shyness was holding back her. Back in home, Rakesh saw that Uma was watching Television. He sat near her and pretended watching. She changed the channel to watch music. The woman dancing for the song was in sexy dress. Rakesh intentionally made a comment that the dancer has a very good shapely body. Uma quipped they were all pads and sponge. Rakesh now got the lead to seduce her. He argued with Uma pads will show out in that type of dress. Uma refused and Rakesh challenged her to prove her point. Uma’s ego made her take up the challenge. She asked him back how he wanted it to be proved. Rakesh smiling as she was coming in to the trap, told her to prove it by doing it herself. Uma again asked him is it enough if she shows him the photo of the same girl in another costume? Rakesh asked her to show it on herself. Uma agreed and went in. She came out after sometime and her butts showed up prominently. Rakesh laughed and told her butts size not matching with her chest. Uma’s face reddened; but she went in and came out with some improvement. Rakesh refused saying that the dress is fully covering and in this dress it may be possible; but to prove her point she has to wear dress similar to that the girl in Television was wearing. Uma blushed; but not giving up she asked him what dress he wanted? He replied she should wear half skirt and sleeveless blouse, with no cover for blouse. Determined to prove her point Uma again went in and came out after sometime. Rakesh was aroused at the site of the sexy girl. Her ass was bulky and her boobs were bulging up showing the curve prominently. Rakesh said she proved her point; but still he wanted to check her up. He asked her to come near. Uma initially refused. Later thought that she can let him touch her to some extent and he was after all her uncle. She can stop him anytime. Inside she was not willing for sex; but wanted to flirt to some extent. With a shy face she went near him. Rakesh exclaimed, the other day she wanted him to fuck her; now hesitating. Uma replied that Vicky made her like that and now as she is steady she will never allow him for that. Rakesh laughed and telling her he will not eat her, pulled her hand towards him.
Uma almost fell over his lap. He held her by waist and started checking out her padding. Uma enjoyed the slight touch on her back outside her pad. Rakesh appreciating her for her clever make up asked her how she made this. Uma not willing to answer the delicate question retorted that he is already seeing it for himself. Rakesh in the guise of further studying, Moved his hand down to her thigh. He felt her body stiffen; but further moved down until his hand felt bare skin. Uma held her thigh close to stop him. Rakesh laughed and asked her how she managed to make her boobs prop up like this. Uma smiled and said it was lady’s secret. Rakesh laughed and kept his hand over her blouse .Uma didn’t resist .he just pressed the lower part of her blouse and was surprised as her both boobs came out fully. Uma frowned and Rakesh replied that she had padded it heavily at the bottom and that’s why they came out while pressing. He also complimented her by saying that her boobs were more beautiful than Devi. Seeing Uma’s eyes brighten on his comment, he further said, “Your neck and shoulder line sloping is also very sexy and beautiful than Devi. Your lips are also thick and sexy; but Devi doesn’t allow playing with her boob for long, she would say it is paining and will shout at me”. Saying this he placed his hand on her neck and moved downwards. Uma’s sensitivity shifted from thigh to neck. Uma desiring to show herself better than Devi replied that she will never be angry like that and he can play as much as he wanted. But soon her face became red when she realized what she had meant. But it was too late, as Rakesh had moved his hand to her boob as soon as she made her statement. Looking at her face, He squeezed her boob slightly and asked her whether what she said was true. Uma couldn’t reply and she was really embarrassed. Rakesh taking advantage squeezed and pulled her breast violently to cause her pain. She bore the pain and stood straight and his other hand quickly rose up to the end of her thigh feeling her panty. Uma felt relief and comfort when he put his lip on her boob and sucked softly and she couldn’t even think of objecting. Uma tightened her thigh as his finger entered the panty and felt her pubic mound. His fingers felt the softness of her pubic mound and as it were fleshy and puffed up, softly squeezed the fleshy triangle.
Uma unable to bear the tingling sensation, bent forward, denying access for his hands to play with her soft triangle. Rakesh shifted his mouth to her lips which had come conveniently close for him, due to her bending. His hands losing contact with her pubic mound shifted backwards to her ass. Rakesh could sense her resistance by feeling her ass muscles stiff and tight. In his final assault to break her controls, his hand pulled her skirt and panty together down to her ass while the front portion of the skirt was intact. He softly massaged her ass resulting in some softness returning to her ass, giving his hand enough space to slip into her ass crack. Again Uma felt the tingling as his finger felt her anus. His hand trying to advance further, reached her perineum and the pressure there made her loosen her thigh. Rakesh was quick to pull her skirt and panty fully down. Uma hugged him tightly to prevent him feel her front. Rakesh again put his hand on her ass and reached her helpless pussy from back waking up her suppressed desire. His hands pulled apart her pussy making her legs open; but her pussy lips were struck together like the petals of a budding flower. Uma lost balance and fell down due to his action. Uma sat up; but before she could get up Rakesh pulled up her blouse making her fully nude. Uma felt ashamed at being nude and looked at him with pleading eyes. Rakesh lifted her like a child and placed her on the bed and started undressing.
he climbed on the bed putting all his weight on her kissed her violently, and told her she is much beautiful than Devi. Uma aroused by the flattery was ready for action and in a sexually aroused tone told, “Uncle, Enjoy all my beauty. I am yours. Do whatever you want. But don’t make me pregnant.” Uma felt her hard dick rub her thigh as he kissed her lips. His one hand moved down and his fingers started exploring her lower abdomen. His hand reached the slit and one finger entered the small fold of her pussy lips. When his finger pressed and teased her clit, she bit his lips in her excitement and experienced another orgasm. Letting her relax for few minutes, he again kissed her and opened her legs and positioned his penis. Uma closed her eyes and waited anxiously. Her body tensed as her dick opened her pussy lips and the head portion was clasped by the pussy lips. Rakesh folded her legs upward and pressed hard. Uma let out a cry and few drops of blood mixed with her fluids dripped on the bedspread. Rakesh made a few strokes and saw tears running down her both eyes. He asked her that he would stop if pains her. She hugged him tightly and told him not to stop and it is not weeping. Her small vagina hole opened for the first time, gripped tightly his hard dick and in another few hard strokes his penis accepted defeat and shrunk discharging his semen into her. Uma didn’t experience orgasm and the quick fuck was actually a welcome relief for her fresh vagina. But he had taken Viagra in his desire to fuck her for long .After resting for some time she went to the bathroom and came out after washing herself. Rakesh pulled her to the bed and again started kissing her all over making her ready for another fuck. But they parted quickly as they heard the door knock. Uma entered the bathroom and took a quick bath. Rakesh opened the door and found Moana standing with a hot pack. “Your noon meals”, she said. Rakesh told her if she gives a call they would have come there. Moana replied that she can give him milk if she comes here. Rakesh pulled her near and pushing down her elastic blouse made her both boobs spring out. He took one milky white ball in his hand and took the other one in his mouth. He got only few drops of milk. Then he took the other nipple and sucked to find that there was also no milk. Moana winking at him said,” A baby wanted milk. So I put the baby in the cot. Took its head on my lap; gave my nipple to its mouth. That silly baby had another set of lips between its legs .We generous people didn’t want to starve that mouth. So I fed milk to one set of lips. My darling husband gave milk to other set of lips .The baby sucks well- Very healthy baby. But it doesn’t know about my Vicky. He will make it bath in his milk. Don’t worry .it will be back in perfect condition”.
Rakesh followed Moana to her house eager to see what Devi is doing. Uma came out just when Moana and Rakesh left and waited for Rakesh. Rakesh stealthily entered their room and saw Devi standing nude fighting for her inner wear which were in Vicky’s hands. Rakesh shouted, `what a scene! ’Shocked Devi covered herself by placing one hand over her pussy and folding other hand over her boobs and started weeping. Vicky and Rakesh both convinced her at the same each taking her one hand Devi stared at Rakesh blankly. Rakesh hugged her and called Vicky to join in comforting her. Vicky hugged her from other side. Devi asked, “If you do like this how I will get your child. What will happen to my marital life? “Vicky’s hand moved to Devi’s pubic mound. Devi tried to pull off from him. Rakesh taking control of her boob said, “Why, Devi? Let him feel your pussy. You have already given it to him. You belong to both of us. For next three years we both will enjoy with you. Then he will not touch you till you get my baby. Then for two years we both will not allow you to sleep with dress. Then I will not touch you till Vicky makes you pregnant and deliver his child. Like that we both will fuck Moana at will for next one year. Then Vicky will not touch her till I make her deliver my child. For that non touching period you will sleep with him daily. Always one of you will be available for us”. Moana was watching them and now entered the room and told Devi that she had already accepted to the proposal. Devi pulled off from both men and said, ‘no’. Moana holding her cheek asked her to give her consent. Then turning to the men she said, “Devi is actually shy to openly tell. So you each one, take her one boob in your one hand and take one pussy lip in other hand and play. If she doesn’t object then it means she accepts the proposal”. As Devi was trying to tell something, Moana pulled Devi’s face near her and locked lips. The men started their play and Devi couldn’t react immediately. Aroused by the men’s action she kept silent accepting the proposal. Moana taking back her lips from Devi asked Rakesh that she wanted to see Devi being fucked by him. Devi cried, `no’; but the men lifted her, put her in the cot and Rakesh climbed over the bed. Further Vicky lifted Devi’s legs, winked at Devi and told I want beautiful view. Moana also jumped near making Devi feel shy. Devi closed her eyes with her hand as Rakesh pushed his rod in. Pushing her pussy lips inside his Dick sunk into her pussy. He made some quick strokes making Devi squeal. At the same time they heard the partition door getting knocked. Rakesh got off from Devi and all got quickly dressed as Moana proceeded to open the door.
Uma came in and before she could say anything Rakesh came out of the room and telling it is late for noon meal quickly entered into their portion. Uma followed and they sat for meal. After meal they watched TV for some time and then Rakesh again pulled her over the sofa into his lap. Uma had a drop of tear and with fear in her eyes told him that she will be doomed if she gets pregnant. Rakesh laughed and told her it is not at all a problem and he would take care. His hand crept under her saree to her upper thigh. It traced her pubic mound .she had not worn her panty and his hand easily reached her pussy. Uma in her first fuck just got her virginity broken and her pain was reduced as it was very short. Now she got aroused and told Rakesh that her soul melts in his touch and he was welcome to do anything he wished. He pulled off her dress and lifted her to bed. Rakesh pulled her legs apart and buried his head into her thigh. As he kissed her pussy lips, she pressed his head in. realizing that she is nearing her orgasm; he positioned his dick and pushed in. Uma murmured, ` take my every inch and hugged him tightly. But Rakesh wanted to drill for long and fucked steadily till she had her second orgasm.
At the end of the day Uma lost all her shyness and was also exhausted. Devi also returned in the same condition and she also went to sleep. Next day Devi and Uma were sleeping even after dawn; but Rakesh woke up .seeing the two beauties sleeping, he decided to play with Uma. He went to her bed and pulled down the nighty to expose her boobs. With both hands he caught her boobs and softly pulled till her nipple slipped through his finger as he was milking her. Uma just moaned and didn’t get up. Then he took her boob in his mouth and sucking forcefully pulled away his mouth, resulting in her boob stretching fully. As he further pulled her boob started slipping out of his mouth resulting in her nipple finally getting free with a `plop’ sound and regaining its round shape like a sponge. Rakesh was amazed by the recoil of her boob and repeated this again and again enjoying the action of her boobs. Her boob grew red and unable to sleep further Uma woke up. But her boobs couldn’t escape the hands of Rakesh. Rakesh couldn’t proceed further, but Uma after bath didn’t wear any inner wear and made it very convenient for Rakesh to play with her boobs throughout the day. Devi had a guilty conscience and was not mentally and physically ready for sex. After dinner, Devi went to sleep early with Uma in another room, leaving Rakesh alone. But Rakesh waited till Devi slept and crept into their room. He tried to wake up Uma but Uma was sleeping. He softly lifted Uma and tiptoed to his room. Uma woke up in the movement and hugged him. Entering his room he pulled down her nighty and made her nude instantly. Uma stood still like a statue and stared at him seducingly. Rakesh had his eyes fixed on her pussy which looked like an inverted lotus bud. He quickly undressed .lifting her like a baby he made her sit on his waist and started sucking her boob. Uma’s pussy rubbed against his waist and the sensation made her horny. Her pussy became wet and Rakesh could sense her wetness in his waist as her pussy rubbed over. Putting her across the bed, made her lie with her butt and legs hang out of the bed. Then he folded her legs against her stomach making her pussy project out prominently. Then he bent down and clamping his mouth to her pussy sucked with full force. This made blood rush to her clit and pussy lips. Uma experienced extreme stimulation and started blabbering as if in a trance. His hands reached her boobs and started pulling them up. Uma feared that he would pluck off her boob. But the extreme pain was diminished by the powerful sensation her created in her pussy and Uma slipped into her orgasm. Rakesh sucked all the surging juice and taking his mouth away pushed his penis deep into her pussy. Uma enjoyed the fuck as his penis dug to maximum depth possible inside her pussy. Uma had another orgasm just when his rod sprayed his sperm into her womb.
She quickly rushed to the bathroom to wash herself. When she came out, she found Vicky chatting with Rakesh in the room. She stood stunned; but the men didn’t wait. She had a strange sensation when she felt two mouths sucking her each boob. But that was not all. One hand was on her back .Two hands were squeezing her hand was softly tingling around her navel. She closed her eyes and sunk herself into the sensation the four hands gave her. Then she felt a dick rubbing over her lips. Her mouth opened making the dick slide in smoothly through her soft lips. Next she felt her legs opened widely. Soon she had another dick plough along her slit stretching her clit. Rakesh felt her arousal at the variation in her sucking .Uma momentarily thought that allowing a second man to fuck will make her lose chastity. Her pussy and thigh muscles tightened in synchronization with her thought. Uma wanted to say `no’; but her mouth was filled with Rakesh’s dick. Somehow Uma succeeded in holding Vicky’s dick. But her sift silky fingers, were no match for his hard rod. His rod was constantly pushing her pussy lips .her womanhood was fully open before the eyes of Vicky. Vicky could understand her emotions as he could clearly see her thigh tightening and pussy lips closing tight. He smiled at the sight of her clit bud. His fingers softly ran over it and began to swell. But the poor girl with legs pulled open and the young body secreting the required hormones could only feel the sensation of his rod opening her pussy lips .Vicky was very slowly pushing in to give her the maximum sensation. Uma felt his dick head open her pussy lips. Next she felt her pussy lips tighten around the neck like end of the bulbous head of his dick as if locking it. Vicky also enjoyed the sensation and stopped at that position for some time. Uma slowly became his bitch as his dick started further moving in. her pussy closed on his dick and held it tight giving Vicky as much pleasure as a young tight pussy can give. At the same time, it gave her pussy the maximum expansion and contraction, making Uma lose all control and become their bitch. When they were exhausted and ready for sleep it was past midnight and Uma went back to her bed and fell asleep. The two men were obsessed with the young pussy and planned to have her for next two days and went to sleep. Uma was sleeping without knowing what is cooking.
Next day Rakesh convinced Uma to tell some lie and start for her home. Uma told Devi that she has to buy some books and after shopping she will go home and so she had to start early. Rakesh told that he was going on a business trip and Vicky accepted to drop Uma in his car in the bus her surprise Uma found Rakesh standing in the way and the car picked him up. Rakesh joined Uma in the back seat. Uma’s boobs once got into his hands. Rakesh pulled her tops up and Uma lifted her hands enabling the tops out of her body. Rakesh was surprised weeing her not wearing any inner wear. Uma laughed and said that she already guessed that they were having some plan. Uma to escape being seen by others laid herself on the seat and Rakesh made her fully nude. Her boobs were having hard time as they were crushed and cupped by his hands. The car suddenly stopped and Uma realized that she was not going home but was in front of a guest house. Rakesh pulled her out she had to walk nude with both men. For two days she couldn’t even think of wearing her dress and her boobs always had company of one or more hands. She landed in her house next day night after continuous banging of one night and two days. After holidays when Uma started for college she was shocked to find that her bra was small for her and she had to go without bra. In college everyone stared at her boobs pushing up in her blouse, giving a sexy view whenever she bent even slightly. Uma returned home upset. But there was surprise for her.
A friend of her father was asking her in marriage for his son and wanted to hold the marriage at the earliest as the boy’s mother was sick and she wanted to see her son’s marriage. Uma’s parents liked the proposal and Uma didn’t have a choice. Uma appeared very sexy with her boobs larger than her body frame. She married Raj in a month’s time. Uma feared her first night .she was afraid what would happen if raj finds out that she has already lost her virginity. Rakesh consoled her and gave some tips for her first night. That night Uma stood before Raj shivering in fear. Raj thought that she was afraid of him and encouraged her to be cool. He hugged her and Uma melted in anticipation as she became nude to enjoy her third dick. Raj was from a village and in his village girls like her are rare. For him this city fashion conscious girl with eye brow drawn and make up was a star. He hugged her in embrace and his dick was rubbing with her pubic mound. Her body smell mesmerized him and he licked and kissed all over her face. For Uma, he was like a man who has found a great feast after starving for many days. Uma was amused and was silently giving in herself for him to explore. Raj explored her back with his hands while kissing her neck. Highly elated by her softness, he pressed her tightly against him. His dick couldn’t stand this and Uma could feel his semen spraying over her pubic mound. Uma frowned and cleaned herself in the bathroom. When she returned Raj took her to the bed and again tried playing with her boobs while kissing her lips. He took Uma‘s hand to his tool .Uma held his penis and slowly felt its profile. The soft warm hand gave some life to his dick and it started growing stiff. Uma also again got aroused as his hands felt her nipple and her hand involuntarily started pulling his rod. Raj was happy when his dick became hard again and deciding not to miss this time, without any further foreplay opened her legs and pushed his hard rod in. Uma shouted at this unexpected fury; but hugged him tightly .her pussy had got a meat after one month gap. He fucked her with force and planted his seed deep in her womb. Uma didn’t expect such brutal and short fuck, but she was satisfied. Raj was like Uma’s slave and was acting in her eye flash. By the time Raj had been careless in business and agriculture and the family could feel the pinch. Uma’s luxury and frequent travel to parents and extravagant expenditure to fulfill her ego further brought down the financial condition of the family. Death of Raja’s parents followed and Uma took control and started abusing Raj for his inability to provide for her extravaganza. Uma also refused sex and made Raj starve for not fulfilling her one wish or other. Raj was upset and his charm for Uma faded and sex between them was almost zero. Uma struck upon the idea of selling ladies inner wear and making them in small scale. She got some success in this and she had no time to cook for Raj. He started eating in hotels .Uma went to parent’s house in the seventh month of pregnancy. Raj alone in home had many friends visiting his house and slowly started drinking alcohol with friends. Uma delivered a female child in the end of ninth month. She stayed with parents for another two months and came back with a two month old child.
Raj’s friend’s noted her as she returned back. As she was breast feeding the child she was not wearing bra. Her saree had curled one side exposing her blouse. Her nipple had grown an inch in length due to the milk in her boobs. It was clearly visible through her blouse as the tip was wet with milk. She seemed slimmer with large milky boobs. She was also in the habit of wearing her saree below her navel. Her waistline had become sexy with her slightly broadened hip. Two of his friends Niven and Sam could not sleep after seeing her sexy figure. Her thought aroused them. Next day while having booze, they asked Raj that he cannot be seen hereafter as his wife has returned. As drinking proceeded, Niven teasingly commented that Raj will be drinking very pure milk in home. But Raj lamented about their strained sex relationship. They encouraged him to talk more. Raj told them, “I have not fucked her for nearly six months. She is always teasing me. My sex appetite gets drained when she starts teasing. In the early days she was very eager for sex and drove me mad. Her beautiful cunt and body made me her slave. She used this to dictate on everything. Now our finance condition is in bad shape due to her. I don’t have options to increase income without cutting expenditure. But she doesn’t understand. She wants me to buy anything that attracts her eyes”. Niven and Sam exchanged glances. After Raj left, they discussed about Uma. Both of them were happy that she is not getting fucked and it will be easy for them to seduce her. They hatched a plan to seduce her. Uma unaware of her husband’s condition and her mistakes didn’t try to mend relationship; instead she thought that Raj will fall in line only if she continued like this. She had to collect some pending dues. She also had to reestablish her small business. With child and her small business she didn’t take note of Raj’s activities. While developing new contacts to sell her ladies innerwear, she caught the eyes of a local lady nearby who was a pimp.She thought of the demand for Uma and the money if she could seduce her.She decided to lay trap for Uma .
The pimp was called by nickname, ` puppy’ and no one knew her original name. She first wanted to make Raj lose interest in her, so that Uma will be sexually starved; but she didn’t know that Uma is already starving and making Raj starve. She frequented their house and when Uma was not around, Puppy would tease Raj by saying, “What Raj, your wife is not taking care of you. She is running out for sales. You roam around with booze and friends. Isn’t there a bedroom?” One day Raj lost cool and told her, if she is so concerned, then she should tell them a way out of the problem. Puppy grinned and told there is another married girl in a worse situation. Raj grew interested and asked her to tell more. Puppy was waiting for this. She told Raj to come to her house if he wants to know more. Next day in a gap time between his works, he went to her house. There he found a beautiful girl Reena chatting with Puppy. Puppy introduced Rena to Raj and told him that she was also sexually starved like him. Reena was red with shyness and embarrassment. But soon she stole a glance at him out of shear interest to evaluate him. Reena had married her mother’s younger brother, who was 15 years older than her. She was his third wife. Reena’s mother had lost her husband and though her husband had left back good money and property for her, she needed the support of her brother. Then he had compelled Reena’s mother to give Reena in marriage to him. The obedient daughter at the age of 18 became his wife. On the day of marriage itself, he made Reena and her mother sign papers to change their land and house to his name. Reena in her first night got several beatings and after signing the papers she slept after weeping for some time. Next day her husband was arrested on some criminal charges. Having taken away their property he had no interest on Reena as he had relationship with many ladies. But everyone feared that rogue. It is for that reason only Puppy didn’t try to seduce Reena. She knew that if caught she will be killed by him. So she planned it such that if someone else loosens her character and elope to some other city, then she can manipulate her to suit her .It is enough if she keep tabs and know her whereabouts. She fed select details about Reena to Raj so as to get him attracted to her. She also told Reena about Raj in a way she saw him to be in a similar situation like her. Reena was talkative, had beautiful large eyes, long and curly hairs, rosy thick lips, and lean thigh and a slim body. Her color made him remember Devi. Raj got a crush for her and started frequently visiting Puppy’s house secretly. This is what Puppy wanted. She called them to play carom, then cards. Next she would withdraw from the game on some kitchen work and let Reena and Raj play. She would say to her that Raj seems to be attracted to her and so Reena will be enjoying some love and sex if she makes a move. She also told Reena if she had any affair with him she need not be afraid to tell it to her. She also told Reena that she has some secret place where Reena can be safe. Reena initially frowned and got angry on the suggestion and even stopped going to Puppy’s house for some days. But she saw Raj coming there and returning disappointed.
After some thought she decided to go to Puppy’s house; but avoid talking about her personal matters. Puppy was expecting her after a few days. She knew the poison had entered her mind and decided to prepare her further. Now Puppy started suggesting dressing pattern and got sexy bra and panty from Uma for Reena; that also she ensured that Uma send them through Raj. Some bra and panty were returned through Raj. She also discussed her dress when was with them playing. She encouraged her to wear saree at low hip. Reena would come to Puppy’s house dressed very conservatively. Then in her house will ask Puppy if it is ok. Puppy will lower her saree to lower hip and sexy variations. Raj was tempted and started looking at Reena’s assets and Reena’s shyness and looks aroused him. He almost stopped drinking and his mind was diverted towards Reena. Soon Raj was touching and teasing Reena. Puppy now knew Reena is getting ripe. She asked Reena to give company as she had to visit someone. Reena accompanied her. After some days, she asked Reena to give a carrier to one of the friends as she felt sick.. Reena didn’t find any problem as she had seen friendly ladies only there . When Reena went there a strong man opened the door. She handed over the carrier and asked if the aunty was not there. The man had already received message from Puppy. The man asked her to come in. Reena went in and sat on a chair shown to her. The man smiled at her and asked her to come into another room. Reena panicked and replied that she is leaving and tried to go.
But he caught her hand and pulled in. Reena fell inside; when she tried to run he caught her saree making her roll over and her saree got off her body as she hit the wall. He again caught her and pulling her face near with both hands kissed her on the lips. Reena tried to pull off, but her back got pressed with the wall and after violent struggle she was exhausted and her hands became very weak. Her lips were fully sucked in by him as she became limp; his hands reached her blouse and pulled off the hooks. Reena’s body shuddered when her boobs jumped free as he pulled up her bra. He wanted her to fully surrender. Without touching them he asked her if she knew why she has them. Her wide eyes moved like caged rabbit. Then he said, “It is to attract me and my friends. How do you keep them so straight like two cones? Don’t worry. I will put you on the bed and fuck well”. Saying this he lifted her and put her on the bed .Then he put his hand on her pubic mound over her skirt, squeezed it and told that it will be taken care of regularly by him. Reena closed her eyes and lay still unable to control her feelings; then he went somewhere and came back with a handy cam. The time gap helped Reena recover. Seeing the camera she became violent .she got up and tried to run. As the door was closed he was coolly filming her running. Then he clamped her again to the door as she tried to open it and started kissing her. His hands caught her boobs and crushed them .She started losing control. Her legs became weak. She almost rested over him giving him free access; some cellphone in the room rang at that time bringing her back to senses. Her hand reached for the lock and opened it in one swift move. She leaped out while the man tried to stop her by holding her blouse. Her blouse and bra went off making her seminude; but she ran away. Out on the street, she looked around and in the front side of the next house, found a saree hung for drying in open area. She took it and wearing it rushed to her house. Her mother was having a nap, and she silently changed to other dress. She didn’t go out for next two days.
Meanwhile Niven tried to get close to Uma. He will get some inner wear from Uma on the pretext that someone wanted to see the material. Also he introduced some customers to her. Uma developed some goodwill about Niven. After few days he suggested that Uma shall sell some children’s garments also. Niven told her that his friend is a garment dealer and he can help her get them at a cheaper rate. The idea was very attractive for Uma. Now she had to get husband’s permission. Her attitude towards Raj softened as she thought Raj has some valuable friends. For the next few days Raj was surprised at the care he got from Uma. Uma started sharing with Raj, details of her sales. She also asked him to help in her activities. Their relationship was having some improvement, but Uma refused sex to him as she wanted to have protection from getting pregnant for one year and asked Raj to wait till she consulted a Doctor. But Uma opened her blouse and pulled Raj’s to her boobs. He sucked and played with her boobs. Uma got sexually charged; but she was to see the doctor next week only. Raj couldn’t help her much as he had a busy schedule with agriculture and his shop. Any how he helped her in collecting dues. Initially Niven helped Raj in this work and gradually directly dealt with Uma. This enabled him to enter her house anytime. Using the opportunity, he closely observed the daily routine of Uma. He was touching and feeling her fingers during transactions, with no objection from Uma. Uma understood that he is attracted by her, but didn’t take it seriously .As Uma’s inventory of innerwear got depleted, she wanted to replenish. She wanted to purchase at the place Niven suggested; but it was 6Hrs travel. Niven gave her the address and told her, if she wants, he would accompany her. Uma got the address from Niven and told about it to Raj. Raj suggested she shall seek lesser profit and avoid troublesome travel as travel also will erode profit. She hugged him and kissing him asked him to consider as the profit will be certainly more. Her flirting and the fact that she wanted to consult doctor made him accept. Niven told her that he has to go there on some work next Friday. He said Friday because Uma was very attractively dressed on Fridays. It was decided Tat Raj and Niven will go with her on Friday. But as the day drew near Raj had to go to the nearby town as he wanted to buy a tractor. Broker called him and told that someone is selling his tractor for some urgent need and if he acts fast he can buy it cheap. Niven told Raj that if he wants he will pick up her from the bus stand to the dealers outlet and assist her. Niven knew the tractor was for sale a week earlier; but enquired about it only on Thursday and gave Raj’s phone No to the broker. He also told the broker not to tell Raj that he gave the phone No to the broker. Raj fell for it and Niven smiled as his plan worked. Now Uma will be fully under his control. Puppy offered to take care of her child and it was decided to leave the child with her. Uma breast fed the child and left it with Puppy. the child sucked only part of her milk. She hugged Raj and induced him to drink her milk. Next day Uma and Raj went to the bus stand together and Raj Boarded his bus after making Uma sit in a bus going to her destination. Raj’s bus moved first and he waved his hands as Uma’s bus also started moving. Niven watched his bus leave as he waited nearby. He quickly called Uma’s number and told her that he was a bit delayed. He asked whether she can wait in the bus stand if she had not yet left. Uma’s bus was just in the exit. Niven was excited to see her getting down the bus. He joined her and they boarded the next bus. He made Uma sit on the window side and sat next to her.
Uma immediately looked around tense. Niven enquired what the problem was. She replied that if anyone sees, they may think wrongly. He just smiled understanding that she is more worried about others comment than her perception of wrong and right. As the time passed he gradually got closer to her reducing the distance between them. He could feel the warmth of her thigh and this aroused him. He wanted more. As if to aid him Uma fell asleep. Her head became dancing. He softly pulled her head to rest on his shoulder. Now he could feel her breath in his chest. He gently took her left hand and rested it over his thigh so as to make her fingers rest over his dick that was erect inside. His right hand went around her waist to rest on her right thigh.
Uma woke up to see herself, leaning over him and her head resting on his shoulder. Her hand involuntarily felt his dick. Niven was quick to hold her hand against his dick as if disturbed in sleep. Uma was embarrassed; but had a good feel of his dick. Uma forced her hand out and tried to straighten up. Niven moved his right hand along her thigh and took it away as if waking up from sleep. He smiled at her and told that she slept and fell over him and so he made her rest in his shoulder. He added, “No problem Uma, you were like a bag of sponge; so soft. You can rest your shoulder on my shoulder. It is only a pleasure. ” The way and tone he called her name, stroke a chord in her nerves. As the bus reached the destination they prepared to get down. There was a town bus in the opposite side and he prodded her hands urging her to get down quickly as there is a He wanted to break her barrier and as a first step wanted to make her allow him hold her hand like husband. There was heavy traffic and as Uma hesitated, he held her hand near her arm pit so that he can feel the warmth there and crossed the road. After crossing the road, Uma had to ask him to leave her hand. Taking his hand off, he brought his finger to his nose and inhaled deeply giving a happy expression. Uma felt proud inside and showed anger outside. Uma realized that he is enjoying the smell of her armpit and she remembered that she had applied deodorant and skin cream accordingly for her every part .She was using three creams, one for sun exposed parts, other for softness and the third for fully covered parts. In addition she used facials and hair remover. She also remembered her husband’s demand to cut her dressing table expenses which was one of the reasons for their discard. Then they boarded the crowded bus. Niven stood close to Uma behind her. The push and pull made her rub with others standing nearby. Niven was delighted as he enjoyed pressing from back and on the pretext of protecting her, felt her body as much as possible. Uma could read between his activities and decided to avoid him in future. They reached the dealers outlet. There were no customers as it was nearing lunch closure. Uma purchased variety of panty and bra for 5000 rupees, as Niven watched silently. Uma turned to Niven and told that her purchase is over. Niven prodded her hand asked her to come away. Then he told her after coming this long, it would be useful only if she buy more as she will not be able to come frequently. He also suggested that she can buy some beauty enhancing bras and bra suitable for feeding mothers like her. He then told the person there to bring some particular types of bra. He opened it .he took one and turning to her told, “See .This bra for those who have small boobs. It will make them look large. See, I am pressing it .it is soft and returns to original position. This is another bra is for feeding mothers. Your mammary glands secrete milk and your breast become heavy. If you don’t care or avoid bra due to inconvenience, your boobs will sag down due to gravity in course of time. Your sex appeal and beauty will be reduced. If you wear it, it will lift up your ball and support the base of your ball and lift it so that your nipple is focused upwards. As the bra takes the full weight of your boobs they will be straight and will also make feeding easy making removal of bra unnecessary”. Niven told this with occasional glance at her chest portion. Uma’s face was red with shyness .Uma said in low voice that people there may not be ready for such models. He quipped, “First, Do you wear? You, first buy for yourself. You are the beauty of the town. “He then turned towards the sales person and asked him to pack ten sets of both models and bring other available new models.
Uma caught his hand and pulled him back to tell something. I observed you frown when I touched your hand .Now you are holding mine. See. This is unavoidable .Uma took her hand off and tried to tell something. Niven held his hand towards her and smiled. Uma held his hand and signaled him to come near. She told him that she had planned for a purchase of 5000 only, but he insisted she buy more. Then she openly told him she has only the time the salesperson returned with models. He asked Uma to just check them up and told the person to pack 10 sets of fast moving size. The sales person said, it was lunch Niven asked to him to pack them and they will get them after lunchtime. While walking out, Uma again caught his hand to tell something. Niven was happy that he won the first step. Next he thought he should somehow touch any of her hidden treasures. Niven took her to a hotel and they had their noon meal. While crossing road, Uma herself caught his hand. When she removed her hand, he caught her hand and locked fingers. He told Uma not to worry as he also had some money. The owner was also well known to him and so they can pay advance and buy materials worth 4 times the advance. They can repay the next time they come for purchase. Uma was tense. When they returned their baggage and bill was ready. It was near 12000. Niven talked to the owner and he in turn spoke to the sales manager. He came to Niven and told him they can buy for four times the advance and how much advance they are paying. Uma tried to tell something. Niven pressed her hand. Niven replied him that first they would see the materials. He asked him to show in skirts. Uma pinched his hand to make him stop. He didn’t stop and she tried pulling his hand. Niven knew it is time for next step and he put his hand behind her and pulled her with him making her silent. His hand was resting on her butt and he could feel her ass muscles as she walked. Uma looked back to see if anyone was watching and the feeling of his hand in her ass was embarrassing and at the same time shook her controls Then he told Uma to select good and fast moving type quickly. When Uma completed selection the value was near 18000.then Niven asked him to show nighties. Uma again tried to stop him and tell something. Niven pressed her butts strongly and Uma understood that he didn’t want her to stop purchase and Niven also under stood that Uma had a round soft butts. He imagined how much they will push her pussy up when she lay down for fucking. Uma was attracted by the models shown and after the selection of nighties the bill was 50000.Uma said, it was enough; but Niven insisted her to buy some saree. Uma selected 50 sarees of different rate and the bill was 75000.Uma was very happy and at the same time couldn’t figure out what is his intention. She looked at him and he looked into her eyes. Uma couldn’t break his eye contact immediately, but her smile broke it. He told her to buy chudithar or fashion dress for ladies for another 25000. After selection he gave 50000rupees to him and got a bill with due for 50000.The time was around 5pm.he asked the manager to book tickets and luggage in the same Omni bus. Then he arranged for transporting the materials to the boarding point. For Uma all happenings were like dream. When the transport was ready the manager told him the bus time was 10pm .he gave him a package voucher and receipt and told him to be available in boarding point by 9.30 p.m.He should show the receipt and as they are sending a copy with the package, they will issue tickets if he shows the voucher. He should pay for ticket and luggage directly to them. He separately bought one bra for Uma and asked her to wear it in the wash room. Uma complied and realized how convenient it was. She came out freshening herself. She felt very grateful to Niven
By the time they left the outlet it was 6pm. He asked her whether they can spend the time in a cinema. Uma said they can go to a very near place they can just relax and handed over the Rs5000 she had, to him. He called a taxi and they went to the beach .Uma told him that she was very grateful to him and didn’t know how she would repay him. Niven winked and said, “Just give me a kiss.”Uma giggled and said that it wouldn’t stop with kiss and he will again ask for something else and so it is not possible. While walking in the beach, Uma asked him what would happen if she couldn’t repay, within the required time. he put his hand on her shoulder in the pretext of telling something. Uma took his hand off with her hand, but as he talked, his hand again went for her shoulder. Every time Uma freed her shoulder with her hand as she couldn’t be harsh after getting this much help. She also began to think what is wrong if he touch her. They sat at a secluded place. Niven sat close to her. His target was to break the barrier and make her open up. He talked freely and made Uma respond to some personal questions. He understood her desire to set up her business, her wish to have less kitchen work, craze for makeup items, her desire to go outings and her weakness for flattery. As he stood up to go, Uma also tried to get up. He made Uma stop and telling her that there is too much sand in her back moved his hand to clean. Meanwhile Uma noticed the sand in the place she sat had carved down to show her ass girth. Uma tried to clear the shape in the sand with her foot. This caused her leg widen .Niven rubbed softly on her ass to make the sand fall. Due to her pose his finger teased her pussy lips. Uma’s hormone levels automatically shoot up and she was slightly aroused. They had dinner and reached the boarding point in time. Uma wanted to go to toilet and press out some milk as she already felt them full and slightly paining. She waited tensely for Niven to complete formalities. When he was ready the driver had come to his seat. She told him that she had to go to toilet. He accompanied her and asking her to be quick, and he entered gents’ toilet. She pissed and opened her blouse and bra and pressed out same milk. But before she was done, she heard the engine start. Hastily putting on the bra and without buttoning her blouse, she rushed to the bus. The bus was ready to move and Niven was standing near the footboard. The bus moved as they took their seat. Her saree slightly moved off due to wind and Niven could see her blouse open. Uma fully sensitive to her condition covered her chest with her saree and looked at Niven tensely. She feared pain in her boobs and tried to put on the hooks without others seeing. Niven asked her what was her problem. She had no option and leaning towards him, told him her problem in whisper. Niven while hearing her slowly pulled her saree to expose one of her bra clad boobs. He told her, “Uma, open your bra. I can see it pressing your will give more pain. Moreover if they are swelled like this for longer duration them your boob will develop wrinkles. If you don’t object I will free them from this sagging weight.”Uma’s face reddened as she understood what he meant.
Niven kept silent to let her digest what he said.He cunningly smiled. He had already found half the bus is empty. He got change of seat so that they cannot be watched by others. He can slowly seduce this housewife as this would be her most vulnerable situation. Once his hand conquers her golden triangle, she will be fully helpless and surrender her gateway to heaven for him to open and enter at his will. Unaware of his scheme Uma just smiled and covered her boobs fully by tightly wrapping her saree around her neck and shoulder. Niven watched this and murmured, `how long can you hold like this. When you are half asleep, I can push your saree to one side and expose your boobs.
As time passed, Uma drifted into sleep. Niven slowly pulled her to recline over him; but she woke up as her boobs started hurting. Niven seeing her suffering told her to unhook her bra so that her pain would be reduced. Uma hesitated. Niven moved his hand to her back and inserted onto her blouse. Uma pressed her back against the seat to stop him .he waited till Uma relaxed and released the hook in one swift move. Uma got some relief; but didn’t react. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Niven moved his hand into her right arm pit and pulled her slowly Uma yielded to his pull and her head finally rested on his left thigh. Uma closed her eyes and another ten minutes passed. Niven put his right hand over her belly and slowly moved up, pushing her saree to one side. His hand reached her felt very hot. He lifted one finger to feel her nipple. It was hard and elongated. He kissed her forehead and asked whether he shall suck her pain off. Uma kept silent .he slowly moved her saree aside to expose her boobs fully. Even in the darkness her skin glow and color were seducing. Both were bloated with milk like balloon with full air. He didn’t try to touch them for some time. Uma was fully aware it is very difficult to pass another four hours and she also realized whether she likes it or not the milk must be extracted out somehow. She cursed herself for her miscalculation of her time back. Her mind wanted to have the sensation of her milk rushing out of her nipple. She began to think of Niven sucking, but dared not to open her eyes. Her body stiffened as her breast felt the flow of his breathing. He clamped his mouth on her one nipple and sucked with force. It was his first experience in sucking milk as adult. The milk filled his mouth and he had difficulty the same time Uma felt a stinging pain and squealed involuntarily. But her sound was not heard by others due to the bus sound and the sound from the music system in the bus. As the pressure inside reduced she started feeling good for every sucking. When sucking the next boob, he was cautious not to give pain. Now assured that Uma is enjoying, he pulled her further so that her boobs are conveniently near his mouth ensured that her golden triangle is within his reach. Uma’s fingers ploughed into his head, pulling his hair and pressing his head alternately aiding him suck her milk, in a way she can experience maximum pleasure out of it. Niven moved his hand to her stomach and started exploring her belly, navel, and slowly moved down. Uma not ready for that, folded her legs denying him access to her pubic region; But he was not relenting. His hand went to her back and started playing with her round ass, slowly creeping inside to feel her pussy. Uma again straightened to stop him. But he was persistent and her legs loosened, allowing entry to his hand. His hand happily invaded her pubic mound and ran over her pussy lips. Now Uma’s boobs were fully empty. He took his hands to her boobs and started mauling her boobs as his lips took her lips. Uma didn’t resist and to his surprise he found Uma sucking his lips after a minute of passionate kissing. This prompted him to move his hand again to her pubic region. He found her pubic mound to be fatty enough to try cupping. As he started cupping her fleshy pubis, her clit got manipulated and Uma lifted her butt involuntarily. His finger enjoyed travelling along the sharp curve created by her tight pussy lips. He repeated this action again and again. Uma opened her legs allowing his finger bury itself into the pussy lips and feel her hardened clit. His action was reciprocated by her lips sucking his lips. When their game reached the climax few hours have passed and the bus reached their destination. They separately reached their home. Next two days were eventless.
The following day Uma had to segregate the dresses and also had to pin price tag to each item. But Uma was fresh and Niven’s manipulations have increased her sexual urge. She also realized she would not have let Niven to that extent if she had had good sex with Ram. Her guilty conscience urged her to surrender herself to Ram. In the morning itself, Uma was calling Ram from bathroom on some pretext. Ram went there to see his wife in a seducing pose with inviting eyes. Her one leg was straight with other leg on a small stool and she was bending and brushing her toes. Her boobs were hanging vertically and swinging due to her action. She straightened without taking her leg from the stool. Her waist was slightly bent making the curves very inviting. Further to tease him, she rested her both hands on her waist and asked him if he is seeing anything new; but her eyes were inviting and her heart was begging him to do something. Ram smiled and asked if her anger had gone. She shot back that it was his part to drive it out and enjoy the assets at his disposal. He went near her and said that almost seven months have elapsed since they fucked and caught her boobs with both hands. Her milk sprayed on his face and he licked part of it with his tongue. Uma smiled and pulled his face towards her boobs. Raj sucked her nipple and enjoyed the sweet milk till her both boobs were empty. Uma’s hands traced his dick and started massaging his balls. His hands went down to feel her pussy. The smoothness made him eager to kiss and suck. He went down on his knees and kissed her pubis. Uma’s fingers went to his head and ploughed into his hairs as his head moved down to her pussy. Her legs widened to give more space to him. This enabled Ram to take her clit in his mouth and suck in making it enlarged and stiff. His lips clasped her pussy lip and pulled it, allowing it to release like a spring. This continued till she reached her orgasm. Uma hugged him tightly. Ram took her hand to his penis. She kneeled down and kissed his rod and took it in her mouth. Ram couldn’t hold long and he ejaculated in her mouth. Both felt very relieved and Uma after bath started segregating the clothes. Niven was there to help her. Niven was tense waiting for a chance to grab her. Ram was also there helping them. By noon Ram had to go out on some work .while he was about to go out Uma went near him and asked him, when he will be coming. It was 4pm and Ram said that he would be back by 7pm. She asked him not to delay and while coming not to forget to buy some flowers. She also told him that she will take evening bath and would be suitably prepared for him. Her hand extended to his pants to press his penis as she said that full feast is waiting. Niven had followed Uma as she got up to send off Ram. He was jealous and aroused on hearing what Uma said; but he returned back to his seat silently and continued work. After Ram went Niven silently continued helping her and was suggesting the price for some materials. At the same time he was watching her every move as it neared 6pm.
Uma became restless as it neared 6pm.She was not aware that Niven knows their program. She told Niven as it is getting late, they can continue next day. Niven told her that they can do it for some more time well knowing why she wants to wind up work. After pulling on for some more time he said that he is going home; but she shall set right all items in disorder. Uma followed him. He asked her why she is coming. She told him that she has to close the front door of the house. Niven replied that he would close the door from outside and throw the key in as it was grill door only and she need not come all the way downstairs to lock the door. Uma smiled and went back as she had to get ready for Ram as it was near6.30pm.As she was entering their bedroom she heard the sound of key thrown inside. She selected a set of dress that she liked most and placed them on the cot. Then she took the towel and went in to the bathroom and closed the door. Now the bedroom door that was partly closed opened and Niven entered in with a grin. He had watched her go into the bathroom. He thought, she would come in few minutes. But the time was near 7pm and she was yet bathing .Upset he started to move out. Suddenly her cell rang and he hid behind the cot. Uma came out spilling water all the way and attended the call. Niven heard her saying, “I am also just taking bath. Come as early as possible. Don’t eat outside. I am preparing your favorite dinner; also don’t forget flowers”. With this she closed the call and went back into the bathroom. Niven knew he got his golden chance. He was sure she would come out nude. He quickly got rid of his dress and keeping them under the cot, hid himself waiting for her. After another ten minutes Uma walked out nude with a towel around her long hair. As she dried her hair with the towel, her boobs jumped and danced beautifully making his dick erect. Looking from below her slit in the pubis looked like fatty heart sharply cut down from the center. She took some cream and applied it all over her face. Then she took another cream and applied it in her arm pits and knee. Then to his astonishment she opened her legs and squeezing some cream applied it in and around her pussy lips and clit. Then she took some other cream and applied over her belly that showed some signs of her child’s birth. Then she sat before the mirror and started doing something with her eyebrow. Niven in his excitement had come out and was watching her .But she noticed some movement behind and in shock stood up and turned back
Niven started moving towards her with lust in his eyes. Uma stood still unable to do anything; but her eyes involuntarily scanned him and rested at his dick. He was quick to hug her and Uma felt her balls getting pressed over him. His hands rubbed her back to enjoy the softness of the silky skin. His mouth reached for her lips for which Uma was not ready and she tried to move her face away. His hands moved down to her ass and his fingers entered her ass crack, while other hand went down her stomach to feel her pussy. Both side invaded Uma and her hands went around him to feel his strong shoulder muscles and his mouth caught her lips. Now completely seduced, her lips locked to his lips and he could easily access her tongue and as her tongue got sucked into his lips housewife Uma lost all controls and tightly hugged him. Niven looked down her shoulder and smiled as his dream beauty was all nude under his control. He lifted her and took her to the bed .Uma fell flat and stared at him with inviting eyes. Niven thought just for this look I can fuck her all-day. He sat by her side and his hands reached her face and very softly traced her fore head, moved his finger along her eyebrow, down through her nose to her lips and softly moved as if profiling her lips. Uma highly aroused opened her mouth and sucked in his one finger. Her tongue encircled his finger and she sucked like a baby. The sensation was very nice and Niven after sometime further proceeded downwards to her neck. The soft touch sensation was too much for her and she squirmed in the bed giving the sexiest expressions. For one minute Niven thought he didn’t have a video camera. As his hands softly encircled and moved up to her nipples ,her body shuddered and her chest lifted to gain more contact; but Niven wanted to give her maximum excitement so that he can seduce her into full submission and his hands further moved down to her stomach. Meanwhile Uma cannot bear the tingling sensation and she was having goosebumps. She begged him to stop. Her sensation peaked when she felt his hand moving over her pubis. He moved his finger along her slit and finally tried to take her fleshy triangle within his palm. Uma peaked into orgasm. He again started kissing her getting over her putting all his weight over her. She reached for his rod and Niven felt the softness of her finger in his dick. Niven rolled down and pulled her by leg over him .Now Uma’s pussy was near his face and Uma was facing his dick. Uma holding his dick moved her hand along his dick her fingers were tracing the shape of the rod. Her other hand went for his testicles and held them as if weighing them. Niven kissed her pussy lips and his hand went for her boobs. Uma started licking his rod and then slowly took it in her mouth. Niven was highly aroused by the sensation of her soft lips on his rod. He turned her around and positioned his dick for the final destination. Uma’s both legs held open by him, Uma’s pussy lips slightly opened to show off her clit and the entry point .Uma, with lustful eyes and expectation over the great sensation of getting pierced in the center, waited, not knowing that her modesty and character will be lost forever. Niven very happy over his prize inserted his dick slowly absorbing the sensation fully. Uma’s fingers ploughed into his back as she fully surrendered. His every push pressed hard up to her abdomen, her exhalation forced out making her breath out with a `HUK’ sound. Uma was panting as she reached her orgasm; but Niven had already taken Viagra and he was ready for another round. But her cell rang giving her some time.
Not bothering about covering herself, she reached for the cell to attend the call. Niven watched her walk nude and recorded it in his cell. He quickly went towards her to know what the call was as he may have to leave the place. It was her husband Raj. He knew Uma’s boobs would have recharged and started sucking them as she was speaking in the cell. He was telling her that there was some delay. Uma replied him not to worry and asked him to not to strain trying to get conveyance late night. He shall stay there and come next day morning. Niven came near her and asked if it was Ram. Uma smiled and asked him why he calls him Ram. He laughed and said, “He was acting Ram in local drama. After the Drama was over his blue coloring given in drama couldn’t be cleaned fully and he was blue for few days. We gave him the nickname”. Uma went to the bathroom washed herself and came out and wore a nighty. She went to Niven and asked him to promise her that he wouldn’t tell the incident to anyone. He asked her to promise that she would be with him whenever he wants. Promises were made that took her destiny out of her control.
Meanwhile Raj was also in some mess and he couldn’t tell everything to Uma. Actually Raj didn’t go anywhere out of town. He saw Reena standing on front of her house when he was passing by. She invited him in and he was asking her why she couldn’t be seen for some days. Reena told him her mother was sick. He went inside and after a short talk with her mother, he settled in the hall, while Reena wanted to make some coffee for him. Raj told that he is going for some urgent work and on her request accepted to have coffee when returning. After completing his works and buying flowers he was returning back and saw Reena waiting. She called him telling that he can’t escape. She had taken bath and specially dressed for him. Raj sat still watching her beauty. Reena was very hot after getting felt up by a stranger. The thought of the incident was again and again coming in her mind .she wanted to replace with it some pleasant memories. She knew Raj likes flirting with her. She had also fallen in love with him. Reena went in to the bedroom and came out smiling. Raj asked her what. She replied that her mother is sleeping well after long time. Seeing Raj having flower packet, she asked him with a naughty smile whether it was for her. Raj replied that much flower is for special session. He saw her getting upset. He took the pack and gave it to her. She hesitated for a moment; but quickly took it from him and asked him what he means by giving it to her. Raj couldn’t answer. She went in and there was no reaction for some time. Raj was confused and thought of getting out and walked towards the front door. At that time Reena came out of kitchen and asked him with a smile why he is trying to run away. Also she invited him for the dinner as it is getting ready for him. Raj couldn’t refuse and so he decided to eat lightly there before having Uma’s supper. He phoned Uma and informed her that he will be coming late. After eating, Reena invited him to see around the house. When they entered the bedroom Raj found his flower pack there opened and part of it in the bed and a string of it on the table. She took the flower from the table, giving it to him asked him to pin it on her head. Raj naughtily smiled and told her, “If I give you flowers and decorate you with a bunch of flowers, you should give me a flower that does not fade.”Reena was stunned for a moment; but was clever enough to catch on a delicate opportunity. Otherwise she was not bold enough to express her feelings. She shot back, “O.K,I offer you .I am still a virgin. Take my virginity. I married on compulsion but I love you. I will be loyal and faithful to you all my life. I will not cause any shame or insult to you. If you reject me, I don’t have the face to see you again.” Her hands were holding the flowers towards him. Now Raj was stunned. He had a strong temptation to push her on the bed and fuck her hard. He thought of Uma and the child. He turned away telling, ` the world will not keep quiet. When he was about to exit the room he turned back as he felt her soft fingers pull his hand .She was almost in tears .she told him in a low tone to at least pin the flowers to her hairs. He came in and took the flowers from her. She gave him the hairpin and turned back to enable him pin the flowers. Raj took a bunch of her silky hairs and inserting the string of flowers in the hairs tried to pin them together. His hand touched her neck and the open part of her shoulder. He hesitated a minute after pinning, as it would be the last time to see her. As he was taking too much time Reena slightly turned back to see. His eyes met her eyes and his hand rested on her shoulder. He could not part his eyes from hers. She took his hand from her shoulder and turning to him told him that she loves him always. But Raj didn’t leave her hand. Unable to stand the tension, she rested her head on his chest. For a second he thought, `how can I leave her like this. I’m also responsible for this situation.’ He placed his hand on her back and patted soothingly. Her fragrance teased him. He bent his head and at the same time she lifted her head .he couldn’t control his temptation and kissed her lips. His hands were travelling around the bare potion of her back and waist. Her saree dislocated and showed off her erect boobs trying to tear the blouse. His kiss extended to her chin .neck and upper chest as his hand started removing her blouse hooks to pull off her blouse. She giggled and asked him how he quickly changed his mind. Raj released her instantly; but she looked at him searchingly and hugged him .Raj smiled telling that he would not leave either Uma or Reena and will enjoy both. He pulled off her blouse and bra and watched her boob’s spring out. He looked at them admiringly and his look made Reena shy making her cover them with her hands. This prompted him to pull her saree off and pull her skirt knot. She was in her panty. Unable to bear his stare, she turned and showed her back to him. He conveniently removed her panty. Her bare ass was making him mad. He squeezed the ass cheeks with both hands and turned her around.
She stood like a statue with head down. With his eyes fully relishing her beauty from head to toe, He undressed himself. Now Reena could see his erect dick .Inside she was proud as she was responsible for that erection. As Reena was eyeing his dick, he was looking at her pubis and hairless pussy.
His mind compared her to Uma. Her boobs were round, smaller than Uma with undeveloped nipple; her pubis itself seemed small and fatty. Her slit seemed to begin a bit higher than Uma’s. Thighs were also not fleshy round like Uma. But the glow in her body was as excellent as Uma. In short she was like a girl in the process of blossoming into a woman. Raj thought she would grow fast if he starts drilling and also doubted whether she could bear his dick. Reena found him lost in thought and asked him what he was thinking. As he told the mater she smiled and replied that he would know only if he tries. He pulled her to him and she hugged him tightly .He inhaled the fragrance of flowers in her head and let his hand wander all over her back. His hand reached her ass and tried to reach her pussy. As Reena was hugging him so tightly he could not succeed. He pulled Reena off and put his hand over her pubis and softly moved down .she couldn’t bear the sensation and her legs weakened and she fell down. He lifted her and put her in the cot and came over her. He started kissing her from face downwards. Reena’s big eyes were his attraction and he kissed her lips looking steadily at her eyes. He reached her boobs and as he kissed one boob, his hand played with other one. Reena’s hand wandered around his head as he sucked. Moving down his tongue searched into her navel making her squirm. Finally he opened her legs and rested his lips over her pussy lips making Reena jerk and shudder in extreme sensation. Holding her legs firmly he licked and sucked every point of her pubic mound and clit. Soon Reena had a wild orgasm and her hands tried hard to pull him off. Raj looked up to find her eyes closed and stream of tears running down. Confused he went near her face .wiping her tears asked her why she was weeping .she hugged him tightly and replied that she was not at all weeping. Raj remembered it was time to home. He got off from Reena and paused for a minute thinking .Reena saw that his tool has shrunk as he searched for his cell. She pulled his hand and asked him to stay; but not necessary to have sex. “Why”, he asked. She, looking at his dick, replied that he seems to have lost interest in sex. He took her hand and made it hold his dick. Reena for the first time held a man’s dick and she was not sure what to do. Smiling at her he called Uma to tell her that there was some delay. He thought Uma will be angry. But Uma’s cool reply was not to worry and not risk searching for conveyance in night. He was surprised and happy. How could he know Uma was nude giving her boob to Niven to suck while talking to him? He happily pulled Reena to him and started squeezing and pulling her boobs. Back in home same was happening to Uma. Reena’s hand felt his dick hardening and she whispered to him, `it is hardening’. Pulling her legs apart, he put his penis over her pussy lips and started pushing.
Reena tightened her legs as the head portion entered her pussy lips as she felt a stinging pain. Raj felt something blocking .he pushed hard and he was surprised by the resistance; but his rod penetrated extracting a squeal from Reena. Reena relaxed herself as Raj Waited for some time enjoying her tightness. Again Raj started his piston action and he enjoyed her cunt tightly gripping his rod and both were very satisfied at the end. Reena wanted him to stay with her for the night and Raj gladly accepted unknowingly allowing Niven enjoy every bit of Uma all-night and Uma shamelessly slept under his arms fully nude. Next morning when Raj reached home, Uma invited him bathed and fresh .raj gave her the fresh flowers he bought again that day and went to bath. soon as he came out of bathroom, Uma hugged him and fed her boobs to him. Raj had his quota and after breakfast went to sleep just to be woken up for her noon fill. In the evening Uma was ready fresh like a flower. She pulled Raj to the bed and kissed him heartily trying to wash off her guilty conscience. Raj was very happy and played all-night with her assets fucking her few times till Uma was exhausted. For the next two months Uma didn’t need much sex and she was a dedicated wife. Niven didn’t get an opportunity to get near her. Raj had many sessions with Reena and he was having sex even neglecting his routine works. Niven tried hard to get near Uma; but Uma was cleverly avoiding him. Within, Uma was happy as Niven’s idea worked and she was having good sales and profit for the two months. Her stocks were dwindling and she realized that soon she would have to get new materials. Niven was closely watching her and he also started asking whether she wanted replenishment. He also offered to get her more this time. Uma was ready to pay the full due. She wanted to avoid Niven and so was hesitating. She thought she can manage with the same quantity she purchased last time and so can avoid Niven. Niven realized that she wanted to avoid him; but was desperate to have her. He was very much obsessed by her beauty and warmth after fucking her and he wanted more. He was desperate not to miss an opportunity to go with her for purchase. He repeated asked Uma about her next purchase and offered to get her more dress items for credit and expressed his willingness to get her some attractive discount. Uma felt a bit guilty, but didn’t want to get fucked by him again and so she thought of taking Raj with them. Raj agreed to come with her; but he thought of having a quick honeymoon with Reena as Reena was also asking him to take somewhere outside. He was in double mind and secretly planned for a day out with Reena. He was also thinking of using the same day Uma was planning for purchase.
Uma unaware of Raj’s plan was happy that she can easily avoid Niven as Raj will be with them. Niven was waiting for the day to lay hands on her and satisfy his lust. The day came and Raj told some excuse and stayed out. Uma was upset; but she took a single free seat and avoided sitting near Niven. When they got down Niven tried to get close to her with partial success. This time Uma took the child with her. But again in the pretext of taking the child he was rubbing her boobs. Uma couldn’t fully succeed in avoiding his touches. In the shop, he again took the lead and Uma could not refuse his suggestions. He made her take double the materials than she took previously. He was also touching her as much as possible .At one stage Uma got irritated and told him sharply, eh should stop this. He took her to a corner and told her that he was longing for her kiss, and if he could kiss her once he would not disturb her all-day. Uma thought for a second; but he didn’t wait as he took her in his arms and kissed her. Uma was not expecting this and she involuntarily gave in her lips and lost herself in his kiss. His hands went behind her and started squeezing her as cheeks. Uma half-heartedly allowed him feel her butts caress her back; but she stopped him as his hands reached her boobs and he stopped after a strong squeeze. Uma felt relieved as he would not harass her for rest of the time. Poor Uma didn’t know someone had watched their action fully through a monitoring camera.
It was the owner of the wholesale shop. He also heard what Niven was saying. He understood that Niven was mad at her and wanted to seduce her. He smiled to himself thinking whether Niven gets her or not, he would pin her to his bed easily. His mind worked on a quick plan to seduce the young lady. Niven was surprised when he accepted his request for extra loan purchase. Uma was also very happy and Niven was sure that he can lay his hands on her again. When they finished and Niven was arranging for transit of the goods, the owner called Uma. Uma looked around and Niven was near and so, she followed him alone. He took her to another room and showed her a new package and opening it told her, they just arrived and it would a good hit, if she takes them. Uma was getting greedy. But she said that she doesn’t have that much money. He coolly put his hand in her shoulder and pressing and feeling the soft skin told her that she is his valued customer and patted on her back. He opened the package and asked her to for herself. She bent and examined the dresses. Her saree slid sideward and showed off her worsen the situation her boobs slowly moved up and tried to come out through the front blouse curve. The man had a good view and he strongly decided to get her laid. Uma on some intuition looked up and found his eyes greedily looking at her boobs. Her face reddened in shyness and she couldn’t cover herself as she was holding the bundle in hand and checking the dress with other hand. If she takes the hand the bundle will slide and she will have a tough time clearing the mess. But when she came out she had an additional stock of new material worth one lakh rupees as her personal loan. The owner told her not to tell Niven as he would not give this offer to anyone else. He also told her she hereafter doesn’t need the guarantee of Niven. Uma found herself flattered.
Niven returned to find Uma waiting. He told her that everything will arrive automatically and they have some free time. At that time the manager of the shop came to them and told that they can use the rest room available for guests and they can also tell if they want anything as their boss had instructed him to give you necessary help. Uma thought she can freshen up and so they went there. Poor Uma didn’t know that the room had a secret camera. She went in and wanted to redo her saree folds. So she removed her saree, put it on the stand and started washing her face and hands. Then she pulled down her panty and sat on the western toilet to piss. The owner was ready on the monitor. He was aroused at the site of her boobs sticking up straight in her blouse. His eyes pooped out as she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panty. But he was upset as he couldn’t see her pubis as she was very swift. But his desire for her, increased .he also noted that she was tactically avoiding the touches of Niven as they started out of the premises. His mind thought of a plan to get her. Uma not knowing that she had tempted another man walked out happily. In the return trip also Uma avoided getting close to Niven. Next day Uma kept aside the latest dress models given by the owner for her special customers and started segregating the remaining package. Her child was 6 month old now and she had to make it sleep to continue her work. Raj went out on some pretext and was actively fucking Reena in her house. Uma hadn’t invited Niven and he didn’t come when she started sorting out the dress according to her pricelist. She had to do the cooking also. Leaving the work in the middle she went to cook and then entered the bathroom .Niven was desperate to fuck her. He calculated her work sequence and reached her house when she will be fresh after bath. Uma took a pleasant hot water bath and started dressing when she heard the front door opening. Normally she doesn’t lock and simply close the front door. She thought Raj would be coming. She was just wearing her blouse when Niven entered and as she didn’t expect him she didn’t notice Niven coming behind her. She felt her skirt knot getting pulled and was shocked to find Niven standing behind her. But gravity pulled her skirt down as Niven’s hand entered her panty. As she opened her mouth to tell something, Niven sealed it with his lips. Within a second Uma had given all her four lips to Niven and the beautiful lady had no other option than lying down and letting the man climb over her and getting crushed by the weight of the man after getting pinned by the man’s dick at the centre. Uma struggled to breathe as the man directed all his energy and weight over his rod tearing in and out of her pussy that had made many men sleepless. Uma clamped her legs around him as her pussy gripped his dick hard enough to milk the semen out.
When Raj was back home Uma was in bathroom and Niven was sorting out the clothes. But Raj had his first ray of doubt when he found Uma’s innerwear strewn near the bed and the bed spread in disorder. He also thought why Uma should take bath when Niven was around. But Niven’s visit to their house became very frequent though he could not succeed in fucking her every time. Sam was the first to notice Niven’s frequent visits and he grew suspicious. He asked Niven while they both planned to seduce her now he is hiding something. Niven could not hide him his affair. He promised him that he would get him fuck Uma at the right time. Meanwhile puppy also wanted to tighten her grip on Uma. Though she had struck a good friendship with Uma by introducing her beauty parlour customers to Uma and by giving her a steady market, she wanted to bring her into her net. Puppy was recruiting willing customers from her beauty parlour for her sex trade. Some of her favourite ladies have stopped visiting her parlour due to personal reasons. She had only one or two willing girls left. Puppy’s customers were getting bored with only one or two option of women. Puppy was trying to pull in Reena and Uma both being very attractive and young. Reena being very tough, instead of wasting time on her, she decided to concentrate on Uma. She started advising her it is time for her to shape her body, as her belly and boobs would have to start shrinking. Otherwise she would be out of shape . Uma was also thinking of stopping breast feeding her baby. She wanted to further reduce her waistline. Though she enjoyed the hungry dick of Niven, She was growingly afraid of Niven as he was getting bold and demanding sex frequently. Niven was cleverly calculating her time alone. She had to yield to his thirst almost once in a week when Raj is away. Niven on the other hand was happy he could get her for his every few attempts and getting Uma open her legs was great pleasure for him. Uma’s hesitation and getting her seduced every time was great kick for him. Uma thought she can visit Puppy when she is free instead of staying alone in home and she also could avoid Niven.
Poor Uma finally accepted to Puppy’s offer, not aware that her beauty would become an open secret and will be offered for bidding. On the first day itself Uma was impressed as she went around Puppy’s house. It was luxurious inside and the bedroom was fantastic with arousing paintings and large bed and large mirrors on all sides of the bed. She had two therapy rooms with bed and various materials. Uma got a very good impression of Puppy. Uma carefully listened to various services she offered that included many types of massages, skin treatment, hair conditioning, exercises for every organ and pussy muscles, and hormone therapy with guest doctors and everything that could catch her imagination. She also showed her an array of oils and creams and also offered some for sale. On the first day Uma was given some hair treatment and facial treatment. When she was returning she was elated seeing the lust in Niven’s eyes. Niven followed her and tearing off her dress, fell over her, kissed and licked all over her and for the first time Uma got her anus licked. She was so much aroused that she extended her full cooperation and after he finished his first round she sucked his dick to harden and getting over him fucked him like a bitch. Niven was very satisfied and elated after such a good fuck. When Raj returned he too noticed the difference and Uma opened herself for him once again. Her boobs turned red under the squashing hands of Raj and not to show any partiality she aroused Raj as much and fucked him from above and slept till late morning, as she was fully exhausted. Next day puppy asked her how she felt. Uma couldn’t control her joy and told her that her husband was mesmerised and didn’t leave her all night. Puppy asked her whether she has stopped breastfeeding the child. Uma told that she had almost stopped and hesitated further. Puppy with a wink added, ‘your husband is still feeding’. Uma blushed. Puppy told her that her mammary glands have to shrink to enhance her beauty of her breast. She winked and added; even then she can give some milk to her husband. Cunning Puppy also thought if she has this much sex, it will be hard to seduce her. Puppy thought fully told her that she should abstain from sex for some time to get her body to shape. Her pussylips also may have to become tighter to make her perfect. She asked Uma to come in nighty from next day as she had to give her a course of different oil massages. She also had to do some physical exercises and for this she has to come to her daily. Massage will be on two days per week for first month. Then she will have to take it once in a week. Uma thought for a minute and told her it would be tough for her to avoid sex if her husband demands. Puppy told her to make an excuse by telling that she is on some yogic treatment or prayer. Uma agreed to her proposal; but after a small thought she asked her what would be her fees. Puppy replied it would be around 10000 for the first month and 5000 on second month on package basis. After that it will be negligible amount only.
Uma thought for a minute and told her it will not suit her purse and she would be happy just buying some cream from her. But Puppy told her she can get it for free if she accepts some sponsor and Uma would have to give back some service to them in return. She can offer to model for some products and if she doesn’t want her face in advertisements she can pose for innerwear advertisements. Uma hesitated for both options. Puppy told her that there is a third option and it will be just some liaison work. Uma was a bit confused, but agreed as Puppy suggested that she will not insist on anything as she was her friend and she can do anything she feel convenient and even can assist her in her beauty parlour work. Next day Uma walked in to the trap wearing nighty as instructed. There was a wooden cot with plantain leaf spread over it. First, Puppy made her sit on a stool and applied oil on her forehead and scalp and softly massaged. Then her face got the treatment. Uma felt very relaxed. Then Uma’s neck got the treatment and she almost fell half asleep; but woke up when she felt her nighty moving down. She made Uma stand up resulting in her nighty fully falling down. She made Uma lie on the plantain leaf with back upwards. Uma’s back was soaked in oil and Puppy’s hand played all along her back and legs making Uma drift into sleep. She purposefully avoided the thigh and butts. When she finally applied oil on her thigh and started working Uma woke up and she had a tingling sensation as Puppy’s hand moved upwards. Puppy softly massaged her butts her finger occasionally poking her ass and feeling the edge of her pussy. Then she asked Uma to turn. Now she started massaging her chest and boobs. Uma couldn’t control her sensation. Soft hand of a woman was giving her a different excitement. Puppy applied oil further down and her hands squeezed every bit of her body and oil flowed down her belly and disappeared into her pussy lips. Uma burst into a long orgasm as puppy’s finger massaged her pussy lips and one finger probed her ass.
As days passed Uma’s butt and boobs shrunk slightly and boobs were more erect and her nipples got reduced in size. Her pussy lips also got sharp like virgin. Her desire of getting fucked was increasing though she didn’t realize it. Puppy thought that Uma was almost ready to get easily seduced and so called her high paying customer to have a look on her secretly. Next day Uma had a massage that didn’t need a bath. Uma was lying nude over the plantain leaf with her back showing up. Her long hair was spread sideward covering her face. Puppy applied oil all over her back and legs and finally reached her butts. Then she stealthily opened the room door. A man entered without making any sound. Then Puppy told Uma that she had to take an injection prescribed by the doctor. Soon Uma felt needle penetrating her soft ass cheek. Poor Uma didn’t know that injection was a hormone injection to boost her sensation and stimulate some other hormones in her body. Puppy applied some oil on her butts and ass crack and started massaging in a way such that the man could see her asshole and pussy lips clearly. Then signalling the man to get back, Puppy made Uma turn back and covered her eyes with a dark cloth to save her eyes from the glare of light. Then she applied some aromatic oil on her chest and boobs and massaged her boobs. Puppy could see the man getting highly aroused. Then she moved down poured oil in her stomach till it flowed down her navel to her slit and disappeared into her pussy lips. To further tease the man, she folded Uma’s legs up and in the guise of massaging, made her pussy get squeezed between her thighs, presenting a most sexy view of her cunt. The man could not control his lust; but Puppy signalled him to get out. Instructing Uma to relax she went out. The man was eagerly waiting for her and as soon as she came out he told Puppy that he is very much interested in Uma. Puppy asked, “How is she. You cannot get such a rare beauty. I am tuning her to the best form for nearly two months. All her four lips are perfect. You can feel in her what is softest hardness and her pussy will show tightest softness. How do you feel? What is your bet?” The man took a thousand rupees bundle and giving it to Puppy told her, “I want to crush her under my weight. I need her today itself. She must be available for one month whenever I want”. Puppy knew he is desperate to fuck her and so replied, “She is a housewife of good character. It is not easy to make her yield. I have great risk. I have to infuse more hormones into her and make her vulnerable. I have not collected any fee for her beauty treatment and told her it is free for her. It is not possible for today. Tomorrow I will give her another two injections and apply special oil for her pussy lips to make them highly stimulated and that will make her highly aroused. I am sure she of much more worth. “Without any word another 500 rupees bundle changed hands. Then asking the man to come next day after noon, she went back to Uma. She told Uma that she can now take rest for ten minutes, and then wear her dress and go. Next day she should come by noon after taking meals. From next day she can have active sex and she should control herself today for the injection to work. Then Puppy went out saying she has just to go to next house for a minute. Then she told the man to enter the room after few minutes when he hear the sound of she getting up and pretending as if accidentally entered the room should look at her nude body till she covers herself and come out after telling her she is very beautiful. Things moved exactly the same way and Uma was upset and at the same time proud as he was mesmerised by her beauty. She quickly went home; but the incident was again and again playing in her mind and the thought he had seen her nude made her restless and that was what Puppy wanted.
Next day Uma went there in her nighty and she was again made nude. She didn’t tell Puppy of previous day’s incident. Puppy didn’t give her massage; but asked her to take bath in a tub with specially prepared water. After bath she administered an injection on her butt and applied some cream all over her body and let some drops of herbal oil on her pussy lips and let it penetrate in. Uma fully cooperated not knowing what that oil will do to her. Then Uma wore her nighty again without any innerwear. Just then she saw the same man entering the room. Puppy invited him and asked him to lie on the bed .Puppy told Uma that he wanted some leg massage. Then she asked Uma to bring some oil from next room. When Uma returned she saw the man on the bed with some towel on his waist. Puppy applied oil and massaged his feet for some time. Then she got on to the bed and sitting on her knees over him started massaging his toe. Then she called Uma and asked, “Uma you can help me in this. Just this is knee and toe massage. Watch me. You have to do like this for five minutes. You can do such simple help”. Uma watched. It seemed simple; but Uma had to stand on her knees and that too with her knee on both sides of his stomach. Seeing her hesitation Puppy told her it was just very simple and she should not feel delicate for such a simple thing. So Uma got to position and started massaging. Her nighty was partly lying over his chest. Seeing this Puppy folded her nighty up to her knee. She was slowly opening Uma for him and Uma was unaware and this made Puppy more confident. Then Puppy came with a syringe and told Uma that she had to take another last injection and she just forgot. Uma tried to refuse; but Puppy smiled and said in her ears, “That man is laying down. With his head in that position, he cannot see you. He can just enjoy the massage. So just don’t worry he will not see. Just bend down it will be over in a minute. ” with this Uma got partially convinced and bent down. Uma missed to see the adhesive tape in her hand. Puppy lifted Uma’s nighty to expose her butt. Then she cleverly fixed the tape such that, her pussy will show out with the nighty falling down in the side. Uma felt the needle and then sensed her nighty falling down in her thighs. Puppy knew the injection will work in five minute. Already the oil had started its work Uma felt some warmth in her pussy and it was also having some mild itching sensation. The man down had a wonderful time watching her pussy swing while she was massaging. He slowly moved his hand to her pussy. Uma was shocked when she felt his hand on her pussy. She involuntarily moved forward not knowing her pussy is getting near his rod under the towel. He pulled the towel aside and when she was sufficiently close, took his dick and pulling her to position, rubbed his dick over her pubis. Uma trying to avoid moved back and with his pull, her pussy got near his mouth. He quickly planted a kiss that made her succumb. Holding her by her thigh, he made her bend and sucking her pussy made her lay over him and fed his dick into her lips. Uma couldn’t resist the invasion and his rod happily felt the warmth of her mouth. The hormones started their work and Uma was highly sexually charged. Uma sucked his rod making him jubilant. Then he pushed her back till her butt reached his pubis. Uma knew what to do. She slightly lifted herself and his rod felt her pussy lips. He pulled Uma by her long hair .Uma fell back on his rod letting it penetrate fully into her pussy. Uma learnt how to ride a man and as was mastering the art, Puppy entered the room and showing an expression of surprise smiled at Uma. Uma couldn’t do anything as he was holding her by hair. Puppy went near Uma and planting a kiss on her lips, bid her to enjoy well and went out. Then he pulled back Uma and pushing her down fucked her hard till both had orgasm. Uma was his sex toy and she was made to bend her legs in different angles to let him enter her pussy at different positions till Puppy came in and told them it is enough and she will get Uma for next day also. Uma later in home recalling the events of the day felt guilty; but it only delay her getting laid as Puppy called her again next day. Uma initially refused on some excuse. But, to her bad luck, Reena’s mother died that day and so she and Raj went there. Raj stayed back to help Reena, as there was no close relative nearby. Puppy also went there and she returned back with Uma and when they reached Puppy’s house Puppy asked Uma just to come in for tea, as Raj will not be coming till evening. Then she convinced Uma to take herbal bath there itself. Uma was relieved as the man who fucked her the day before was not there and Puppy also hinted that he may not be coming as he would have informed her over phone if he had an idea of coming. Uma had along bath in a tub filled with hot herbal water. Meantime Puppy called her customer and told him that Uma is half minded and if he comes soon before she complete her bath, he could seduce her. But Uma completed her bath and finding her dress missing came out wrapped in towel. Puppy had put her dress in washing machine and told Uma, she should not wear the same dress as she had attended a death and so it is in the washing machine. She then gave Uma a nighty to wear a Puppy’s dress size will not suit her. She didn’t fail to apply required cream to her body and make an attractive hair do. She also gave some cream to Uma and told her to apply it to her pussy as she should apply it to maintain her glow. Uma looked into the mirror and realized the nighty was not hiding anything and her beautiful boobs were showed up. Puppy gave her some flowers and telling her to wear it in her long hair and put the hair in front so as to hide her boob. Now Uma felt secure. But Puppy smiled to herself as she could smell the fragrance coming from Uma and she had made Uma ready for her customer. Uma wanted to go, but Puppy delayed her form departing so that she encounters her client. Uma sat on chair putting one leg over the other. Puppy didn’t like this; but thought that she could be like this for just some more time. Then her legs will be open and she cannot close for long time.
Puppy smiled and Uma’s heartbeat soared as they both looked up at the man entering their house. Uma was stunned for a minute and coming to her senses, tried to take leave of the place; but the man caught Uma by her hands and pulled her towards him. Puppy laughed and told Uma that she had made him mad. His hand tried to lift her nighty; Uma resisted and pulled it down. But she didn’t realize that her nighty can be removed by pulling down also. But the man was clever. As she prevented him from pulling her nighty up, he changed tactics and pulled her nighty down her shoulder and it easily came down as Uma was also giving pressure downwards. Before Uma could do anything her nighty was down her legs. He lifted nude Uma and entered the bedroom. As Uma felt the man’s weight over her, her lips got locked by his lips. Uma started responding and soon her hands were around his back as he sucked every inch of her body. He then made Uma kneel down and entered her from back. Uma had another new experience and it was just the beginning. For many hours she was under him panting and moaning, till her pussy was overflowing with his sperm.
The man was really clever and didn’t call Uma next day. Meanwhile Uma began to think of him and when she found him waiting after two days, she fell for him and happily let him remove her dress and offered her nude body for him to squeeze and crush at will. Uma didn’t have even a small doubt that she had been given in lease to him for two months. Uma started loving his company but as the two months’ time was nearing. The man actually felt pity for Uma and gave some gift to her on his every visit and Uma received from him a costly gift for her child’s first birthday. After that Uma couldn’t see him. Uma’s young pussy was longing for the penetration of his rod, but she couldn’t ask Puppy about him due to shyness. Raj was not aware of the happenings as he felt relieved as Uma was not questioning him and he happily fucked Reena, his new found love. Meanwhile Niven became restless as Uma was not within his reach for long. But he smelled of Raj’s affair with Reena. One day over frustration he told Uma that she is avoiding him; but Raj is having good time with Reena. Uma told Niven, “See, You don’t understand. If you come frequently neighbours will have suspicion. How come a man visits the house when the lady is alone and husband is away? I will be in trouble. ”Niven thought for some time and told Uma that he would introduce his sister `Vinita’ to her. She will buy from her if she likes and Uma also can befriend her and Niven’s visit will not be mistaken. Then they can frequently visit on some pretext. So Vinita was introduced to Uma and they gradually became close friends. Vinita was well built and looked healthy and naughty like an Arabian horse yet to be trained. She was 5.5 feet tall and of good wheatish complexion. She had small butts protruding backwards and it seemed, if she lies down, her butts will push her pubis prominently upwards. There was a spark in her eyes and her lips were thick and sexy. She was also very shrewd and her eyes didn’t miss a thing. Uma liked her company. Niven also got a chance to get closer to Uma; but couldn’t touch her. He was getting irritated. The time for their next visit to wholesale dealer also was nearing and so Uma didn’t talk much and Raj as she guessed, avoided coming with her on some pretext. So Uma had to go with Niven; but after boarding the bus Niven made Uma get down as the bus just started moving. Then she asked her to wait for some time. To her surprise she saw Reena nearing the bus stand; but Raj took her in his bike .She watched Reena sitting in his bike like a new wed wife. Anger and tears were clearly visible in her face. Niven pulled her into the next bus and sat next to Uma .Uma was highly depressed. She leaned over his shoulders and wept silently and drifted into deep sleep. Niven had a cruel satisfaction. He observed one man sitting in the opposite row was watching them. A cruel thought came in his mind. He moved his hand down her shoulder and slowly pulled her saree aside to show off her blouse clad boobs. They were sharp and beautiful and the man watching was open mouthed at the sight. He softly opened the first two hooks and let the blouse open up by itself up to the unhooked portion. Her boobs looked like two fat yellow half-moons. Lust was overflowing in the eyes of the man and to further expose her, Niven slowly pulled up her saree. Her legs, knees, and part of her thigh were slowly showing up and the man stood up in his seat so as not to miss a bit of the beautiful scene. Unable to control his lust, he moved back to the seat behind Uma which was vacant.
Niven smiled and pulled her saree to normal position. Within a few minutes Niven noted that the man in the rear seat was trying to insert his hand to touch Uma. Niven softly moved so that Uma comes in position for the man. Now the man could easily access Uma’s shoulder. His hand felt the soft shoulder of Uma and slipped down her silky skin to her boobs. The man was highly excited when he felt the softness at the beginning of the balls and his hand advanced further into the bra to feel her full boob. Niven was intently watching, his dick getting hard at the site of Uma’s boob being felt by a stranger. Uma was sleeping unaware that her beautiful boobs under three layers of cover has been opened up for a stranger making her highly vulnerable. Now the man held her boob in her hand. He could feel the warmth and weight of her soft ball. Uma half awaken looked up and seeing the glowing eyes of Niven thought that he was acting naughty and closed her eyes again. The man behind kept his hand covering her boob unmoved, for a few minutes relishing fully the warmth of her boob. Then he softly pressed her boob and twisted her nipples. Uma was sensitive in her boobs. She could identify with closed eyes whether Raj or Niven is touching her boobs. She was shocked as she felt the sensation in her boob was new and she got up with a jerk. The man behind was also shocked and he quickly withdrew his hand. Uma could grasp what has happened and she looked at Niven with anger. She was not convinced with Niven’s version of events; but she kept silent for the time. But inside she thought, she should teach a lesson to Niven and at the same time she feared that if she doesn’t allow Niven some pleasure, he may have ugly plans. Niven had a cruel satisfaction; but he also was worried that it may increase the distance between them. Both of them in their own guesswork about the other reached the wholesaler. This time Uma had brought the full due money and the dealer was happy about it. But he didn’t like the fact that it wouldn’t bring Uma under his hold and so he decided to offer her more.
Uma was more confident this time and she happily accepted his offer of more dress and ready-mades of latest fashion and arrival. This time Uma’s purchase was for around three lakhs and as Niven was making arrangements for their return and transporting of goods. The owner of the wholesale output had a chat with Uma and she openly exclaimed how she can sell all those items within three months span. He advised her to employ one or two girls to assist her in the shop and keep some select dress material in home for close friends visiting her home so that they can have an idea and sell them some if they opt to buy from her. Uma was flirting as she was in a jubilant mood and this aroused the owner increasing his desire for stripping Uma and he almost forced Uma to take some latest dress material hoping to make her indebted. Now Uma owed him almost 5 lakhs and he cleverly made Uma sign some papers and as Uma signed the papers, he almost felt Uma signing a deed for opening her beautiful thighs for him. In the return journey, Uma and Niven were both exhausted and Niven deciding not to irritate her further slept all the way. He accompanied Uma to her home as Raj was not coming on some pretext. Uma told Niven clearly that she will open the package only on next week as she had to rearrange the shop. Niven got the clear message he cannot get near her for a week. But Uma was starved of sex for some time now. Next day while talking to Puppy she was telling her about the suggestion to hire one or two girls. Puppy told her it was exactly right decision and Uma should hire young good-looking girls’ capable of moving freely with strangers and they should also have a sense of glamour and should know to dress attractively. Puppy was thinking cunningly. She couldn’t talk freely with young girls as they respected her and she couldn’t recruit new young girls into her homely girls business. Now she can use Uma and if possible make her a partner. Uma was beautiful and young and so she can easily discus intimate matters with young girls and lure suitable cuties to open up.
Uma somehow managed to ask Puppy about the missing lover. Puppy told her he will not be coming hereafter as Puppy had told him that his frequent visit would damage Uma’s name. She also told Uma that he is coming only to enjoy her sexy body and so if ever he comes again she should ask for money on some pretext. Uma was angry on this and Puppy knew a time would come when she herself will seek money. Meanwhile Uma was trying to engage one or two girls; but some confusion in selection and not many girls turning up to work halted her. Puppy interfered and told Uma to give small ad in local newspaper and wait for some days. As she predicted, one by one few girls turned up. Uma thought initially one girl is enough and so one cute girl was recruited. Puppy wanted to quicken her seduction and she invited Uma to attend a beautician course and she also told Uma that she would get concession fees especially for Uma as she was close to the institution people. Uma was hesitating as she would be overloaded. Another young virgin was recruited as per the recommendation of Puppy and Uma started training them. Vinita had gone for her final examinations and so Uma was alone in home .She decided to engage the girls in sorting out the new dresses. Then she moved some dress to the shop and leaving one girl in the shop took another with her to sort out the remaining dress material in home. When Niven came to her house next week he found Uma sorting out the package with a new girl and so he couldn’t go near Uma. In another two days Uma was training the new girl in the shop and she was busy. Reena, alone in her house was squeezing all the sperm out of Raj’s dick leaving Him dry for Uma. But Uma didn’t notice as she was excited over her business development. Uma’s unused pussy lips again tightened and accumulated fat enlarging her Venus mound like a bun. Niven was growing impatient. Uma had some free time as her new recruit got trained and she was also a bit relieved as she could spend more time with her child in home. Vinita had completed her examination and was back in home. She liked playing with Uma’s child and was frequently visiting her and was staying for long time with her. Niven could now frequently come to Uma’s house due to his sister; but couldn’t touch Uma .But it was too much for him. He started hugging and planting fast kiss to Uma, when Vinita was leaving them alone for some short duration. But Uma didn’t forget the bus incident. She thought that she would resist him and make him get red-handed by Vinita. Uma made him starve more, cleverly avoiding his touch. At the same time she was telling Vinita that Niven is stealing glances at her body curves and dropping occasional hint that Niven is interested in Uma and trying to seduce her. Vinita was amused as it was a new scenario for her. She was actually aroused by Uma’s remarks; but pretended to be angry with Niven. She also told Uma that she would talk tough with her brother if he troubles Uma, but inside her, she was curious to know what else he would try to do with Uma.
On the other side Niven was becoming more desperate as Uma always had some company. It became regular habit to Vinita come to Uma’s house and stay with her for some time and occasionally taking a meal or dinner at her house. Vinita’s parents were also happy as Vinita has stopped complaining that it was boring to be home and they encouraged her as she can learn some useful things after studies. One day, Vinita cleverly acted playing with child and went away from them leaving them alone, just to watch them secretly. Niven got bold and thinking Uma will not protest loudly as it would alert Vinita, Pulled her near and tried to kiss her .Uma turned away her face that resulted in feeding her cheeks and ear to his hungry lips. His searching hands went inside the folds of her sari to successfully locate her pubis. Her pubis was easy to trace even under the cover of two layers of cloth. Niven’s fingers hungrily traced her puffed up petals and tried to move along the perfectly sharp slit. The fat pubic got trapped within his fingers and as he squeezed softly. Uma began to lose control. Her face stopped resisting and his lips locked her lips and he kissed and sucked all the wetness in her mouth, till her salivary glands exhausted. Vinita had made the baby sleep and was watching them from the beginning. She was mesmerised by the scene and stood still while her hormones were busy making her panty fully wet. Coming to senses both parted away and after a minute Vinita came in telling Uma that the child is asleep. Niven telling that he came to pick up Vinita back to home took Vinita and returned .Next day also Vinita insisted in her brother to drop her at Uma’s house and pick her up in the evening. She also told her parents that she is to learn some new cooking recipe from Uma and she will not come for noon meal. Vinita started teasing her brother telling him that his looks and talk were different when with Uma .Initially Niven protested and observing that Vinita was not harsh in her comments admitted that Uma is very beautiful and any man will be attracted by her. Vinita told him that Uma is someone’s wife and it would not be possible for him to love or marry. As the talking continued Niven guessed Vinita is neither angry nor averse to his desire in Uma. He decided to take a risk, started replying in a different perspective. Niven’s reply made Vinita take her first step towards losing her character. While closely watching her reaction, Niven simply told her, “See Vinita, the world has changed. Many things are happening. Exchanging of wife and sex with others wife and living together before marriage is not a sin nowadays. If you don’t like your husband you can divorce, take another. Life has become simple. I am just looking at her beauty and enjoying just like enjoying the beauty of a flower. You make fuss just for this? Uma would have thrown me out if she doesn’t like my activity; but what does she say? Does she complain? You are her friend now. Why not make some recommendation for me .Am I not your dear brother? I am really mad after Uma. All her great beauty is just known to one man. He cannot enjoy all time”. Vinita smiled at her brother’s statement and Niven now knew he had a strong chance to succeed in getting Vinita’s support. But what he didn’t realize was that, the more he tries to convince Vinita the more she herself would get corrupted. But gradually Vinita started hinting on the best time for him to come to Uma’s house. She hid herself and secretly watched Uma’s resistance and his attempts. Uma thought soon Vinita will catch him red-handed and then he will be rightly trimmed. Uma didn’t suspect anything when Niven didn’t turn up when she was in her next menstrual periods. Vinita was keenly watching her and passing out everything Niven needed. After her cycle Uma had to tell Vinita that she had to remove her hairs as Vinita had to take care of her child and Vinita had many questions. Now Niven knew Uma has grown hair in her pubis and she is removing it and Uma doesn’t get hair growth in her arm pits; but some growth in her lower leg and she is set to remove them all. He also got very horny on knowing that Uma will apply turmeric powder all over her body today and let it for some time before washing. Vinita was aroused and had a strange satisfaction in sharing these detail with Niven. While chatting Uma had told Vinita that she had some anger with Raj and due to that and some other reasons they had not had sex for her two menstrual cycles. This also Vinita happily passed on to Niven. Now Niven knew where to hit Uma. When Uma came out of bathroom Vinita herself was mesmerised as her skin was glowing yellow and she looked smashing and Vinita openly told Uma that, she herself has fallen in love with her beauty and what would be the state of men. Uma’s face brightened due to both shyness and pride. Uma started dressing and Niven received a call from the telephone in Uma’s house. After dressing Uma went to see her sleeping child. In their bedroom Uma used to keep her inner wear and sanitary napkin in a shelf in the bedroom. She had put a full screen to hide the shelf from view. On some quick thought Vinita went behind the screen and his herself.
When Niven came there Uma was in the bedroom combing her hair. Niven silently came behind her and hugged her. Uma pushed him aside which caused her sari falls to fall off her shoulder making her sexy boobs bravely sticking out in her blouse clearly visible they looked like two hard cones. A loud, ‘WOW’ came out of Niven’s lips. Uma seeing this, tried to put back her sari; but Niven was quick to hold them within his palm. Vinita watched with awe Uma’s boobs that were protruding like two large cones get crushed and vanish under his hands. Vinita could clearly see the disgust in Uma’s eyes. Niven held her tight and told, “Uma, You have a fantastic aroma today. I want to expose your bud and open the petals so that I can suck all the sweet honey from your flower. You can’t escape. Today this flower has to give all its honey to me”. As Uma used all her strength to pull off, he caught her sari end and it came off as Uma moved away. Uma ran back telling that Vinita would come in any-time and also threatened him that she would tell Raj. Niven replied he had already seen Vinita sleeping with the child in the next room and probably she slept while trying to make the child sleep and added that she will not tell Raj if he successfully fucked her. Vinita panicked as Uma moved back, she was dangerously near Vinita. But Niven caught her by waist and pulled her towards him. Now Uma was few feet away from her and Vinita felt relieved. His hand searched for the knot of her skirt and Uma begged him not to pull the knot of her skirt. Then he demanded her to allow kiss; but before Uma could complete her `Please’, his lips took her lips and Vinita could hear the minute sounds clearly. Then Vinita also heard the sound of Uma’s knot getting pulled. Uma tried her best to stop; but Niven succeeded and started pulling her skirt down. Uma to deny access, moved herself back, but due her lips locked by him, moved her butts back. Now her butts were straight in front of Vinita and Vinita could see the fat silky pussy of Uma as her skirt has slid below her butts though it was covering her pubis. As Vinita was seeing Niven’s hand reached Uma’s butts and entered the ass crack to tease her pussy from behind. Uma understanding his intention quickly moved her waist close to him and her body was tightly against him. Vinita understood her brother’s plan and couldn’t stop appreciating his skill in her mind. But Niven’s hand was well positioned between her legs and he could feel her pussy from behind. He clearly wanted to do it, as Uma can be brought under control by that action as she was starving from sex for some time. Uma’s legs couldn’t close and his hand reached her clit. He commented, “Uma I can see your bean is highly soaked. Don’t pretend to be not aroused. I know you are ready for fuck” .“Vinita will come “, Uma murmured. Niven replied, there will be no problem if Uma doesn’t resist and delay the fuck. Uma was stunned and Niven quickly removed her blouse and bra as she stood still. Her boobs were standing straight and Vinita was looking at her beauty wide eyed. Meantime Uma’s round flawless ass moved beautifully as she walked to the bed Niven quickly undressed himself and moved towards the bed with Uma. He made Uma lie across the bed and opened her legs wide. But her healthy pussy lips refused to open up even in that position. Vinita’s view was hidden as Niven closed in and sucked her pussy lips. He realized that the door was open and so quickly climbed over the bed and pulling Uma to position Inserted his rod and Vinita was watching his rod entering Uma’s pussy, her hand actively pressing her pubis.
Vinita watched Uma‘s pussy lips getting pulled in, as his rod penetrated her pussy. But he didn’t last long due to his over excitation and her extra tightness and within a minute he emptied his sperm and got up to dress. Uma was aroused and was not satisfied; but Niven started back to home leaving her in the bed. Uma got up after a minute rest and entered the bathroom. Vinita had seen too much to digest and she was also highly aroused when she came out of hiding. She sat on the bed for some time and then stood up and waited for Uma. Uma was taking time as she had to bath again and she was again applying turmeric powder and washing. When Uma came out wearing a towel, unaware that the towel is not covering her pussy, Vinita just laughed at her sight. Uma asked her what the matter was. Vinita exclaimed, `beautiful’, came near Uma and put her hand straight in her pubic mound. Vinita did this just to tease Uma; but when her hand was there, she felt the soft and silkiness of her pubis and her hand stayed there. Her hand involuntarily wandered and enjoyed the silky feeling and further explored the curves. Her hand traced every minute details of her pussy carefully and reached her clit. Uma, who was already losing control, got highly charged and hugged Vinita. Vinita with increased curiosity evaluated her clit, comparing it with her own. These made Uma tightly hug Vinita and pull her face near to kiss the lips. Thus Uma became the first person to taste Vinita’s lips. The more Vinita teased Uma’s bean, the hard became her kiss. Vinita too fell for her kiss and realizing Uma’s kiss was reciprocating her play with her pubis, Vinita slowly inserted her lean soft finger inside Uma’s pussy. Uma turned violent and her hand rose up to Vinita’s boobs. Vinita had small boobs, just the size of a lemon; but her boobs escaped major assault as Uma climaxed soon. Vinita had her lips sucked so wildly that her lips had the burning sensation when Uma freed them. But Naughty Vinita didn’t remove her finger from her pussy and told Uma that her pussy is warm, lovely and tight and winking at her and asked her whether she was getting ready for Raj and pretended to be unaware of her sex encounter. Uma was surprised at the virgin’s comment and she forcefully relieved herself from her. But after that their friendship slowly changed track as Vinita had many doubts and questions and Uma was turning into her sex guru.
Uma grew tense as Vinita was missing, on every occasion Niven was trying to seduce her; but she didn’t realize That Vinita was waiting nearby secretly watching them for the next free show. Within a week, Raj was outstation on some urgent work. Actually he was to a nearby tourist spot with Reena to enjoy with her. Niven took aphrodisiac tablets and went to conquer Uma and Vinita pretended to go home and returned stealthily to watch them. Vinita with foolish boldness entered her bedroom stealthily and hid behind the same screen. Uma couldn’t threaten him by saying Raj would come and Vinita also had just left as far as she knew. Uma melted in his hands after a few minutes resistance and offered no resistance as he removed her sari. Vinita watched with surprise as Uma let him remove her blouse and bra and her eyes widened when her skirt fell down. Kissing her fore head his lips gradually moved down kissing all the way down till he kissed her navel. Then he lifted Uma and putting her on the bed climbed over her. Now Uma’s legs were wide open and his lips were chewing her pussy lips. Vinita could see Uma writhing and twisting in the bed totally overcome by her orgasm. But it was just the beginning and Niven climbed over her and inserted his dick in her wet pussy and started pumping in rhythm. This time Vinita was surprised to see Uma’s pussy lips got pulled in for only a few stroked and then just clasped his rod and was still, except for getting pressed when her pushed deep hitting her pubis. Vinita also observed some white froth like thing oozing out of her pussy as Niven rested for some time with his rod inside. But it was not over. He pulled Uma over him and made her ride him. Uma did this for few minutes and it was a wonderful scene to watch her boob swinging up and down with hard protesting nipples. Niven didn’t leave her till she complained more than once that it was paining. Even then Niven didn’t allow Uma to wear her dress and enjoyed her walking nude in the room. Uma finally went to bathroom; but Niven stayed still she came out and Vinita had hard time standing there. When Niven finally set off for home, Uma heard her child cries and went to the next room nude. Vinita quickly ran out and when she was in the stairs heard Uma coming out of the next room. She turned in shock as she feared whether Uma would know she was here for long time. Uma also saw her. Uma was afraid and shocked as she was nude and also she was not sure when she came in. Both ladies said something stupid and Uma was sure that Vinita certainly knew something if not fully. Vinita couldn’t go back as she had told she just came again. Vinita just to say something told Uma that she also wants to be beautiful like her. Uma told her that she would take her to Puppy.
Next day when she talked about Vinita’s wish to Puppy, Puppy replied that as Uma is completing her course, she can take Vinita as her first client. So step by step, with Puppy’s guidance, Uma started working on Vinita’s body. Meanwhile Sam’s eye fell on Vinita and he started courting Vinita. Niven came to know about this from Vinita and so he advised Sam suitably and decided to let him fuck Uma as otherwise he would be chasing Vinita. Now Uma was accustomed to Niven’s love and she also wanted it and so she herself was hinting Niven about when to come to her. Meanwhile Reena was afraid that her husband may come anytime and as she was alone, she cannot deny access for him to fuck her pussy. She talked with Raj and gave him all her jewels and her mother’s jewels. She also gave him some secret savings her mother had kept for her. Raj promised to arrange a house and livelihood in a faraway place with the money from them. He bought a large plot in the outskirts of a faraway town on the national highway. But, before she could fly away, her husband suddenly came to her. He was accompanied by a young cute girl. Reena enquired who she was. Her rogue husband replied that he brought her from her father to assist in housekeeping. He couldn’t send her to college. Her salary has to be sent to him every month. He asked Reena to take bath and get ready and took her to a hotel .there they had good dinner. That night he tried to hug Reena; but Reena escaped by saying that she is on her menstrual periods. He stayed with her for few days and again tried to hug her. This time Reena couldn’t stop him. When he pulled her to bed Reena told him that she is not ready and he had not touched her since marriage and so he shall have it on an auspicious day. After sometime a stranger visited their house and was talking something secretly. Then he called Reena and introduced her to the stranger as his wife. Turning to Reena he asked her to bring some coffee. When Reena returned with coffee, she observed that man looking lustily at her. When she turned to go, her husband asked her to stay and Reena couldn’t digest the looks of the stranger. But her husband told Reena, “he is telling today is very good you get ready for today’s night. I will take you to a beautician so that you are perfectly ready. He will make everything ready for you. He will also make all arrangements to make our bedroom ready. Also give him one correct fitting bra and model blouse. He says your blouse is a bit loose. He will make one correct size ready by evening”. Reena stared angrily at her husband and telling that her present dress is enough went inside. Her husband followed her and slapping sound was clearly audible to both the people outside. Then her husband came out with her bra and blouse. The stranger took it and went away. Reena refused to go the beautician he suggested and instead wanted to go to Puppy. It was accepted, but her husband will not leave her alone and he waited outside. The new girl also came with them. Reena talked to her and learnt from her that her name was Swetha and she had no money to go to college after schooling. She was brought as savant maid by her husband. She also learnt that Swetha’s father had got some advance money from her husband. Reena didn’t have a good opinion about her husband and so suspected some foul play and she also told this to Swetha when she was alone with her. Reena when alone with Puppy started weeping and Puppy hugged and consoling her asked what her problem was. Reena couldn’t afford to hide anything and she told everything and expressed her desire to escape from her husband. She also begged her to somehow extend her time with Puppy and inform Raj about her problem and take her away as early as possible. Puppy dialled Raj and informed him about Reena’s problem. But Raj was attending some friend’s marriage party and was having booze. He told her that he would come as early as possible; but it may be evening. Then Puppy told Reena’s husband that she needs some oil treatment. It would make her perfect for her first night, as she would apply some jasmine scented oil that would give her body a pleasant jasmine smell. Her husband liked the idea and Puppy told it will take some more time and she will be ready at night only.
But to her bad luck Raj couldn’t return till night and Reena had no other option than going with her husband. She suspected that Raj may have got afraid of her husband. A doubt whether Raj didn’t want to continue her relationship also came in her mind and she was totally confused. With a confused and pessimistic mind-set Reena followed her husband to their home. But when back home, the activities in home, made Reena suspicious and she secretly took a paper and as a final desperate attempt wrote a letter to Raj and came to Swetha and asked her to give it to Puppy if anything bad happens and also told her she can also go to Puppy if there is any problem for her. She told Swetha elaborately about the character of her husband. Meanwhile Reena’s husband secretly put some powder in the milk, and then giving it to Swetha, asked her to drink it. Swetha, confused and afraid after talking with Reena acted as if drinking and secretly threw it away and pretended to be asleep. He lifted her and put her in the bed. Then there were three men in the house doing something and moving in and out of her bedroom. One lady was in home and she took Reena to other room .Her husband had arranged her to make Reena suitably dressed and ready. As Reena previously refused his choice and wanted to go to Puppy, he had to bring this lady home. This lady was recommended by the new man in their house. He had recommended her as she was capable of making the girls ready suitably for his plan. She took the newly stitched blouse and new inner wears and made Reena remove all her dress. She evaluated her nude body and inserted one finger into her ass crack to touch her hole and she was satisfied it was lubricated. She was satisfied by the way Puppy had made her ready and then made her wear a new panty. Then she took a string of jasmine flowers and put it in a cup of sugar with a few drops of honey and shook well so that it absorbed some sugar and inserted the string of jasmine flowers inside her panty so that one end rested in her ass and the other was hanging out. She told Reena this is because she wanted a proper first night. Then she made her wear the skirt with the knot portion straight in front of her pubis and took the jasmine string out below the knot so that it was not locked. Reena protested wearing the skirt that way; but she was again told it should be that way only as she had to keep the flower string free. Then she made her hold the end of the string in her hand above navel and made her sari rest just below the navel. Now she asked Reena to leave the string. The jasmine string was now hanging down from her navel. She told Reena she should take the end in her hand and give it to her husband and tell him your flower for him. This is because a woman is compared to flower and their pussy does the work of flower. Reena felt shy as she thought of telling these words. Then she wore her new bra and blouse. Further she made ready a plate of sweets, fruits, and milk. Then she gave some thick liquid like honey to Reena and asked her to keep it in her mouth as long as possible before drinking. The lady smiled wickedly as Reena took the drink, a sit would weaken her reflexes in another fifteen minutes and she cannot react quickly for next half an hour.
Meantime one of the men went near Swetha and Reena’s husband followed him. The man was talking loudly. He asked Reena‘s husband about some mall. He told the new man, “This mall is just 18 years, and that mall is 20.This girl is innocent and perfect virgin. Now tell your rate. you can check them fully. They will be hot going and can earn good money. Both are virgin. You have to train both”. Now Swetha knew what is going on. But if she did anything, things will get worse and so she decided to play sleeping. The new man came near Swetha and told, “That mall is good; have sufficient flesh and seems strong to take customers. This girl is weak”. Now Reena’s husband told him to inspect and tell his bidding. He asked Reena’s husband to lift her by shoulder and he promptly did. The bidder pulled down the zip of her nighty and pulled it off her body. Swetha couldn’t control her reaction. Reena’s husband promptly told the bidder that she is so sensitive even under that tablet. Then he inserted one finger in her navel and then asked her husband to pull her legs wide apart. The man squeezed her ass and then parted her pussy lips. ‘Wonderful’, the man commented. The man pulled her lips as if checking her teeth. He brought his hand to her boobs and caught them in his hand as if weighing them. Then he again rolled back her nighty to position. Now one man came to them and told that the cameras are ready and the bed is also ready. The man turned to Reena’s husband and told him to make the heroine ready and bring her to the bedroom. But as Reena was also ready by the time the lady guided her to bedroom. When both the men left the room, Swetha looked up and without making any sound, stealthily came out of the house and ran towards Puppy’s house. Inside the bedroom the camera started running as Reena entered. The lady signalled them that another ten minutes has to go for her to be ready.
Meanwhile Niven knew Raj was in the party and having booze and so he decided to have a goodtime with Uma and also to make her open up to Sam.
Vinita watched her brother going out and guessed that he is going to Uma’s house. Shortly she also went for Uma’s house eager to watch Uma getting seduced. She knew that her brother will not come straight for she waited chatting with Uma as the child was already asleep. She didn’t know that her brother was waiting for the child to sleep. Vinita observed that Uma had dressed up and applied light make up and she guessed it must be for Niven. Soon Uma had a phone call. Uma was speaking with some hesitation and Vinita guessed it was from Niven. She decided to leave Uma alone and telling Uma that she is going home came down and hid herself downstairs. As Uma‘s front door was always open Niven entered without sound and went upstairs. After few minutes Vinita followed. Niven was keeping his hand on Uma’s stomach and talking to her. Niven told her that his marriage has been fixed for next month and he may not be able to see her for some time and so he wanted to have a good fuck. Uma’s face had a tinge of shyness. Vinita could hear her brother commenting on Uma’s beauty. But he took off his hand as he had a phone ring. Uma took the phone and it was Sam. Uma gave the receiver to Niven as he wanted to talk to Niven. Niven was begging Sam to wait for some time; but the ladies couldn’t hear what Sam was telling;but Niven completed by telling,“ok, come .Don’t tell anyone. I got only after trying for longtime. I will try to convince her. But you only should ask. I will request for you.”
As he kept the receiver, Uma asked him about the call as she already knew Sam well. Niven said, “I must tell you. But you should not get angry. You should do what I say for next one hour. Promise me. I will tell. But it is very good for you. You will have no problem and nothing to fear.” Uma didn’t answer as his lips took hers and he started sucking. Uma got aroused and her lips began to suck his lips. His hands reached for her boobs and softly pressed them over her blouse. Releasing her lips, she again asked him about the call and how he knew Niven was here. Niven wanted to arouse her fully before telling and his one hand went for her butts and started squeezing them softly. Now Uma was fully leaning over him and looked up at his face as he asked her to promise that she will be with him all night whatever may happen. Uma didn’t think much and promised him. Then Niven told, “Uma, Sam has found out our secret relationship. He loves you very much. He has never touched a woman and wants to touch you. I have asked him to come here .I will talk to him. With your help, we can easily manage. I am also getting married. I don’t want trouble now.You will also have his company in my absence.“ Uma was shocked and she tried to move away and a drop of tear rolled out from her eyes in fear and shame. But Niven held her tightly in embrace as he knew well that if he leave her now, it will not be possible to seduce her into submission again. She will not be available for him also. The poor housewife struggled to free herself; but was calmed down by his tight hug and lavish kisses. Uma was going blank and Niven lost no time in bringing her under his soothing hug and sensational touch. Niven told her, “Dear, you are such a beauty. No one can harm you, anyone will love you only. Sam somehow guessed our relationship. He just wants to be close to you. He is younger. He doesn’t have sex experience. If you accept his love he will be your slave. Your beauty is enchanting him. Why don’t you let him touch you once and make him your slave? Our relationship will be also safe. “Uma lifted her head and in a hurt voice asked him how he could talk like this. Niven begged Uma to allow Sam touch her for some time and she would like his hand exploring its first woman .If she didn’t like she can send him out and Niven will take care.
As Uma was tense thinking over the development, Sam quietly entered the house. Vinita seeing him hid herself and came back after Sam entered the room. Uma was hugging Niven and talking to him in a crying tone. She was suddenly stirred up as she felt Sam’s warm hand on her bare portion of her back. Seeing Sam, she yelled, “Please, No..doo..n.t touch.” But Sam was eagerly feeling the softness of her exposed back and moving his hands downwards. Uma couldn’t stop the hands that crept side wards that took in both her boobs. Her body shuddered as she felt her blouse buttons getting unhooked. But Sam was in a hurry and in no time her blouse was open and her bra was pushed up letting her boobs out and she felt Sam’s bare hands mapping her boobs. She was both embarrassed and shy. Uma’s hand went around Niven and caught his shoulder for support, like a vine plant needing a support to survive.. She held Niven tightly and begged to Him, “please, ask him to stop, I will be ruined….I…cannot hold long between you two…I will be spoiled..”. Niven hugged her tightly slid off her saree from shoulder and winked at Sam. Uma’s legs weakened and Niven softly pulled off her saree. He knew if they act fast they could tune in Uma. Sam pulled her skirt string and in no time Uma was moving her waist in despair as her skirt went down making her stand in in Panty.
Sam whispered in her ears, “Darling, You are shaking your waist beautifully. Do more after I remove your panty“.Uma tensed and clamped her waist to Niven. Sam could not pull her panty down and so he inserted his hand to feel her ass .Uma could do nothing as his hand wandered around her ass cheeks. He was mesmerized by the softness and squeezed it as hard as possible. His hand further probed deep to find her pussy. Uma couldn’t stop him, but loosened her grip as his hand played with her pussy . He pulled her panty off and sat down to kiss her ass cheeks. Uma felt his lips on her butts and tried to pull out but froze as his finger entered her pussy. As the young man for the first time touched a woman’s pussy, he was very excited and his hand slowly explored every point of her folds elaborately. Uma’s legs cannot stand and she let her body rest on both the men. Both men sensed her body losing stiffness and understood that their dinner is ready. Sam went between her legs and locked his lips with her pussy lips. Niven was strongly holding her and she was almost hanging over his shoulders. Niven asked her, “Dear, What is your new husband doing to your flower. Sucking the petals?.. Sucking honey? ”.Uma got instant anger and it vanished as Sam played with his tongue in her pussy lips. Then both men lifted her and took to bed. Sam on instruction from Niven took his dick to Uma’s mouth and Uma didn’t require much convincing to take it in her mouth. Niven took her boobs in his hands and his mouth went for her pussy. Sam didn’t hold for long as it was his first and his sperm shoot out in her mouth and Uma had to drink it fully and her mouth was again engaged by Niven. Sam went to suck her pussy and boobs. Sam’s dick again became hard and he positioned it on Uma’s pussy. Niven took his rod out of Uma’s mouth as he wanted Uma enjoy his fuck without distraction. Uma also understood and waited for her further degradation and for her surprise both she and Sam felt very elated at the sensation of his dick entering her cunt. Niven learnt from their body language that Sam will be lost between her beautiful legs and smiled at the thought that his sister Vinita will not be courted by him .Previously he was afraid that he would fuck Vinita one day. He was now very confident Vinita’s pussy is now safe unaware what Vinita was doing.
Vinita watching all the events was very hot and badly needed to get crushed under a man’s weight. She was shocked as she heard the front door opening. She turned back and saw Uma’s husband entering. Unable to decide what to do, she rushed down the stairs. Raj was just climbing the first stairs. Vinita lost control and crashed into him. Raj was under booze and he couldn’t balance and he fell down and Vinita fell on him. Raj didn’t see her coming and he was caught unaware. He thought Uma crashed over him .He liked the soft fragrant weight over him and hugged her telling,`don’t rush Uma”.
Vinita thought that it was her brother there spoiling Uma and she should save Uma. Vinita thought that she should somehow delay Raj going upstairs and alert Uma as soon as possible. Meanwhile Raj’s hand went inside Vinita’s tops and explored her bare back. Vinita lifted her face in a hurry and her lips were quickly taken by Raj’s lips. Raj after kissing for a while felt some difference and looked at her face. He was shocked to learn that it was Vinita. But hot Vinita was just warming up for him and at that moment he felt Vinita’s lips clamping on his lips. The young beauty, who he has admired without her noticing, was over him. He fully felt her warmth and fragrance and her kiss and his desire to fuck her suddenly took birth and grew rapidly and he whispered “Vinita,I love you. I need you”. “Take me Uncle” she replied. Raj took her to the adjacent bedroom and started kissing her and his hands pulled down her pants and panty making her bottomless. Vinita wanted her upper half explored first and so she resisted and backed off. Raj pulled her with force. She with shyness told him, “Uncle don’t touch there at the very beginning, I am very shy. ”Raj understood and pulled off her tops and bra. Vinita was very attractive as she had already had a few sittings at Uma’s beauty treatment. Her pussy was silky without hair and her small boobs went into Raj’s mouth and Vinita willingly held his head .Raj had a wave of guilty feeling and took his face away and asked her whether he is hurting her and also asked her to leave. Vinita was upset. She told him, “No Uncle, take me. Every inch of me is yours. Don’t leave in the middle. “She pulled his face and moved her erect boobs near his mouth which he took in fully. Raj started enjoying every bit of her passionately. His hand now reached her pubic mound and she offered no resistance. Slowly his hand touched her pussy lips and she hugged him tightly. Straight above Sam happy that he has inserted his rod and conquered Uma; started passionately exploring her body with his rod inside her pussy. His hand squeezed and crushed her unyielding boobs which seemed hard to look and very soft when touched. Niven watched this and smiled thinking that his sister’s pussy is now safe. Down below Vinita controlling her tingling sensation was offering her pussy to Raj’s examination. Raj opened her pussy lips with his fingers and its elasticity amused him. He suspected whether she could accommodate his rod. He undressed looking at the young girl waiting nude for him. Vinita was also curious to see his rod. As soon as he undressed he took her hand to his rod which Vinita held without any hesitation. Raj went near her pussy and opening her legs wide, clamped his lips over pussy lips and started sucking. Vinita couldn’t hold as she involuntarily shouted, her legs tightly closing his face in due to a heavy orgasm. Raj’s hands held both her boobs and pulled them hard like an elastic string. Vinita bore the pain for some time and hugged him tightly when she couldn’t bear anymore. At that time Raj had a call and it was Reena calling him in a final attempt. Raj replied that he will be there within few minutes. Raj from Reena’s voice was sure that there is some trouble and tried to get up. But Vinita’s hand held his rod and the feeling of first manhood made her softly move her hands in evaluation. It was enough to seduce Raj and he again fell on her kissing her all over her body again. As he remembered Reena’s call deciding to finish the enjoyment he positioned his rod and opened up her pussy lips, slowly entering her virgin cunt. They had a quick orgasm as Vinita couldn’t bear for long and Raj couldn’t hold the suction of here tight pussy for long. But when his rod shrunk and came out of her pussy, Vinita really broke out and begged Raj not to ditch her as she wanted to bear his child and cannot think of living with another man. Raj had to promise her that she also will be his wife and hastily went to see Reena. Vinita rushed to her house as it was already late.
Puppy had seen Raj going home and she was standing in front of her house hoping to talk to him if he comes that way. She had also contacted her strong men and was waiting for them to come. Puppy stopped Raj when he was crossing her house and told him the situation of Reena. She also told him she had called some of her friends and if required they can avail the help of police also. She prompted Raj to go there first and she will follow with her men. Raj’s bike raced towards Reena’s house. Puppy smiled as she knew Raj could do nothing without her help; but she wanted him to know her power. Back in Reena’s house, Reena entered the room and was embarrassed to see few men there and her eyes quickly caught the two video cameras kept there and the bright lighting and grasped what is being done. Reena rushed out and was caught just outside the room by her husband. Reena shouted aloud in objection; but her husband insisted everything was done as per her wish for ceremonial first night and all others will leave the room once the formality of the event is complete. But Reena again shouted sensing great danger for her dignity as her husband almost pulled her into the bedroom. The old woman quickly came near her and consoled her that she will also be with her and the ceremony is planned as per the tradition of their family. Reena again shouted and Raj who was nearing the house could clearly hear every word of Reena in the silence of night and he under stood that Reena is being pulled into the bedroom. Her husband was about to slap Reena when the old woman told him that within minutes Reena would be a very good girl. He understood that the drug will take effect soon and let Reena relax for some time. Reena tried to relax, but she felt that her head is getting hot and soon felt as if she is losing weight. He went in silently asking the woman to bring in Reena and he will be waiting. The woman sensed that the drug has taken effect and again told Reena, “Come with me, dear, your problem is over. Just step into the room. Then there will only enjoyment. You will enjoy every minute.”Reena’s face became red in shyness and tension, as the drug increased her sensitivity and reduced her physical reflex action. The woman held Reena by waist and pulled her and was surprised realising Reena was getting goose bumps at her touch and thought that the men in would have a wonderful time. Reena couldn’t walk steadily and complained of sickness to the woman and so she made her walk up to kitchen and drink some cold coffee. It gave Reena some relief, but she slowly walked with the woman into the room cursing her fate and Raj. A man without shirt came to her and gave her a chocolate in her mouth and Reena involuntarily opened her mouth as everyone clapped. Reena was aware that the camera was on her. Then the man asked her husband to keep his hand on Reena’s Navel and tell some words meaning that he is taking her with her consent. Reena’s husband asked him to show him how to tell it. Reena’s body jerked as the man touched her navel and told the words with one finger probing the depth. Poor Reena didn’t know everything is going as they have planned. Then her asked Reena to take the tip of her saree and give it to him. Reena saw her husband standing aside and thought why he is not repeating as the man told and waited for him.. Now Reena asked shedding her hesitation why her husband is not doing this. The man smiled and told her first he will see and learn and then do it with camera rolling and now the camera is switched off as this is just demo for both of them. Her husband prompted her to take the saree end. As she took it with some hesitation she heard the feeble sound of Raj calling. Her concentration diverted she gave the saree end to the same man and he was quick to hold it and he gently pulled it off her shoulder exposing her two straight cones held tight by her blouse. Reena didn’t realize all the eyes on her blouse and stood there beginning her free show. As per their plan, he wanted to fuck her in the video, posing as her husband. Then the man took a few bundles of thousand rupee notes and giving it to Reena, told her to give it to her husband and tell few words. Reena was amused by the money in her hand, but didn’t act. He understood that she may be slow due to the drug effect and again repeated few times what she should do. Reena couldn’t think much, but she grasped the words and giving the money to her husband told, “Please, consider this money and flower equally. Take the money as the offer and give the inverted lotus bud for the desired to open.”Her husband replied,“O k, I take the money for flower”and winked at the other man .Then the man asked Reena to take the tip of the jasmine string hanging from her belly in her hand and give it to her husband. When Reena did, her husband pulled it slightly; it tightened over her pussy lips as it slightly came out. Reena had a hard tingling sensation in her pussy lips and clit and her eyes closed instantly and the camera zoomed on the erotic expression in her face. But she was shocked when she heard her husband saying,“ok take the string and lotus. She is now yours.”Reena’s hand and the string were in his hand. The man started pulling the string causing it to move over her pussy slowly and Reena held his hand unable to bear the sensation. But he couldn’t be stopped and the string tried to slide into the folds of her pussy lips. She desperately trying to get relieved parted her legs slightly and the string started moving little bit easily. But every flower rubbed over her petals and clit and unable to control the tingling, she stood on her toes, her waist arching backwards away from him resulting in her face coming close to him. This tempted him to take her lips. Leaving the string he hugged her with both hands and took her lips into his. Reena was almost in a trance, but he was camera conscious. Giving a good angle for camera, he bit her lower lip and pulled into maximum extent and then slowly closed in sucking the lip fully into his mouth. Then he repeated this with her upper lip. With zero resistance from her, he continued this for few minutes and then turning her sideward, held her neck and turning her face sideward continued his kissing, giving the camera a stunning view of her hardened sharp boobs seemingly trying to tear out of her blouse. His hand slid down from her neck softly feeling the contour of her blouse clad boobs, gradually increasing his pressure on the boobs; but her boobs teased him springing back more stiff after every pressing. He felt that he can kiss this beauty all day; but time was running out and the drug effect will start waning. He knew he should take her to the point of no return before that. He could still taste the sweetness of the chocolate in her saliva and so without breaking the kiss he slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. He had unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and the sexy curve of her boobs making a `V’ shape was visible to the camera.
her boobs making a `V’ shape was visible to the camera.
At that time Reena felt that she heard another sound of Raj. Recovering from her seduced state, she tried to run to Raj, pulling free from the man. her unexpected move caught the man unaware, she almost reached the door putting back her saree around her shoulder; but her bad luck made her saree float, just enough for him to catch the tipoff her saree. This caused her to fall back few steps in a spring action, but she tried to wrestle away from him. .but she was no match for him and she came revolving around as he gave a quick pull to her saree and when the end came off her body she was within his hands, her back pressing against his chest. She couldn’t recover from the effect of her revolving immediately; with the drug also adding its effect she stood still as he casually opened the remaining blouse buttons and exposed her bra clad boobs .Again Raj’s loud calling shook her back to reality and she tried to pull away. This time the man was expecting it and he held her by the back of her blouse. The blouse slipped from her shoulder to her arms and got entangled there. She bent forward in her attempt to free herself. Her boobs hanged vertically down in her bra showing a beautiful view for the camera. The man manipulated his pull so as to make her pull and bend in different angles and the camera was fully capturing every move and her boobs were moving up, down side wards and every shouting heard made her bend and twist, feeding the camera all the glory of her boobs and her blouse slowly came off her hands in the process, but still she was trying. He held her hands and took one hand to her stomach and caught hold of the jasmine string. He slightly pulled it till it was tight in his hand and released it. It in turn, tightened on her pussy lips and loosened and the string was slowly moving up rubbing along her pussy. Though the drug had started losing its power this was compensating for the lagging. Her resistance got reduced and she wanted to escape the feeling and she tried to pull off bending like a curve. As he increased his pull the tingling of the flower increased and at the same time the thread pressed on her petals sharply giving a stinging pain. Unable to bear the pain she bent back resulting in her coming close to him and she involuntarily slightly widened her legs. She was exhausted and her chest was vigorously moving up and down due to her heavy breathing after all hard pull and push. As she came close her back on his chest he caught the string of her skirt and in a swift pull released it with other hand winding around her waist. Her skirt got loosened and started its downward journey. Before she could react, he again started pulling the jasmine string. Now the pressure on the string was further reduced due to the removal of skirt. Only her panty was pressing it on her pussy. So the sensation was soft and the pressing of the thread and pain had vanished. As he pulled slowly, the string of closely knitted jasmine, moved slowly along her pussy every flower stroking her clit and at the same time the string of flowers flowing along the flowery petals of her pussy softly massaged and gently opening the petals rubbed softly all points till they ended up stroking her clit. The sensation was hundred times more than that she could get by a good fingering. Poor Reena struggled very hard to beat the sensation. The man looked at the woman who made Reena ready for the show and smiled. She signalled him that the string is long. Leaving the string he moved his hand to her back and moved his hand down. He couldn’t control his smile. He traced the coil of her string resting at the bottom of her panty up to her ass. Realized there is a good length yet to come off.
He knew Reena would certainly reach her orgasm and thought only a woman can perfectly break a woman. He wanted to make her boobs to hang freely when she hits the peak. Reena recovering from the sensation tried to break away giving required space for opening her bra hook. In no time the bra was off her boobs and she tried in wain to stop it from coming off her chest and it soon went down. Reena covered her boobs with her both hands. He casually started pulling the jasmine string again. Reena moved her waist in different direction to avoid the rubbing. But it was not successful; but the camera again got many beautiful poses. Finally to escape the climax, she took her hands from her boobs and tried to hold his hand thus freeing it for everyone to admire with her begging eyes looking at him.
Reena relaxed a bit and he used the time to fold her hands backwards, right hand bent tightly to her back and the left hand over the right hand and pressed her back by his chest locking her hands effectively. Further locking her left arm went around her to her right boob. His right hand reached her stomach and started teasing her navel. When he tightened his grip her shoulder was pushed back and her chest came forward trusting her boobs. Rena realized what is happening, but she was losing herself to this man’s tactics. He put his palm around her right boob, closing the fingers softly around, moved his fingers from the base to the nipple tip just like a milkman do before milking. The sensation caused blood to rush to her boobs making it large and stiff. With the other hand he pulled her panty up as much as possible increasing the pressure no her he pulled the jasmine string the camera could clearly record the movement of the string over her slit. Reena felt knocked out as she could do nothing except moving her waist that made her seem sexier. Inserting his leg between her legs he widened her legs making the panty squeeze the string over her pussy lips maximizing contact. Unable to control her sensation, she moved her butts away from him further increasing the friction, accelerating her orgasm. Soon her pubic mound was projected up to the maximum and her legs widened to the maximum as he pulled faster. She peaked resulting in her panty getting totally wet and as she closed her legs the cloth of her panty got between her pussy lips exposing her beauty fully. The camera zooming down, she looked down to see what she is showing. She tried to turn around as he pulled her panty down. She couldn’t stop his action as it got to her feet. To make it worse he lifted her one legs swiftly giving a clear show and whispered, “The camera is recording the view of your open pussy. You are totally nude and if you cooperate the show will end quickly. Otherwise you will be showing for longer time “.He took her lips and sucked as she surrendered herself to his exploration. He lifted her and took to bed with the camera following them. Reena waited with closed eyes as he undressed .As Reena felt the weight of the man over her the camera was closely recording her soft body. The young woman lost the sense of the physical world around her as he opened her legs and positioned his rod. Reena’s pussy lips got pressed and finally yielding to the thrust let his rod in.Reena not aware this scene will be seen by many men started enjoying his fuck till she climaxed. But the other two men fucked her and she couldn’t resist. she heard the sound of Raj and puppy in some bargain and she understood some rescue has come. The make-up woman confirmed her thought and made her bath in hot water and applying body fresheners as Puppy had done and gave her fresh clothe. Reena had a sound sleep after bathing and getting dressed freshly.
After some arguments and as the compromised agreement Raj had to give money as compensation for both Reena and Swetha whose whereabouts could not be found. But he had only part of the required amount and he asked for a month time for paying the rest. Puppy didn’t even tell Reena about her location; but Reena was sure that she will be somewhere safe in the custody of Puppy. As Raj wanted one week time to pay fully, it was arranged that Reena will be in Puppy’s custody till he pays fully. He was also confused and afraid of telling Uma as he felt guilty and Uma may say he cheated her. Further his affair with Vinitha also threatened him. He was roaming around undecided. Back home, Uma also felt guilty of cheating her husband and was afraid when she thought of the possibility of avoiding her two lovers. Vinita also had told her about seeing her fucking Niven and how she gave up her virginity to save Uma. Raj mortgaged his house and arranged for selling his lands as he decided to start some business in the outer circle of a big city as he had got a double plot many years ago. Raj told Uma of his idea and Uma already worrying over her own behaviour quickly accepted his idea without much thinking, just because this will help her escape her present compulsions. Puppy offered to help Raj in Reena matter and Raj went off to look after his new construction work. Uma kept Raj’s trip secret to avoid Niven; but Niven found out Raj was away and he knew Uma will need some time to get laid. After a week Niven contacted Sam and both entered Uma’s house. At the same time Uma received a call from the youngest sister Hema.
Hema was telling her that she is visiting her as her hostel is closed for a week. As Uma closed the phone call she was shocked to see the two men. She told them to leave as she was expecting guest. As they couldn’t convince Uma by talking Niven hugged her tightly and though Uma moved her head away to avoid his lips. But as Niven hugged Uma .Sam with one hand lifted her saree and tried to insert other hand into her panty. At the same time her sister Hema entered the house stealthily to give surprise to Uma .Uma to deny access to Sam’s hand pushed herself tightly into Niven. Sam unable to insert in, let his fingers roam around her soft stomach and Navel. Unable to control the tingling sensation Uma’s stomach involuntarily pulled inwards. Finding some space Sam’s hand swiftly entered her panty to feel her pussy. At the same time, Hema entered the room. She saw Uma moving her head away from Niven and Sams hand were clearly in her stomach. She thought Uma is getting Molestationd and was stunned for a minute. But she could clearly note Uma’s stomach pulling in and Sam’s hand entering into her sari. For a second Uma stopped moving her head and Niven took her lips. Uma had all her four lips conquered by two men .She was like a deer with its neck caught by the powerful jaw of a tiger. She could do nothing other than fully getting into their control as her sensitive organs were invaded. Uma’s hands crept to Niven’s back and her soft fingers started moving on his back as if seriously searching for something. Hema saw Uma’s panty slowly getting pulled into her ass crack and Uma’s legs slightly parting apart. Now she knew Uma has started enjoying and as she imagined what is happening to Uma’s golden triangle, Hema’s virgin pussy almost reacted as if it was getting felt. Coming to senses Hema got afraid when she thought what would happen if they see her. It is their bad luck, they didn’t see her. She would have been easily laid on bed with open legs when she comes out of her mental storm. But she cautiously walked backwards and climbed down the steps. Unable to decide where to go she went inside the bedroom in the ground floor. Just then she heard footsteps and saw Raj entering the house. Raj didn’t turn to her side as they used that room for dining only and he went upstairs straight. Vinita had seen Raj coming and came to Uma’s house with a large tiffin carrier. .she was badly in need of attention from Raj as her newly opened bud wanted his penis badly. But as she entered his house she saw Hema in the looking up at the stairs with great tension. She could easily guess it was Uma‘s sister and asked her,”HI, are you Uma’s sister? Why are you so tense? Any problem? “.she couldn’t reply immediately. But pulled her into the dining room and said in a afraid tone, “Raj uncle have seen sister.”Her body was shivering. Vinita looked at the girl. She was lean, with large eyes and small but shapely lips that were rose without lipstick. Vinita remembered feeling Uma’s pussy and thought, `I must see her nude beauty’. Soon Hema’s tension caught up with her and she almost pulling Hema went upstairs. Raj had come down to store room when they were in the other room.
Uma was in the air with Niven holding her by shoulder and sucking her boobs and Sam was resting her legs on his shoulder wide apart. His hands were holding her waist tightly and his rod was quickly going in and out of her pussy. Both the girls were looking with wide open eyes and looked back when they heard the sound of Raj hurrying over the steps with a long knife in his the time Uma’s pussy had started sucking in Sam’s sperm. Fully satisfied Sam withdrew his shrinking rod from her pussy letting Uma rest her legs in the ground. Just then both men were alarmed by the squeal of both the girls. Seeing them Sam quickly took his dress and started wearing his inner wears. Raj was shocked and slowed down by the presence of the two girls and each held his one hand in a desperate attempt to stop him. Sam took his dress and ran away .As he tried to wriggly out, Uma and Niven stood stunned with fear of death written on their face.His anger turned towards Hema and Vinita and he tried to hit Hema . Hema started crying and told Raj, “Uncle, please forgive my sister. Don’t kill her. Instead I will do anything you say. Punish me “. Raj retorted,“Become my wife. Serve my all your life in the presence of Uma”.Hema was quick to reply,“promise uncle, From now I will be your wife. I will never let anyone touch me. Please give me that knife”.Raj replied,“I leave Uma ;but I will not leave Niven”. Towing the line, Vinita said,“Uncle ,Don’t kill my brother. If you kill him and go to jail, how can you make Hema your wife? So please leave my brother. Instead take me also like Hema”.Raj angrily retorted,“ Everything your brother did to Uma, I will do to you, Is it ok”.Vinita waiting for this instantly repeated the same words said by Hema. She quickly turning to Uma asked her quickly go to bathroom and take bath. Uma hastily collected her dress and went to bathroom. But Raj paused for a minute, but his anger was ragging. Unable to control his anger, telling Niven that he will keep his word, he suddenly pulled up the tops of Vinita. Vinita was wearing bra and she covered her chest with her hands and asked Raj whether he was in anyway better than Niven and there was some argument. Hearing the heated argument Uma came out fully dressed after quick bath. By the time Raj’s anger got reduced and Vinita removed her hands that were covering her boobs and told him he can do anything he thinks right. Then she told Raj he should let her brother enjoy Uma at his will as he has claimed his compensation. There was calm for some time as emotions were coming down. Vinita told Raj,“ If I come with you, my parents will disown me. I don’t have the courage to tell them the entire story. I will come to your house to live with you. My parents shouldn’t know I am with you. I cannot avoid all my kith and kin. My brother must visit me. To avoid future problems, let Uma be wife for you both. Make an arrangement and tell me what to do”. Before another argument could explode, there was a phone call. Raj attended the call and told aloud, `Uma’s parents were hospitalised after a minor bus accident’. Then turning to Uma told her to get ready to go there. Uma quickly went out .Niven also went out. Raj was left standing with Hema and Vinita. Vinita pulled Hema near her and said,“See Raj, you have won this beautiful virgin for yourself and me also for yourself. You have saved one Reena and she needs you. I know. One young virgin Swetha is also at your feet. I will convince my brother to marry Swetha. Let Reena and Uma be common wife for both of you. This way we can have your attention for at least few days in a month”.telling this Vinita naughtily winked at him. Raj couldn’t control his laughter. Vinita further told Raj that he had pulled up her tops; but hadn’t done anything to Hema. Hema looked alarmed .Raj pulled her near and hugged her as Hema offered no resistance.
In a few minutes Uma returned and said that she had packed dress for both of them. Niven also arrived at the same time and told that he has brought his car. Vinita took the lead to make the situation normal. She told everyone to move quickly. Vinita asked Niven whether driver has come. As there was no driver Niven had to go with them. Vinita told she would also accompany and Niven got permission for her from parents as he found Vinita was effectively mending the damage and her presence will improve the situation. Raj also felt the same way and everyone wanted her presence. Vinita again opened the subject with her brother and he simply replied that he would accept anything Raj would say. Vinita stopped the car near a flower shop and bought two garlands. Then she again stopped the car midway and asked her brother to get down. Then she asked Raj to bring Uma Raj understood her plan and took Uma to her. Vinita told Raj to tell them to exchange garlands. Raj smiling at the cleverness of Vinita told them to exchange garlands. Uma hesitated and refused; but quickly obeyed when Raj asked her why she didn’t resist when he was sucking her boobs. As Vinita knew driving she took the steering and making Hema sit in the front seat, made Uma sit between the two men in the rear. Vinita told Raj whatever happens there will only happen with her and winked her eyes. After long time Raj smiled and he was aroused on Vinita’s statement, as Vinita had already given herself to him some days before. He looked at Uma .his heart softened as he now understood Uma. Though she seemed tough outside she had been very soft inside, certainly very innocent, and an easy prey for scheming persons. Her only mistake was she wanted to become rich very quickly and in that thought insulted her husband. He realised her value when he had to share her with someone. His hand involuntarily moved to her shoulder and rested there softly. Uma turned and seeing the affection in his eyes broke down and started weeping. But she still didn’t realize what was wrong with her. He hugged her tightly as Niven looked on feeling very guilty. By the time they have reached the hospital. The condition of her parents required hospitalization for long time. Vinita and Niven returned asking them to call for any help. Their condition worsened and they finally succumbed to the injury. Uma was very upset and she didn’t care for her business. Vinita also didn’t try to make any move for one month though she visited her frequently. Hema went to college. Time was not waiting and Uma’s daughter started going to school. And Uma again started to give attention to her appearance and Vinita noticing this started teasing Niven and Raj. Vinita also gave great attention to her looks was teasing Raj. One evening Vinita observed Uma’s face glowing beautifully with a tinge of turmeric and she knew Uma has removed her unwanted hairs and so her pubis will be silky smooth. She asked Uma to get dressed beautifully in yellow sari and in turn she will also go home and come back in yellow sari. Vinita returned freshly bathed in yellow sari and she was happy Uma has obliged and thanked her for the same. Uma replied that she had saved from shame and peril twice and she owes Vinita very much and would do anything for her. Vinita had already phoned Raj and asked him to come home early. Now she took the phone and told Niven to come there immediately and she had hinted him about what may happen as she was not herself not sure. As both the men came Vinita asked Uma to tell Raj to tie the holy knot in her neck and Niven to tie to Uma and she had brought everything in her handbag. Uma told her that she can marry an unmarried man and live peacefully .Vinita shot back she will not violate her promise and that her brother also has married an already married lady and is waiting for her. Uma looked helplessly at Raj. The flower pack in the hands of Raj made both the ladies go red. Both men wanted to do something as the shy faces stimulated their desire. Raj took one step forward and gave the flowers to Uma and Uma gave vinita’s bag to Raj. Niven opened the parcel he had brought and took two garlands and gave to Vinita and Raj. Vinita was quick to garland Raj as she could not bear the tension and Raj garlanded her and tied the holy knot. Vinita was relieved as she wanted his relationship after opening up to Raj to save Uma. Uma took the flowers and pinned to Vinita’s long hairs and Vinita too returned the favour to Uma and asked Raj to make Niven tie the knot to Uma. Then the women fell silent and finally Raj took the lead and softly pushed Uma towards Niven and Niven hugged her. Uma turned and seeing Vinita and Raj tried to pull away. Raj hugged Vinita and she went into his arms like a cute puppy. Uma saw this she also saw Raj watching her intently and became nervous. But Niven was excited as he got the go signal to enjoy the 22year old beauty and was quick to pull down her sari from shoulder and started unhooking her blouse buttons. Uma’s weak resistance didn’t stop him and Uma was in her bra and her resistance increased as she became aware both were watching her. Vinita went near her and tried to pull down her blouse and called Raj for help. Raj was rock hard .he went near her and touched her shoulders. Uma stopped resisting and looked at Raj as Raj pulled her blouse out of her body. By the time Niven removed her bra and caught her boobs. Raj told Niven not to rush and she is his all night and whenever he wanted. Raj hugged Vinita and started kissing her. Then they moved downstairs leaving Uma and Niven alone. Now as their relationship is approved Niven started enjoying Uma with her full cooperation. In another bedroom Vinita was happily losing her dress one by one. They enjoyed till late night and slept there itself . Niven managed Vinita’s absence from home cleverly
Vinita couldn’t not enjoy with Raj frequently as he would be away during day time. But Uma’s slender legs were opened by both men regularly for the next one week and by the week end, Uma was shamelessly nude with both men fondling her boobs. Raj couldn’t see Vinita and he now thought of Reena’s hot pussy. He just then remembered another one month have elapsed after settling the first instalment money he has to pay the balance and take back Reena. He had already shifted Swetha to the new house and she was also helping Raj by giving feedback in shop construction works. He had to make ready his new residence and shop and canteen. Reena was held back as he had not settled the full money. Meantime, Reena recovered from her mental and physical stress in a week’s time from her escape from her husband’s clutches. Puppy’s oil massage and beauty treatment made her glowing and sexy. Now Puppy decided to claim her reward for her investment. She made few phone calls .Particularly she was telling someone to come by 7pm evening. Then she gave Reena a good herbal oil massage. Then she took a large syringe without needle. Reena smiled as she knew what she will do next. Puppy will keep the syringe at the entrance of her vagina and pump in 100ml of some medicated oil into her pussy for curing internal injury, make her opening tighter and prevent pregnancy. After injecting the oil into her vagina, she sealed the pussy lips with a small plastic clip so as to prevent the oil come out immediately. The clip will apply alight pressure and prevent the oil from flowing out immediately and Reena loved the sensation of the clip. Reena had to lie down nude for next ten minutes. Puppy had strictly instructed Reena not to play with her pussy or clit as it would reduce the effect of the oil and her pussy will not get tight and men will not like loose pussy. Reena strictly didn’t relieve herself for fear of losing her beauty, making her eagerly wait for the day she would get fucked by Raj. Reena enjoyed the sensation of the oil penetrating deep into her pussy and her thoughts wandered over the events of the last few days. Now for almost for fifteen days Reena’s pussy was untouched. She couldn’t recollect the events that happened at her husband’s house. As she was clean and well-dressed when she woke up after her fucking session on camera, she thought it was a dream that was so realistic. That thought also added to her arousal. But Puppy had told her that today is the last day for oil treatment, and she can enjoy form that day night. Reena had to wait for ten minutes after that. Reena enjoyed the sensation of the oil penetrating deep into her and her thought s wandered over the events of the last few days. Reena went for bath as sufficient time elapsed after oil treatment. When Reean was back from bath Puppy wanted to warm her up and told her, Raj had phoned and told that he almost have made ready the money and may come to see her and started arranging the bedroom. Then she made Reena sit on the bed and combed her hairs and while combing told her that after a tough time she will have sweet time and also advised her to apply the creams given by her. Reena went to the bathroom, removed her nighty and applied one cream to her armpits, waist and opening her pussy lips felt the oil still oozing out of the folds and she giggled at the fresh jasmine fragrance of the oil and came out and looked for sari in the shelf. One thing she didn’t know was today’s oil was a mixture of two oils though the fragrance is same. Puppy had added that oil to enhance her sexual desire and it will also delay her orgasm. Though Reena didn’t realize her arousal, Puppy clearly understood from Reena’s desire to get dressed beautifully, restlessness and attempt to contact Raj. Puppy was sure that her glands will be pumping hormones and assets will get excited and be ready for a man to feed upon. When Reena was ready, Puppy took a string of flowers and pinned it to her hairs. As they were having their dinner and chatting a man appeared at the entrance and Reena‘s face became pale on seeing the man and rushed to the kitchen. Puppy observed Reena’s reaction and smiled. It was the man who first tried to fuck her forcibly and Reena escaped from him after losing her dress. Now, for the second time, Puppy had arranged an encounter with Reena for him. Puppy went to the entrance door as if to enquire. She whispered to him, “See I am arranging her for the second time. Her lover has touched her all over and she is eagerly waiting to open her legs for him. I have lied to her that her lover may be coming. I have given the oil treatment and she will have a delayed orgasm. She also has prepared her beautiful body well to seduce her man. Don’t miss this time.” The man gave her one bundle of thousand rupees and Puppy said that except for the hymen she is as good as a virgin. He gave another bundle and Puppy taking the money invited him in and told Reena that he wants to talk to her. Reena stood still as the man came to her. He smiled and said, ““Hi Reena darling, I am seeing you nude daily in video only. today I want to see the real Reena. Do you remember that day? Your pussy was so beautiful with your legs partly open and you staring at the camera. I daily watch the video and shake my penis. I still remember all your identification marks; particularly that mole on your right boob was very sexy. But don’t run today. I will be soft and I need you very much. We shall enjoy together.”Reena, herself standing in front of the mirror had admired that mole on her boob many times. Reena panicked and came near Puppy and held her hand. Puppy also held Reena’s hand tightly. Reena held Puppy’s hand for support as she was shivering at the sight of the man. He had tried to Molestation her few months before. Puppy also held Reena’s hand tightly so that Reena doesn’t block access to the man’s hands to her oil treated lotus bud. But Reena in a confused tone told Puppy that she doesn’t want to talk to him and in a begging tone asked her to send the man out. Reena was actually very ashamed to see him at the thought he is seeing her nude video daily. She felt defeated when she remembered her pose that day he came with a camera. Meantime the man caught her other hand and asked her whether she is still angry with him. His other hand felt the softness of her fingers and slowly moved upwards relishing the silky soft skin finally resting on her blouse clad boobs.Reena felt his hnd on her boob,but didn’t have the strength to push away as it had already been crushed by his hands and her inner conscience told her, ‘His hand was the first to touch there’. Puppy with her other hand turned Reena’s face to her side and in a very affectionate tone asked her who that man was and what the problem between them was. Reena was in a confused state and couldn’t decide what to say as a sheepish smile escaped her lips. She was thinking about the video he was talking about and that held her undecided. While Puppy was asking this, his hand started mapping her boob and reached the tip of the cone and started playing with her sensitive nipple. Reena physically locked and distracted by Puppy couldn’t act quickly and the time lapse made his work easy. But as his hand played with her nipple, she realized that he had exactly located her nipple and he could easily feel the contour of her hidden mango. The thought that he is seeing her nude video daily also had a great impact on her. Her face turned red and Puppy noticing this asked Reena, why she is getting shy for a simple question. Reena couldn’t say that her nipple is being explored; but she tried to further lean towards Puppy exposing the hand playing with her boob. Puppy laughed and pulling off the sari from her chest asked Reena how she can believe that an unwanted man can play with her boob. Telling this she took her hand to her boob and squeezed and her hand rested there. Reena felt defeated and weak. So his hand easily reached her lower waist and getting between the sari folds got a small feel of her pubis. Reena pressed her thighs together restricting access. At that time the phone rang and Puppy went to attend the call. Reena didn’t expect Puppy’s sudden move and she lost control and slightly moved and the man pulled off her sari making her revolve .when the sari was fully off she crashed over him due to the force. He hugged her and took her lips in his mouth. His one hand moved down to pull her skirt knot. Reena sensing her skirt loosen in her waist tried to move away; she whispered to him,“please stop, Puppy aunty may think wrongly”. But his hand was quick to enter her panty. The hands started squeezing her soft butts. She unable to fight, as her pussy lips were touched from behind rested herself on his chest. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his finger softly pulling her clit and didn’t care about her panty going down to her feet. The man felt Reena’s lips mildly sucking his lips and moved his hand up to unhook her blouse. Reena came to senses when her blouse was pulled out of her shoulder, tried to free herself; but a single word, `Please’, escaped from her mouth as her blouse went off her body. There was no resistance when he sucked her lips into his mouth. Then his hand removed her bra hook and pulled it aside making her fully nude. Reena looked around in fear; she was relieved as Puppy was not there. The man lifted her and entered the bedroom as Reena cuddled herself to him still undecided, fully drifted into his control. The man highly confident she will not run away laid her on the bed and came over her. As his hands caught and played with her boobs, she whispered to him to close the door. He closed her mouth with his lips and squeezing her boobs with his hands, moved her legs apart with his legs. Reena pressed by his weight let her beauty at his disposal. He didn’t like her lying inactive. He folded her legs so that her thigh rested on her stomach. Now her pussy was bulging out and her clit was projecting out. He took his mouth near her clit to suck her into action. At that time Reena was shaken by Puppy’s voice, `what is happening here’? As Reena looked up at Puppy, she felt her clit going into his mouth and her body shuddered in reaction Puppy laughed and said,“O.K, I shall lock the room from outside as you were in such a hurry you didn’t lock the door. Knock, when you finish your enjoyment.I will open the door.”Now Reena began to respond to his moves and she began obeying to his wishes. He turning back fed his rod to Reena’s mouth and continued sucking her clit. Reena started reciprocating his action. She wanted her orgasm; but it was not coming due to Puppy’s oil. Observing her getting aggressive, he turned around to again kiss her lips, this time getting wonderful response from her. Her hands were around his back trying to clamp more and tighter. Reena fully hot and ready opened her legs as he positioned his rod over her pussy lips and pulled him towards her as she felt the rod slowly burying itself into her hungry pussy. At last after good hard fuck Reena got her orgasm, as her vagina sucked his sperm in. Reena closed her eyes and was still till he pulled her over him and started his second round. Reena was like a cushion over him and he pushed her down till her mouth was near his rod. She took it in her mouth and soon it was erect and ready. Reena didn’t need much persuasion and she obediently positioned her pussy over his rod and sat over it fully taking it in. Fully exhausted and satisfied after the second round of fucking both slept and when Reena woke up, that man was not there. When she looked out through the window she realized it was very bright outside and she had woken up very late in the morning. She then remembered that her dress was removed by him outside the room and she had no dress in the room. She knocked the door of the room; but couldn’t get response from Reena. Deciding to try after bath, she entered the attached bathroom and came out fresh with a towel tied around her chest
Reena went for the door to knock again and stopped midway hearing the comment, “Wow, what a beauty”.she was shocked to see a man inside the room. He came near her and said, I came to see Puppy. I heard the knock and the door was locked from outside. I was surprised. I opened the lock and peeped inside. The room was empty. I came in and sat on the bed. I was thinking whether I imagined things. Then the bathroom door opened and you came out and went for the door with a towel around your chest and your towel was above the beautifully swaying butts. What an excellent catwalk”Reena tried to pull down the towel in the backside and the towel could not contain her firm boobs and eventually came off and gave away the beauty. The man didn’t waste time. He, with a mischievous wink thanked her for removing her towel and took her boob in his mouth. His one hand played with her butts while the other hand went for her pussy. Reena was standing stupidly with all her assets conquered by a stranger in no time and she was slowly getting aroused for a stranger’s rod. He went few steps back holding and stretching her hand and pulled her in a jerk. Reena was forced to move forward. When she was near him he told,“ Just I wanted to see how your front sway when you walk. Really beautiful”.Reena was speechless. He pushed her on the bed and opening her legs kissed her pussy lips. Reena closed her eyes .she opened her eyes when she felt something on her lips. His dick was rubbing her lips and she found him fully nude over her. His hard kiss on her pussy lips her made her open her mouth and Reena started sucking a stranger’s dick. The man extracted maximum possible pleasure from Reena before letting her rest. Latter Reena learnt from Puppy that Puppy just went out as the neighbour wanted to talk to her and at that time the guest had come there; but Reena didn’t know that her beauty had given good money to Puppy. Puppy took this opportunity to convince Reena that some close linked persons would get information about Reena and come for her. Reena should go to some other place as soon as possible and till that time she should entertain those men coming to her to keep matters secret. Only thing she can do is ask for good money. Somehow Reena had to oblige resulting in giving her tight warm pussy to few more men. To end this great turning point came in Puppy’s life. One day Puppy received a call from a man enquiring about Reena and Puppy felt she had heard the voice before; but was not sure. He wanted to take Reena to his guest house for one week and offered a heavy amount. Puppy asked Raj about taking back Reena. But Raj was in the funeral function, he told her that he would take back Reena next week. Puppy convinced Reena, it would be good for her if she is away for some days. Puppy arranged for one week deal and when the man to pick up Reena stepped down from the car Puppy was shocked.
Puppy has a harsh flashback. Puppy called the man in and he was also shocked seeing her there. He told her after knowing that she got married to someone else he left India and now he is very rich than her family status and expressed his willingness to marry her if she is alone. Puppy wept for some time and told him her story. Puppy had loved him during college days that resulted in her studies getting stopped midway and getting married to a crook hastily. On the first night he told Puppy that he didn’t know about her affair earlier; but he doesn’t care about her past life. He at first didn’t touch her for few days and was very sympathetic to her. He even offered to reunite her with her lover. Puppy had no idea that he was the man, who beat her lover to pulp and made him hospitalised for more than a month. After all he feasting and events were over he took her to his home in a faraway town. There again they started vising places and friends has dinner arranged by them. Finally they had a party at a hotel organised by his bachelor friends. There her husband casually told them that she is still a virgin and he didn’t touch her as she was very tense. His friends had a wicked smile and told her husband that the e beginning will be like that and there will be always be initial resistance for a virgin. They convinced the couple for a small picnic so that they can be closer. When Puppy went for hand wash her husband asked them if she is ok. They told him that they are satisfied, but need to evaluate more to fix the price and with a wink asked him to wait for the picnic. When Puppy acme back they were ready with picnic plan. They told that they shall start early morning next day and return by night and no need to pack up dress material or any food. Next morning they started as planned and visited a scenic place near a village in the foothill of western Ghats100km away. There they took photograph of themselves, trekked some distance in the forest. Occasionally she was left in the company of his friends. They used the opportunity to test her, but she was very sharp. Anyhow they managed to make her freely talk to them. They had arranged their meals and by noon they stopped to eat and after resting for some time decided to return as Puppy started pestering they should return. While returning her husband climbed down fast leaving her behind. Puppy tried to catch up with him and in the process, slipped. While she was about to fall down her husband’s friend caught her by putting his hand around her stomach; but she slipped a bit further, enabling his hand rest on her boobs .he held tem tightly apparently to prevent her from falling; but didn’t miss the chance to have a good feel of the balls. He took back hi hands only after Puppy told him to take off his hands. Puppy was red with shyness. To add to it his friends chided the man who held her for being slow in catching her. Another man came near her telling that he would not let her slip next time. When they joined her husband they discussed with him about arranging their first night when they return home. Puppy’s shyness made her body which had forgotten work to begin secreting hormones. Puppy’s walk changed. Her waist began swaying as if it could not bear her weight. The men enjoyed the scene and one of them took the camera and recorded them walking, from behind. When they reached the village one of them told that there is a water falls and the villagers say that they shouldn’t miss the place. They seceded to stay in a guest house in the village .Puppy strongly objected; but was convinced as one man offered to buy change of cloth, towel and other required items from the nearby town. Puppy was shy to tell the size of her dress she wanted; but the man going down town also didn’t ask.
The man returned within hours as they were ready for dinner and every one took their parcel of dress after dinner and retired. The other friends sat to play cards. As Puppy’s husband went to join them, they told him to go to sleep with Puppy .their teasing and comments made Puppy physically and mentally ready for the first fuck. But to her disappointment he sat to play cards with them as they agreed that they with arrange a ceremonious first night for the couples. Puppy opened her package and found that it had a while nighty. She thought for a minute, then took off her dress and finding the washing powder in the bathroom washed her clothes and putting them to dry, went to sleep wearing the nighty. After playing for some time her husband came to room to find her sleeping in nighty and her dress including innerwear drying in the hanger. His friends who followed him for a peep also were very happy and they whispered `she is perfectly falling in the groove’. Next morning she was woken up early and when they started for the falls, her dress was not sufficiently dry. Her husband convinced her that they shall take her dress there and it will be dry when they finish bathing. Puppy looked at her nighty .it looked decent .but she didn’t realize what will happen when the yeast in the new cloth gets washed away by the force of water in the falls. Puppy was aware that she is without inners and checked herself when she got into the waterfalls; but she was not aware of what would happen is she stay for long. Her nighty became see through and her soft small boos were clearly visible and her nighty was sticking to her thigh showing off her pubis. She realised this only after she found the men gazing at her hungrily.she quickly came out of the falls ;but couldn’t avoid her beauty seen by all the men.

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